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RC4WD Edelbrock V8 Motor Dress Up Kit

Video – RC4WD Edelbrock V8 Motor Dress Up Kit

New over at RC4WD is a promotional video for their Edelbrock V8 Motor Dress Up Kit. This high-end kit is built by the crew at Rogue Element Components is perfect for taking your scale game to entirely new level. Watch below to see how easy it is to install the dress up kit, as well as how good it looks [...]


Rogue Element Clodbuster Wheels

Rogue Element Components 15th Anniversary Clodbuster Wheels

Rogue Element Components has been making some of the trickiest limited edition parts that we’ve seen. Yesterday REC announced that they are bringing back their original Clodbuster Wheels. The Clod wheels have been beautifully machined from aluminum to give your Clod a show stopping appearance. Also, the wheels come with a half inch offset to improve your monster truck’s handling. * [...]


Rogue Element Components Wheels

Rogue Element Components Scale Aluminum 1/18 Wheels

Here ya go 1/18 RC4WD Gelande II drivers, Rogue Element Components has announced 3 new Aluminum Wheels for you. The three different styles offered will be 8-slot, solid, or 10-Hole. They are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and come with 0-80 black hardware. These are a one piece design that feature a 7mm hex for a direct fit on the 1/18 [...]


REC Wraith Interior

Rogue Element Components Wraith Interior

The latest ultra-trick item to be announced by Rogue Element Components is a Wraith Interior. These limited edition kits can help take your Wraith to the next level of scale realism and set yours apart from all of the rest of the guys. * .063 aluminum pocketed for .030 Styrene panels * Can be painted any color * Photo reduced decals * Red & [...]


Rogue Element Components Blackfoot Drop Bed Kit

Rogue Element Components Blackfoot Drop-Bed Kit

Have you been thinking about doing a custom build with your Tamiya Blackfoot? If so, Rogue Element Components has just announced a Drop-Bed Kit. The Drop-Bed Kit oozes with scale realism and would be an extremely trick addition to your truck. * Real wood inlays * Easy to assemble * Nickle pins replicate the factory bolts * Fits any stepside Blackfoot body * Machined from [...]


Rogue Billet D Spoke Wheels

Rogue Element Components Billet D Spoke Wheels

For all you Scorpion, Tomahawk, and Wild One owners, Rogue Element Components has something really cool for you. REC has just announced Billet D Spoke Wheels made specifically to fit your vehicle. The REC wheels are limited edition units and have a great scale look to them. The D Spokes are also designed to use direct pin drive and are [...]


Rogue Element Components Realism Kit RC4WD V8

Rogue Element Components Realism Kit For The RC4WD V8 Engin…

Rogue Element Components is well known for putting out some of the sickest scale parts on the market, now they have turned their attention to a popular RC4WD product. New from REC is a Realism Kit for the RC4WD V8 Scale Engine. The realism kit takes the V8 engine to a whole new level of cool and should turn some [...]


Rogue Element Shadow Wheels

Rogue Element Components Shadow Wheels

Rogue Element Components makes some pretty trick (and very limited edition) aluminum parts. Their latest creation are a full set of Shadow Wheels which are based on the full size Techno Racing Phantom Shadow wheels that were so cool back in the day. Made to fit cars like the Tamiya Sand Scorcher and Kyosho Scorpion/Tomahawk, the entire run is limited [...]


REC Jack

Ratcheting Metal Hi-Lift Jack from Rogue Element Components

Here is a really neat scale item, a Ratcheting Hi-Lift Jack from Rogue Element Components. The REC jack is made completely from metal (6061-T6 aluminum) for a perfect scale appearance, but its claim to fame is its ratcheting action, making it much more realistic than the cheaper units on the market. Watch the video below to see how cool it [...]


Rogue Element Tuf Totes

Rogue Element Components Perfect Scale 1/10 Tuf-Totes

Scale gear is still smoking hot and one of the latest trick products to hit the market comes from Rogue Element Components. REC has announced some new 10th scale Tuf-Totes for the back of your truck or for use in your rc garage. Machined from 1/16″ high impact polystyrene, the totes are sized at 1.9 x 1.3 x 1.050″ and [...]


Rogue Element Components Sprocket

Rogue Element Components Sprocket for the Venom GPV-1 Motorc…

The Venom GPV-1 motorcycle was a blast to drive and developed a cult following. However, the stock plastic rear sprocket didn’t last long and replacement parts are no longer available. To the rescue comes Rogue Element Components, they have just announced a much stronger replacement to get your Venom motorcycle back up and running. Made from 7075-T6 aluminum, the REC [...]


Rogue Scale Lug Nuts

Last Run – Rogue Element Components Alloy Scale Lug Nuts

For all you hardcore scale enthusiasts, Rogue Element Components has announced they are doing one final run of Alloy Scale Lug Nuts. The Rogue Scale Lug Nuts are known for their incredible scale appearance and fit on Tamiya & Axial M4x.7 axle threads. Like previous production runs, they come with a special wrench to get them on and off. This [...]


Rogue Element Components 1.9 alloy wheels

Rogue Element Components ‘Super-Scale’ 1.9″ Alloy 4WD Wheels

If you are looking for some very trick (and very limited edition) wheels for your next build, the guys over at Rogue Element Components have some good news for you. The REC crew has announced they are doing a small run of 1.9″ Super Scale aluminum wheels. These are designed to fit most any 1.9″ tires and are being produced [...]


Rogue Element Centerline Wheels

Rogue Element Components 1.55" Centerline Style Aluminum Whe…

There is nothing sweeter than bolting the perfect set of wheels on your pride and joy. For some of you that perfect set might be the new 1.55″ Centerline Style Wheels from Rogue Element Components. These are made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and are made to look very much like their full scale counterparts. The set shown above is made [...]


Rogue Element Alloy Wheels

Rogue Element’s Alloy Wheels & Nuts for Tamiya Sand Scorcher

Rogue Element Components has been making very trick aluminum parts for years. Sadly, that is about to come to an end as they are phasing out rc production and moving on to other things. However, they are still doing a limited number of releases, included their new Alloy Wheels & Nuts for the Tamiya Sand Scorcher, Rough Rider, and other [...]