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REEFs RC Long Neck HD Servo Horn 25T - 4

REEFs RC Releases a Long Neck HD Servo Horn (25T)

When your R/C machine has a powerful servo, you need to ensure your servo horn can handle it. REEFs RC has launched its own servo horn to help harness the torque and speed from its own line of steering servos. The Long Neck HD Servo Horn (25T) features a durable, stylish design that’s sure to fit just about any R/C [...]


REEF's RC Beast 2000 5th Scale Steering Servo

REEF’s RC Beast 2000 5th Scale Servo

Following up on the release of the Beast 1000 5th Scale Servo, REEF’s RC has announced its second 5th scale steering servo, the Beast 2000. REEF’s RC has made a name for itself in the R/C community based on the monster performance of their “standard” 1/10-scale and micro servos and servo winches, and from the looks of it, they’ll soon make [...]


REEF's RC Beast 1000 5th Scale Steering Servo

REEF’s RC Beast 1000 5th Scale Steering Servo

REEF’s RC has released its first of two servos for large-scale R/C models. The Beast 1000 5th Scale Servo packs a 1-2 punch of speed and torque, giving fans of 1/5-scale radio-controlled machines a new steering servo upgrade option. Known for its “standard” 1/10-scale and micro servos and servo winches, this is the first large-scale offering from REEF’s RC, and it [...]


REEF's RC Hex-bit Drivers

REEF’s RC Multi-tool Hex Bits and Nut Drivers

REEF’s RC has released additional bit and driver sets for its  6-pieced Multi-tool Handle. To help you get a handle on any repair situation, you can now add a 5-piece Hex Bit Set or 4-pieced Nut Driver Set to your R/C arsenal. Each set of drivers has been designed for durability and will work perfectly with REEF’s Multi-tool Handle. The 5mm [...]


REEF's RC Typhon Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

REEF’s RC Typhon Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

REEF’s RC has released its latest set of beadlock crawler wheels, the Typhon. This stylish multi-piece wheel is the latest in their crawler wheel lineup and brings with it an array of new beadlock ring color options. Each set of four Typhon Off-Road Beadlock Wheels is made from CNC machined aluminum and includes a set of raw aluminum beadlock rings. These [...]


REEF's RC Beadlock Rings

REEF’s RC Launches New Colored Beadlock Ring Sets

If you love to customize every aspect of your scale R/C crawler (and who doesn’t), REEF’s RC has you covered with their latest release, Inner and Outer Colored Beadlock Rings. Made from machined aluminum and anodized in a variety of colors, these beadlock wheel rings are a great way to make your radio-controlled trail machine your own. These ring sets have [...]



Have you ever wondered what an RC company looks like from the inside? Is it like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory with tons of wild and crazy adventures, or is it like just another boring office with casual Fridays and TPS reports? While on vacation in Southern California I got the opportunity to check out REEFS RC’s main office and really [...]


REEF's RC 800 IS Internal Winch

REEF’s RC Introduces the 800:IS Internal Winch

The folks at REEF’s RC are always thinking about their next “big thing.” For trail R/C enthusiasts who are looking to keep their rigs looking clean on the inside and out, take a peek at REEF’s latest servo winch release, the 800:IS. At first glance, this looks like your typical servo winch; however, you’ll quickly see that it features a smooth, [...]



Welcome to this Monday edition of Everybody’s Scalin’, after looking at the GCM Racing wheels hanging on my pegboard for about two months I just could not wait any longer to get them mounted. The original plan was to use the wheels for a build for USTE 2022 and still is, but until that build is ready it makes no [...]


REEF's RC ASD Crawlers RAW 500 Servo

REEF's RC Launches a Special Edition ASD Crawlers RAW 500 Se…

REEF’s RC has shown its support for the hobby in various ways, and their latest release adds to that commitment. The special edition ASD Crawlers RAW 500 Servo features the same internals as the standard RAW 500 but is wrapped in a limited-edition case. The light blue, aluminum anodized case features the ASD Crawlers logo, a group of R/C enthusiasts that [...]



There has been a lot going on in the shop over the last few weeks, so I think its time for an update on a few projects. And for anyone who has tuned into the Big Squid RC Live Stream we do every Thursday night at 8:30 CT, thank you so much! We are having a blast doing it and [...]


REEFs RC Triple4 Smart Winch

REEFs RC Updates the Triple4 Smart Winch LoPro

REEFs RC has updated its dependable Triple4 Smart Winch LoPro to feature full programmability and the option to use this unit as a winch or a standard steering servo. Packed with power, the Triple4 Smart Winch features 444oz of torque when paired with an 8.4V battery. Whether you run this unit for steering or pulling, it can be programmed to your [...]


Reef's RC Refreshed Triple7 Servoi

REEF’s RC Refreshes its Triple7 Servo

REEF’s RC has updated its powerhouse Triple7 steering servo with a new case construction and a fully-programmable option. Wrapped entirely in CNC’d aluminum, the refreshed 777 servo is now more durable than ever and ready to tackle the trail. The internals of this servo remain changed, offering the same power and speed as the original Triple7. However, for those who like [...]


One Cool Multi-tool: REEF’s RC 6-piece Hex and Nut Driver

Having the right tool for the job is important, no matter what you’re doing. When you’re wrenching on your R/C machine, either at home or at the track, you need to make sure you’ve got the right gear to get things working properly. While there are already several high-quality options to choose from, REEF’s RC has added their name to the list [...]


Video – Between Two Squids with REEFS RC

It’s time for another episode of Between Two Squids. This episode features our own Jeremy and Vin Diesel (Sheref) from Reef’s RC fame. If you are unfamiliar with Reefs RC, make sure to hit that link and check them out! Please keep in mind, these segments are for comedy purposes only. Most(none) of what you are about to see and hear [...]