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Team Corally Spark XB6 6S RTR Roller

Team Corally 1/8 Spark XB6 6S RTR & Roller

Here ya go hardcore bashers, Team Corally has officially announced the 1/8 Spark XB6 6S RTR. Designed specifically for bashing, the Spark has huge power, as well as big attitude. Check out these highlights- * Powerhouse that combines cutting-edge technology & rugged construction * Red anodized, precision CNC-manufactured aluminum parts * X-Treme ultra-rigid hybrid chassis brace system * Oversized composite suspension arms * Oversized steering [...]


Serpent SRX8 GTE LWB Raceroller

Serpent 1/8 SRX8 GTE LWB Raceroller

Coming soon from Serpent is a Raceroller Version of their 1/8th scaled SRX8 GTE LWB. The Raceroller comes pre-assembled with the long wheelbase chassis and also includes pre-mounted tires. * LWB chassis is extended by 29mm * Aluminum shock towers * 4WD with cardan shafts * 16mm big bore shocks * 2 gear style differentials * No differential in center You can use this link to visit [...]


Kraken RC 5th VEKTA.5E Ultra

Kraken RC 1/5 VEKTA.5E Ultra

Just announced by Kraken RC is the 1/5th scaled VEKTA.5E Ultra. Available as a roller or as an ARTR, the new VEKTA.5E Ultra was designed for extreme performance. Check out these highlights- * New transmission design with easy gearing access * Currie F9-inspired V3 rear solid axle * Paddle straight shafts (pinless) for direct engagement and power * Large capacity battery plate with 10 [...]


LC Racing RC 14th BHC-1 2WD Buggy

Teaser – LC Racing 1/14 BHC-1 2WD Buggy

Over at LC Racing they are now teasing a new 1/14 BHC-1 2WD Buggy. The BHC-1 is expected to be released in both RTR and roller form, with shipping to start in Q1 of 2023. Here are some highlights- * RTR powered by a brushed 380 sized motor * RTR will be available with either black, or blue livery * High grip turf [...]


Team Magic RC Special Edition B8ER Pro Roller

Team Magic Teases Special Edition B8ER Pro Roller

Now being teased by Team Magic is a Special Edition B8ER Pro Roller. The 1/8th scaled B8ER Pro Roller (#560011S) is perfect for consumers that want to save some cash by using their own electronics. While details are sparse, we expect the “Pro” version to include some hop-ups to beef it up for long outdoor race seasons, or for hardcore [...]


Yokomo RC YD-2ZX Limited Edition Buggy

Yokomo 1/10 YD-2ZX Limited Edition Buggy

For all you rabid Yokomo fans out there, they have just announced an incredibly limited release of the jaw dropping YD-2ZX Race Buggy. Perfect for the track or a display case, the limited edition YD-2ZX buggy is sure to be very highly sought after. Here are the highlights- * The ultimate collectors kit * Only 100 total units to be released [...]


ARRMA 7th Limitless V2 Speed Bash Roller

ARRMA 1/7 Limitless V2 Speed Bash Roller

Just announced by ARRMA is the 1/7 Limitless V2 Speed Bash Roller. The Limitless V2 Roller has been optimized for 8S levels of power output, as well a slew of other upgrades. Here are the highlights- * New sliding motor mount accepts larger diameter motors * 3mm thick chassis plate with new motor positioning * Easy-access electronics module accepts larger ESCs * Safe-D input [...]


Team Corally 2022 Kronos XTR

Team Corally 2022 Kronos XTR

The good folks over at Team Corally have been making a big push in the basher market over the last few years. Their large line-up of bash machines have developed a solid reputation for performance and durability. To up the ante, Team Corally has just announced the 2022 version of their Kronos XTR monster truck. Designed for extreme bashing, the [...]


Losi Mini-B Pro Roller Buggy

Losi 1/16 Mini-B Pro Roller 2WD Buggy

New from Losi is the 1/16 scaled Mini-B Pro Roller. The Pro Roller version of the Mini-B lets you pick the electronics and comes with a clear body for your own custom livery. Check out these highlights- * Can be used for racing or general driving * Suspension geometry from the TLR 22 platform * Enhanced performance with the top five aluminum parts [...]


ARRMA 8S OUTCAST EXtreme Bash Roller Stunt Truck

ARRMA 1/5 OUTCAST EXtreme Bash Roller Stunt Truck

Coming soon from ARRMA is the 1/5 Outcast EXtreme Bash Roller Stunt Truck. The Outcast 8S EXB comes completely pre-assembled awaiting your electronics and was designed for extreme backyard bashing. Check out these highlights- * EXB 7075 T6 5mm CNC machined aluminum laser-etched chassis * EXB matte and gloss effect body * Oil-filled adjustable 20mm bore shocks with 6mm thick shock shafts * New [...]


Tamiya X-SA Grasshopper Midnight Pumpkin

Tamiya Adds Grasshopper & Midnight Pumpkin To Their X-SA Lin…

Coming soon from Tamiya are X-SA versions of their Grasshopper buggy, as well as their Midnight Pumpkin monster truck. Tamiya’s Expert-Semi-Assembled series is their version of a roller, supplying a fully built vehicle that also comes with a pre-painted body. Soon, you’ll be able to get that convenience on a brand new Grasshopper (#46704) or Midnight Pumpkin (#46705), two of [...]


Team Corally RC Kronos XTR Roller

Team Corally Announces the 1/8 Kronos XTR Roller

The crew at Team Corally are making a huge push in 2021! After already announcing a plethora of new bash trucks, today they announced the Kronos XTR Roller. The Corally Kronos is already one of the most popular monster trucks on the market, now the XTR version allows you to use your own electronics, while also including a number of [...]


ARRMA 5th Kraton 8S EXB Roller

ARRMA Announces the 1/5 Kraton 8S EXB Roller

That’s right folks, after a bit of teasing, ARRMA has officially announced the 1/5 Kraton 8S EXB Roller. This version of the Kraton 8S comes completely pre-assembled awaiting your electronics. Check out further highlights below- * King of the Kratons! * Exclusive EXB matte and gloss finish body * Numerous EXtreme Bash parts and options for extreme durability * EXB 7075 T6 5mm thick [...]


Losi 1969 Camaro 22S No Prep Drag Car

Losi 1969 Camaro 22S No Prep Drag Car, Brushless 2WD RTR & R…

New from Losi is the 1969 Camaro 22S No Prep Drag Car. The fully licensed 1969 Camaro has been designed for hardcore no-prep drag competition and will be available as an RTR or as a roller. Sporting loads of scale realism, and with massive performance under the hood, the Camaro 22S No Prep Drag Car is more than ready to [...]


TLR 22 5.0 DC Race Roller 2WD Buggy Kit

TLR 22 5.0 DC 2WD Buggy Race Roller

Now available for pre-order is the TLR 22 5.0 DC Race Roller. Assembled to TLR’s factory team specifications, the latest version of the 22 5.0 DC makes it easy for new racers to get on the track. Here are the highlights- * Factory built pre-assembled * Gear type differential * Adjustable rear hubs & inner rear pivots * Revamped steering geometry * G2 12mm big [...]