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R-Design RC LE Copper Emerald Green TX Wheels

R-Design Limited Edition Copper Plated & Emerald Green Ultra…

New over at R-Design are Limited Edition Copper Plated & Emerald Green Ultrawide TX Wheels. These transmitter wheels are a very limited release and have been designed to fit various Futaba, Flysky, Sanwa, and KO Propo transmitters. These wheels are wider than the stock units to help give you extra comfort and control. The extra width can help keep your [...]


Sanwa 2024 Limited Edition M17 Transmitter

Sanwa 2024 Limited Edition M17 Transmitter

Recently announced by Sanwa is the 2024 Limited Edition M17 Transmitter. This special version of the M17 has received numerous upgrades to increase performance and style. Check out these highlights- * Available in blue, orange, or pink * Anodized wheel, handle, and dial * Oil slick colored screw on handle * Easy USB-C charging * Each unit is individually numbered * “FH5” system makes new record [...]


Sanwa M17

Sanwa M17 Radio System

Sanwa has been teasing the M17 for several weeks, now more details have been released. Last week the M17 was shown at the Shizouko Hobby Show. It turned heads with a number of new features, here are some of its highlights- * World record fastest response speed * Full color display * Touch screen display * Detachable trigger * SSL Code 5 & 10 * SDHC [...]


Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

Coverage – Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

Last week the world famous Shizuoka Hobby Show took place in Asia. As several of the makers of our favorite bash cars and trucks are from that part of the world, it is cool to have an inside look at what they had on display. The show is held in Shizuoka City, which is known as “the model capital of [...]


Sanwa MX-6

Sanwa MX-6 Transmitter

New from Sanwa is the MX-6 2.4GHz Transmitter. The MX-6 is aimed at the entry level crowd and sports 3 channels of operation. A new body that is lighter gives the MX-6 an improved feel, while switching over to an FH-E protocol makes it more resistant to interference. The MX-6 with a receiver has a part number of #101A32502A and [...]


Sanwa High Voltage Programable Servo

Looking for a new high quality servo at the very edge of programming technology? Look no further than the Sanwa Low Profile Brushless High Voltage Servo! Compatible with a wide array of radio settings and enhanced response programs, the Sanwa High Voltage Servo features superior performance and extreme precision to guide you up the mountain. Features include:Super Response (SSR) Mode Compatible High [...]



Sanwa EXZES ZZ Stick Transmitter

Sadly for all you stick drivers, there just aren’t a whole lot of options on the market. Sure, there are a few here and there, but it is rare when a new unit gets announced. Well guess what? Sanwa has just announced the EXZES ZZ 2.4GHz Radio System. The ZZ comes with a bunch of high-zoot features, making it suitable [...]


JConcepts Hazard Radio Wheel

JConcepts Hazard Radio Wheel for Sanwa M12/MT4

Customize your Sanwa M12 or MT4 transmitter with a new Hazard Radio Wheel from JConcepts. Hazard wheels have long been available for your short course truck, now JConcepts is offering the same great look to bolt on to your Sanwa transmitter. The wheel comes with a pre-installed Dirt-Tech foam grip for a better feel and it features the intricate detailing [...]


Airtronics M12S

Airtronics M12S Transmitter

Meet the latest and greatest transmitter from Airtronics, the M12S. The M12S is said to be 30% faster than the previous model and comes with all the features that you could want in a high-end radio. Some of its features include- * Drop down wheel option * Fully adjustable trigger * Comes with Li-Fe battery * Has brighter backlighting * Telemetry mixing function * Earphone jack * [...]


Sanwa M12 40th Anniversary

Sanwa Limited Edition 40th Anniversary M12 Transmitter

All you hardcore Sanwa guys should be interested to know there is Limited Edition 40th Anniversary M12 transmitter headed to the market. The 40th Anniversary M12 comes with a special black piano lacquer finish to give it a unique high-end look and each unit has its serial number engraved into a special plate. It also comes with an aluminum steering [...]


Sanwa SGS-01C gyro system

Sanwa SGS-01C Gyro System for Cars

Electronic Stability Control Systems are all the rage now days. The Horizon/Spektrum AVC system is taking off here in the states, it has proven to be an invaluable tuning tool when driving on slick surfaces. Overseas, the Sanwa SGS-01C system has been available for a few months, but has now been picked up for distribution by LRP in Europe. The Sanwa [...]