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Tamiya VW Scirocco GT24 R-Line

Tamiya Brings Back The VW Scirocco GT24 R-Line

The news out of Tamiya today includes the re-release of their VW Scirocco GT24 R-Line. This classic Volkswagen packs plenty of attitude and rides on Tamiya’s shaft driven 4wd TT-01E chassis. A detailed polycarbonate body comes standard, as does front and rear gear style differentials. The VW Scirocco GT24 R-Line has a part number of #58508 and you can click on [...]


Tamiya RC Ford Zakspeed Turbo Capri Gr.5 Würth

Tamiya To Re-Release The Ford Zakspeed Turbo Capri Gr.5 Wür…

The folks over at Tamiya have announced the upcoming re-release of their vintage Ford Zakspeed Turbo Capri Gr.5 Würth on-road car kit. This blast from the past is highly detailed, as well as easy to build. Here are more highlights- * Comes on Tamiya’s entry level TT-02 chassis * Shaft driven 4wd * Double wishbone suspension * Friction shocks * Comes with motor and ESC The [...]


Tamiya RC Re-Release Nova Fox

Tamiya Announces Re-Release of the Nova Fox

Over at Tamiya they have announced the upcoming re-release of the Nova Fox buggy kit. First seen way back in 1985, the Nova Fox has been updated and is back for your backyard enjoyment. Here are the highlights- * Polycarbonate body * Gold color metal-plated wheels * Ribbed front tires with oval block tires in the rear * Driver figure included * Updated 2wd chassis [...]


Team Mardave Mini 50 RC

Limited Edition – Team Mardave Mini 50

Affordable and loads of fun, that’s why most people get into RC. Over at Team Mardave they have announced an extremely limited release for their legendary Mini 50. To help Mardave celebrate a whopping 50 Years in the rc business, they are re-releasing Only 50 of their certified Mini 50 kits. The Mini 50 is incredibly affordable, but more importantly, [...]


Tamiya Thunder Dragon 2021

Tamiya Thunder Dragon 2021

For all you old school Thunder Dragon fans, Tamiya has announced its return for 2021. First hitting showrooms in 1988, the Thunder Dragon is a great vintage buggy that can bring back memories of yesteryear. Here are the highlights- * Shaft driven 4wd * Comes with silver pre-painted polycarbonate body * Semi-pneumatic spike tires * Large diameter ABS plastic wheels * CVA oil shocks * Front [...]


Tamiya Egress 2021 Re-Release

Tamiya Announces Re-Release of the Egress Buggy

First seen in 1989, Tamiya has announced the re-release of their 1/10th scaled Egress Buggy. The last time Tamiya re-released the Egress was back in 2013 when it received minor updating. This year’s re-release is the updated 2013 model, one that is still highly sought after by backyard bashers and collectors. The Egress re-release has a part number of #58583 and [...]


Tamiya To Release Plasma Edge II Iridescent Purple/Green

Tamiya To Release Plasma Edge II in Iridescent Purple/Green

The crew over at Tamiya have announced that their Plasma Edge II will be released in Iridescent Purple/Green. The Iridescent Purple/Green version of the Plasma Edge will come with black wheels and shocks to go along with its pre-painted/pre-cut body and rear wing that sit atop its TT-02B chassis. The Iridescent Purple/Green Tamiya Plasma Edge II is still in the teaser [...]


Tamiya Re-Release Fighting Buggy 2014

Tamiya to Re-Release the Fighting Buggy 2014

Coming soon from Tamiya is the re-release of their Fighting Buggy 2014. The Fighting Buggy is a legendary classic from the early days of rc and will soon be re-released for your bashing pleasure. Originally released in 1982, the 2014 version features numerous tweaks and upgrades to bring it into the modern era. The Tamiya Fighting Buggy 2014 has a [...]


Tamiya Fire Dragon Re-release 2008

Tamiya Re-Releases The Fire Dragon 2008

The good folks over at Tamiya have announced the re-release of the 2008 version of the mighty Fire Dragon off-road buggy. The latest version seems to have received no major updates, but for all you collectors out there, it will be nice to get a new-in-box version, once again. To get one on pre-order, the latest version of the Fire [...]


Tamiya Vanquish VCS Re-release RC

Tamiya Teases Re-Release of the Vanquish VQS

Over at Tamiya they are teasing the return of the Vanquish VQS vintage 1/10 4wd buggy kit. This classic Tamiya buggy has not been re-released before, which means all you Tamiya collectors out there should be stoked! For now all we know is that the Vanquish (#58686) should start shipping this fall. You can use this link to hop on over [...]


Tamiya Re-release Avante 2011 Kit

Tamiya To Re-release the Avante 2011 Kit

Over at Tamiya they have announced they are bringing back the Avante 2011 Kit. The Tamiya Avante is a legend in the rc world, this fall you will be able to once again go down to your local hobby shop and buy a brand new one! Here are some of the Avante’s highlights- * First released in 1988 * Classic 4wd race [...]


Tamiya Renault Alpine A110 Monte Carlo

Tamiya Renault Alpine A110 Monte-Carlo ’71

Now being teased by Tamiya is the re-release of the Renault Alpine A110 Monte-Carlo ’71. This vintage Renault comes on Tamiya’s M-06 chassis and represents a true classic from the past. * Rear motor, RWD layout * 4-wheel double wishbone suspension * 60D super grip tires * Oil filled CVA shocks * Detailed polycarbonate body The re-release of the Tamiya Renault Alpine A110 Monte-Carlo ’71 has [...]


Tamiya TT-02R Chassis Kit

Tamiya Re-Releases The TT-02R Chassis Kit

Expected to ship this October is the re-release of Tamiya’s TT-02R Chassis Kit. Last produced back in 2016, the “R” version of the TT-02 is the race spec version of the TT-02 and comes with a number of upgrades. * Includes wide range of hop-ups * Aluminum motor mount * Aluminum uprights * Comes with high speed gear set * Aluminum center driveshaft * Blue aluminum [...]


Tamiya Subaru Impreza Mexico 2004

Tamiya Re-Releases The Subaru Impreza Mexico 2004

Over at Tamiya they have announced the re-release of the Subaru Impreza Mexico 2004. Last seen back in 2018, soon you’ll have another chance at this classic Subaru kit. * Scale accurate polycarbonate body * Scale rear wing and rear view mirrors * 4wd TT-01 type E chassis * Fiberglass reinforced nylon upper deck * Front and rear gear differentials The Tamiya Subaru Impreza Mexico 2004 [...]


Tamiya Super Storm Dragon

Teaser – Tamiya To Re-Release The Super Storm Dragon

Being teased now by Tamiya is the re-release of the Super Storm Dragon. The new version of the Super Storm Dragon will come as a kit with a pre-painted and pre-cut body. The Super Storm Dragon (#47438) is said to come on the same chassis as the Hornet, but we will have to wait to get full details and specifications. Until [...]