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Pro-Line 6th Dumont 5.7 Paddle Tires Pre-Mounted

Pro-Line 1/6 Dumont 5.7” Paddle Tires Mounted on Raid Whee…

Coming to a hobby shop near you soon are Pro-Line 1/6 Dumont 5.7” Paddle Tires Mounted on Raid Wheels. These beast sized paddle tires are the perfect upgrade for your ARRMA Kraton 8S, or other large scale bash machine. Here are more highlights- * Designed for sand, snow, and other soft surfaces * Named after the Dumont Sand Dunes in California * Uses [...]


King Kong RC Sherp ATV

King Kong RC Teases New Off-Road Rig

The crew over at King Kong RC is now teasing a Sherp style ATV. Their new rig does not have an official name yet, but it certainly has the classic Sherp look with huge paddle style tires and minimalist cab. This 4wd rig should be an absolute monster when crossing soft terrain like snow, mud, or sand. As we await more [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Mounted Dumont Front Paddle Rib Tires

Pro-Line Dumont Front Paddle/Rib 2.2″/3.0″ Pre-Mounted Tires

New from Pro-Line are Dumont Front Paddle/Rib 2.2″/3.0″ SC Pre-Mounted Tires. The new Dumonts have been specifically engineered to go up front on your 4wd short course truck. The design of the Dumont has ribs to increase steering and small paddles to add to forward traction. Here are the highlights- * Pre-mount for your convenience * Tires come on Raid black 6×30 [...]


Traxxas Rustler 4x4 VXL Glamis Dunes Video

Video – Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL Glamis Desert Beast

New from Traxxas is a promotional video called “Glamis Desert Beast” that features the mighty Rustler 4×4 VXL. The crew at Traxxas put a lot of work into this video to show off just how gnarly the Rustler 4×4 VXL can be. The video shows off massive jumps, giant backflips, as well as loads of brushless powered rooster tails. If [...]


Traxxas Paddle Tires In Depth

Traxxas Paddle Tires – In-Depth Look

Over at Traxxas they have just posted a new In-Depth Look at their large line-up of Paddle Tires. Paddle tires are great for sand and snow and the folks at Traxxas put a lot of effort into designing their paddle tire line-up. Traxxas paddle tires come professionally mounted and there are eight different models to choose from. To get [...]


Pro-Line Dumont Paddle Tires Mounted ARRMA Mojave

Pro-Line Dumont Paddle Tires Mounted for ARRMA Mojave

Over at Pro-Line they have dropped all new pre-mounted Dumont Series Paddles Tires for the ARRMA Mojave. The Dumont series paddle tires are new from the ground up and were designed to give you maximum performance on sand, snow, and deep mud. Check out these highlights- * Fits ARRMA Mojave front or rear * The very latest in paddle tire technology * Large [...]


Pro-Line Dumont 3.8 Paddle Tires Mounted

Pro-Line Dumont 3.8″ Paddle Tires Mounted

For all you 1/8 monster truck drivers out there, Pro-Line has just announced Pre-Mounted Dumont 3.8″ Paddle Tires. The Dumont was designed to fit trucks like the 1/8 ARRMA Kraton, Traxxas E-Revo, Traxxas Summit, Tekno MT410, and the Traxxas Maxx. Here are the highlights- * All-new from the ground up design * Great for sand and snow * Latest in paddle tire technology * [...]


Traxxas UDR Little Sahara Video

Video – Sahara Shred With The Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer

Over at Traxxas they have dropped a new promotional video for their mighty Unlimited Desert Racer. For their latest video the Traxxas crew loaded up and hit an area of Oklahoma known as the Little Sahara. Watch below to see the UDR sending-it over various sand terrain, plus at the end there is some wet nighttime driving to show off [...]


JConcepts Hawk Animal SCT Tires Pre-Mount

New Sand SCT Tires From JConcepts

Over at JConcepts they have just announced Hawk and Animal SCT Tires and Pre-Mounts. The Animal rear tires are perfect for mud, sand, or snow, just as the Hawk front tires are. Check out these highlights- * Smooth narrow carcass design * Animal rear tires have large scooped paddles * Hawk front tires have strategically placed ribs * Molded from JC’s durable yellow rubber [...]


Traxxas Paddle Tires

Six New Pre-Mounted Paddle Tires From Traxxas

Here ya go folks, Traxxas has a full new line-up of Paddle Tires. Perhaps the biggest highlight of the new tires is strong scoops. Some paddle tires flex too much, but with the stiff scoops on the Traxxas tires, they should give outstanding bite. To make life easier for you, the paddles come pre-mounted on Traxxas wheels and have TSM [...]


Pro-Line Sand 2 Snow Video

Pro-Line Sand 2 Snow Video

Recently posted by Pro-Line is a video titled Sand 2 Snow. The Sand 2 Snow video is filled with pulse pounding action featuring various Pro-Line products. Catch the video above to see some excellent snow bashing, as well as some high flying sand dune driving. Afterwards, you can use This Link to surf on over to Pro-Line’s official website to [...]


Pro-Line Sand to Snow Video

Teaser – Pro-Line Sand to Snow Video

Now being teased by Pro-Line is a short Sand To Snow video clip. The 47 second teaser wets the appetite for the full video that will soon be released. The teaser shows just a tiny bit of snow footage where the Pro-Line crew is having a lot of fun after a rare snow storm in the local mountains of Southern [...]


Pro-Line ECX 4WD Sand Circuit

How To – Sand Blasting with the ECX 4WD Circuit

The BigSquidRC Bash Crew is firmly anchored in the Midwest, home to luscious top soil and sticky clay. One surface we don’t get a chance to drive on much is sand, therefore we forget that much of the world is covered with the stuff. After spending so much time in sandy SoCal this year, we decided it was time make [...]