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Losing grip – Here I go again

G’day folks! One hobby, many aspects. And no, I’m not talking of all the different kinds of RC vehicles that’s out there, but of what the hobby entails for us on a personal level. Driving, wrenching, dreaming, watching, designing, writing. Maybe also photographing, video editing, sharing. For me, right now, it’s writing on the agenda. If you’re looking for technical [...]


Losing Grip – SamixRC TRX4 brass upgrades review

One of the easiest ways of improving your rigs crawling performance is to move its center of gravity closer to the ground by adding weight down low. The further down, the better. In other words: think around the axles. Portal covers, C-hubs, knuckles, differential covers and such. There’s numerous brass options available, and I have had the pleasure of trying [...]


Losing grip – Clever 2-in-1 tool from SamixRC

SamixRC recently sent me a tool that I myself would have bought long ago had I known it existed, the SCX24 .050″ hex & 4mm nut 2 in 1 screw driver. It’s clever, fitment is very snug, does not roll away, feels good in the hand, and so good looking it could be worn as jewellery. Not really sure where though, [...]