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Traxxas TRX-4 Tactical

Rumor – Traxxas TRX-4 Tactical Edition

Here is a one in the rumor mill, the Traxxas TRX-4 Tactical. The folks at RC Connect posted the pictures shown here are of a new Tactical Edition TRX-4 that is expected to hit hobby shops before Christmas. Time will tell if this turns out to be an actual production vehicle. If you have already done a custom tactical style [...]


Tamiya Bigwig Re-Release

Tamiya To Re-Release The Bigwig?

Straight from the rumor mill is the possible re-release of the Bigwig by Tamiya. The Bigwig originally came out in 1986 and was a 1/10th scale 4wd. A futuristic polycarbonate body, along with moon dish style dish wheels, made the Bigwig stand out in a crowd way back in the day. A sturdy plastic tub chassis was standard back then, [...]


HPI Racing Europe

Rumor Mill – HPI Racing Bought By Traxxas

So rc fans… the big “rumor” today is that Traxxas has bought HPI Racing. It hasn’t been a secret that HPI America and HPI Europe have been having a tough go at it the last couple of years, so it seemed inevitable that someone would come in and scoop them up, and according to the rumors that we are hearing, [...]


Traxxas 1/5 Scale Rumor Mill!

File this one deep in the rumor mill drawer, but we have started hearing some rumblings about a possible new 1/5th scale coming from Traxxas! This is one of those brothers, uncle’s, roomate’s cat sort of deals, but the last time we reported a Lowered Slash Traxxas Rumor we got a LCG chassis a few months later, and the one [...]


Traxxas XO-1 Happenings From the Rumor Mill

File this deep in the Rumor Mill box, but we have heard that Traxxas was recently doing some driving and filming of some down hill speed run action featuring the XO-1. Our informant mentions a group of guys in a Traxxas ‘wrapped’ Hummer (maybe) were up north of us running vehicles down some huge mountain side. When our ‘guy’ stopped [...]


traxxas nitro slash

Traxxas Nitro Slash – 2WD with 3.3 Engine?

There has been no official word yet from TRAXXAS, but rumors are flying about a new Traxxas Nitro Slash being announced soon! So we are going to keep this filled under the rumor mill category till we get the official word. It sounds like it’s based loosely off their new LCG style with a aluminum chassis, and the popular 3.3TRX [...]


atomik v2mr

Leaked Atomik RC V2MR Buggy Photos

We recently received a spy shot of what looked like a new 1/10th scale buggy that we were told was coming from Atomik RC. The shot itself wasn’t the best, so we decided to do a little digging. It looked like Atomik had recently started testing the new buggy, and there were a few more lo-res pictures floating around, with [...]


st racing slash 4xr4 chassis

Rumor Mill: ST Racing Concepts Traxxas Slash 4×4 Chassis

Cubby mentioned that someone sent us some info on a new LCG Chassis for the Traxxas Slash 4×4 being produced by Traxxas that apparently is being tested. Well shortly after someone else sent word that another company is also working on a low center of gravity chassis for the Slash 4×4. We have been told that these are cad drawings [...]


Robby Gordon Traxxas Speed Energy Traxxas RC Truck

Robbie Gordon’s Speed Energy Dakar Rally Traxxas RC Truck

Between racing, Speed Energy Drinks, and getting his new Stadium Super Truck series going, Robbie Gordon has been one busy guy. We first reported HERE about a very trick Speed Energy Robbie Gordon Traxxas truck, and today we have a few more pictures. We don’t have any official information from Traxxas on this one, but it looks to be a [...]


traxxas truck

Rumor Mill: Traxxas has a New Slash Body Coming? And it's a …

Ok, here’s one for the rumor mill category. We just got a picture of a Traxxas Slash chassis with a pretty cool looking new truck body on top. We are not sure if this is a 3rd party body, but we were told it was actually created by Traxxas! Anyone care to guess? We scaled up the picture, (click the image [...]


Kyosho Teaser Picture

New Teaser From Kyosho

We haven’t seen a good teaser for a while, well, not until today when Kyosho America posted this teaser picture. Is it a bird? Is it is plane? Is it Superman? Whatever it might be, it looks scale, and scale is HOT right now. We will post more information when it becomes available, until then here is the LINK to [...]


durango rtr

Rumor Mill: Durango RTR’s to Be Announced Soon?

We always love it when we get a rumor floating around inside the industry because it usually turns out to be true. Then again, we always dread the phone call we get from the next day asking what we know, who we know, and how we found out. Oops. That being said, adding to our rumor mill category, we have heard [...]


associated short course buggy

Rumor: Associated Short Course Buggy Coming Soon..?

A couple of times on Big Squid RC we have talked about the need for Team Associated to hop on the short course buggy bandwagon. Well today we received a little info from someone on the ‘inside’ that there is one in the works. So file this under rumor mill, but we have heard Team Associated is working on a [...]


Next Kyosho Mini-z Moto rumored to be a Ducati

  Kyosho is in the rumor mill with the next Mini-z Moto to be the Team Desmosedici GP11 #46 Ducati.  The photo is representative of what we can EXPECT the bike to look like but is not a photo of the actual bike.  Until then, enjoy some more photos Kyosho released of the first Yamaha bike.