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Redcat Racing Dukono PRO

Redcat Racing Dukono & Dukono PRO Monster Trucks

The last of the five new vehicles to be announced this week from Redcat Racing are the Dukono & Dukono PRO Monster Trucks. Both of these beasts are ready-to-run 1/10th scalers that were designed to make your backyard a full-on monster truck bash-arena. Here is the lowdown on both models- Dukono Monster Truck * High ground clearance chassis * Increased chassis lean for [...]


Redcat Racing Camo X4 Rock Racer

Redcat Racing Camo X4 & Camo TT

Just announced by Redcat Racing is the Camo X4 Rock Racer and the Camo TT Trophy Truck. The Camo X4 was designed to give you the experience of driving a real rock racer. A 4 link suspension is used in the rear, along with a solid rear axle and a locked diff. Fully RTR, the X4 is ready to jam right [...]


Redcat Racing Rampage R5

Redcat Racing 1/5 8S Rampage R5 Monster Truck

Part of the 5 vehicle announcement from Redcat Racing yesterday included the Rampage R5 Monster Truck. The R5 is a true beast coming in at 1/5 in size, plus it sports a gnarly 8S LiPo Capable brushless power system. When 6S just isn’t enough, the R5 is ready to put down some crazy 8S power. Here is more of the [...]


5 New Redcats

Official – 5 New Vehicles From Redcat Racing!

The wait is over, Redcat Racing has just announced the 5 New Vehicles that they have been teasing. So what are they? Rampage R5 – 1/5th 8s capable monster truck!!! (Street Price ~ $799.99) Camo TT – 1/10th trophy truck (Street Price ~ $329.99) Camo X4 – 1/10th rock racer (Street Price ~ $329.99) Dukono – 1/10th scale monster truck brushed (Street Price ~ [...]


Redcat Racing 5 Truck Teaser

Massive 5 Vehicle Redcat Racing Teaser

The folks over at Redcat Racing aren’t messing around this summer, they have just posted a new 5 Vehicle Teaser. That’s right folks, Redcat Racing has 5 new vehicles that they will be announcing soon. The picture above shows the silhouettes of all the new vehicles, we can’t wait to see them all in the coming weeks. To see [...]


March Bash-ness 2018 Round 4 – Final Four

We are down to the final four! This is a VERY important round because it’s going to crown a winner for the basher side and a winner for the crawler side. It’s been very exciting watching things unfold. The leads in round three jumped back and forth several times leaving us on the edge of our seats to see who [...]


March Bash-ness 2018 Round 3

We are down to eight vehicles. Four on the basher side, and four on the crawler side. The last round proved pretty interesting as a few upsets broke more than a few of the Big Squid RC crew brackets. There are several vehicles in the top 8 nobody expected to get this far. Again, every year we are surprised by [...]


March Bash-ness 2018 Round 2 – With a Twist

Welcome to Round 2 of the March Bash-ness 2018 brackets! We warned you that we had planned a twist, and as you can see it’s a good one! We took all the winners from the sweet 16 bracket in round one, and put them on the left side. On the right side, we have added 8 scale/crawler vehicles! We had a [...]


Redcat Landslide XTE Review

Redcat Racing Landslide XTE Monster Truck Review

After reviewing a couple of higher-end Team Redcat trucks, we discovered that Recat isn’t messing around. Their 1/8 monster truck and 1/10 Team Redcat SCT were both solid trucks, clearly capable of running with the best in their classes. Recently, we started driving the Redcat Landslide XTE monster truck. The Landslide is part of Redcat’s normal line-up of bash vehicles, [...]


Team Redcat TR-SC10E Review

Team Redcat TR-SC10E Review

New from Team Redcat is the TR-SC10E short course truck. As this truck is part of the Team Redcat line-up, it is aimed at the serious basher. We think you know the type, guys looking for serious brushless speed and a chassis that can handle it. We’ve been thrashing the Redcat for several weeks now, what did we learn? How [...]


Team Redcat TR-SC10E Unboxing

Unboxing The Team Redcat TR-SC10E Short Course Truck

Announced by Team Redcat just over a month ago was the TR-SC10E. As this truck is a Team Redcat release, that means it was designed to take on some serious bashing. Once we received our test unit, we took a bunch of pictures while we pulled it out of the box. As you can see by the unboxing pictures, the Redcat [...]


Redcat Racing FLYSKY

Redcat Racing Now A Distributor For FLYSKY Radios

To get more FLYSKY radios in the hands of hobbyists, Redcat Racing has announced that they are now a distributor for the popular radio brand. FLYSKY is best known for their affordable 2.4GHz radio systems, which should mesh well with Redcat’s primary customers. Here is the official press release- “Redcat Racing announces that they are now a North American Distributor [...]


Team Redcat TR-SC10E

Team Redcat TRSC10E

Coming soon from Team Recat is the TRSC10E. The TRSC10E is a 1/10th scaled RTR short course truck that is loaded with features, yet still affordably priced. You have probably already noticed that the TRSC10E is a Team Redcat product, instead of Redcat Racing. Team Redcat is used to designate Redcat’s high-end line-up, meaning that the TRSC10E comes with higher-end materials [...]


HEXFLY Brushless ESC

New Brushless Speed Controllers From HEXFLY

Are you in the market for a new ESC? If so, HEXFLY has just announced four new models. Their new speed controllers feature high-spec performance and features, at a price that won’t break the bank. The HEXFLY speed controllers were manufactured by Hobbywing and are exclusively distributed by Redcat Racing. Also, all of the speed controllers are waterproof so the [...]


Horizon Hobby Redcat Racing

Redcat Racing Teams Up With Horizon Hobby

Here is some big news for all you Redcat Racing fans. Starting right now you can get your favorite cars, trucks, and buggies from Horizon Hobby, as well as their Certified Dealers. Redcat has been coming on strong in 2017 and recently Placed Second in our six truck scale crawler shootout, we can’t wait to see what they have in [...]