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Losing Grip – Gone cheesy

Did you watch the video Traxxas released for Father’s Day, almost two weeks ago? This one. On Father’s Day, as it were. I usually watch every Traxxas video as soon as I see them anounced on BigSquid, but not this one. The title was just a tad too cheesy for me: ”Dad & Daughter TRX-4 Hill Climb”. Too obvious. Dad [...]


Losing grip – Camber gain again

​A couple of weeks ago I looked into the geometries behind camber progression – the way camber increases or decreases druing acceleration, depending on the angle of the upper link. Today I will continue on my endeavour to better understand how, or rather why, different settings affect things. One parameter at a time, to keep things simple (for me…). Having [...]


Losing grip – YD-2SX III

A couple of grand things has happened this week, Brian has setup an official BigSquid email for me, so should you want it, you can write to me at martin at bigsquidrc dot com. Also, my wife read one of my columns, for the first time ever. She got hooked by the quote by Shakespeare and couldn’t help but continuing reading. [...]


Losing grip – Guilt by association

”What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet” Wrote Shakespeare, in the second scene of the second act of Romeo and Juliet, a bit over four hundred years ago. The scene is a classic. Juliet compares Romeo, who comes from the rival family Montague, to a rose and argues that he is [...]


Losing grip – Gaining camber

In logic there is a term called reductio ad absurdum. It is a way of showing that an argument is untrue, by following its implications logically to an absurd conclusion. Any statement that contains universals such as ”always”, ”never” and ”everybody” would be highly likely to be exposed as false by this. However, that is not relevant to this column. [...]


Losing grip – Digress, digest, donut

One of my favorite words in English, is digress. To digress. To lose track, for a little bit. As a word, not unsimilar to digest. In writing this column, I sometimes digress, and you as a reader digest my digression. That was a digression indeed, considering this is a column about RC drifting. Well, eat it. Ha! Well, as I wasn’t saying, [...]