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Pro-Line Raid SCT Removable Hex Wheel Video

Video - Pro-Line Pre-mounted SC Tires With Removable Hex Whe…

New from Pro-Line is a video for their Pre-mounted SCT Tires On Raid Removable Hex Wheels. The Raid wheels are a huge leap in performance for bashers as they make it easy to replace old stripped out hubs, as well as the ability to change to a different wheel hex size. In the video shown below, you can learn more [...]


Pro-Line Raid Black 6x30 Removable Hex SC Wheels

Pro-Line Raid 2.2″/3.0″ Black 6×30 Removable Hex SC Wheels

Coming soon from Pro-Line are Raid 2.2″/3.0″ Black 6×30 Removable Hex SC Wheels. The Raid wheels are quite versatile and allow for changes in hex sizes, as well as offsets. Here are more highlights- * Fits short course trucks like the Traxxas Slash 2wd & 4wd * Two most common offsets are included * Hubs fit all of Pro-Line’s 6×30 wheels * Made from [...]


Pro-Line 8x32 17mm Aluminum Hex Adapters

Pro-Line 8×32 to 17mm ZERO Offset Aluminum Hex Adapters

The crew at Pro-Line have just dropped 8×32 to 17mm ZERO Offset Aluminum Hex Adapters. These adapters fit P-L’s removable hex wheels and feature a zero offset for specific applications. Here are the highlights- * Fits P-L’s 8×32 removable hex Raid wheels * Heavy duty design * Ideal for small & narrow 3.8″ tires * Made from high quality aluminum * Made in the USA Street [...]


Pro-Line Removable Hex Wheel Video RC

Video – Pro-Line Shop Talk Removable Hex Wheels

The good folks over at Pro-Line have posted a new Shop Talk video that talks about their Removable Hex Wheel line-up. In the video, P-L crew member Paul Willhite talks about all the advantages of using Pro-Line’s heavy duty removable hex wheels, as well as their pre-mounted tire sets. After watching the video, you can use this link to check out [...]


Pro-line Badlands MX28 Pre-Mounted Raid Removable Hex Wheels

Pro-Line Pre-Mounted 2.8″ Tires on Raid Removable Hex Wheels

Shipping soon from Pro-Line are a pair of new Pre-Mounted 2.8″ Tires on Raid Removable Hex Wheels. The removable hex Raid wheels from Pro-Line were just announced a few days ago, now you can get them with pre-mounted Badlands MX28 tires, or with the ever conquering Trencer 2.8s. * New Raid removable hex wheels * Wheels make it easy to switch [...]


Pro-Line Raid 2.8 Removable Hex Wheels

Pro-Line Raid 2.8″ Removable Hex Wheels

New from Pro-Line are 2.8″ Raid Series Wheels that feature Removable Hexes. Why do you need removable hexes? Would you like to make it easy to change from a 12 to a 17mm hex while still using the same wheel? How about for all you guys that have stripped out the hex in a wheel. The new Raid units make it [...]