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Losing grip – Samix RC brass upgrades review

It is well known that a low center of gravity improves crawling performance, by making a car less prone to tipping over. A forward weight bias improves climbing ability for the very same reason, and that’s why manufacturers compete to have the motor mounted as far forward, and as far down as possible. A wider car also makes it less [...]


Losing Grip – Looks, performance or durability?

As I see it, there’s three different roads to chose between when upgrading an Axial SCX10-3: scale looks, performance or durability. Some upgrades tick not one, but two boxes, other upgrades will be an improvement in one area, and an actual detriment in another. Example on the former: aluminum wheels look good, and also add weight down low, hence improving [...]


Losing grip – A kit and a bumpy road

There are pros and cons to building a kit, rather than going the easy way and buying an RTR. The main pros being that one can choose electronics, the main cons being that one has to choose electronics. Some people might also add that it is a disadvantage that the body of a kit doesn’t come painted, but for me [...]


Samix Brass Heavy Knuckle Set SCX10 II

Samix Brass Heavy Knuckle Set For The SCX10 II

For all you SCX10 II drivers, Samix has announced a Brass Heavy Knuckle Set. Of course it comes with a set of front knuckles that have been made out of heavy brass, but it also includes some pretty trick brake rotors with calipers. Not only does the set put extra weight down low for improved performance on the trail, but [...]


Samix RC Knuckle Weights SCX10 II

Samix RC Brass Weights For The SCX10 II

Dial in the handling on your SCX10 II with the new Brass Front Knuckle Weights from Samix RC. These are easy to install on Samix front knuckles and are made from machined brass. Black and gold anodizing give them a trick look and they were designed to allow for full steering articulation. The knuckle weights are shipping right now and have [...]