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TTRobotix RoboHero

TTRobotix RoboHero RC Robot

There are many different types of rc. A lot of people reading this site are all about running rc cars, but many people also enjoy running rc boats, rc tanks, etc. And while rc cars have arguably been the most popular form of rc over the years, there are some new types that are starting to catch on. Drones are [...]


Hitec HSR-2645CR – Continuous Rotation Robot Servo

A lot of rc folks are into more than just surface and air vehicles. For those of you looking for a something slightly different, our friends from Hitec have introduced the HSR-2645CR. It’s a Continuous Rotation Robot Servo which can be used for all sorts of stuff. It has a street price of only $31, and the official part number [...]


sand flea jumping rc

Boston Dynamics SandFlea Jumping RC!

I just saw the video of the new Boston Dynamics jumping robot called the SandFlea. It weighs in at 11 pounds, has cameras and a onboard stability system to keep it level in the air! The selling point is that from a dead stop, it can jump almost 30 feet high! I posted the video of the jumping in action [...]