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HPI updating Savage X 4.6

Another announcement from the HPI camp at the big German toy fair is an update to the Savage X 4.6.  Quite a bit has been changed in this new version, it now comes with a 2.4 GHz radio system, waterproof servos, a new body style with all new graphics, and most importantly more durable diff gears with a larger tooth [...]


HPI Savage Flux Conversion Kit for Nitro Savage

Another one of our exlusive scoops has come true. The new HPI Racing Flux Conversion Kit for a Nitro Savage. This kit comes with everything you need except the electronics (esc and motor) to convert your Nitro Savage to a Electric Flux version! Metal gears, heavy duty diffs, steel spur gear, twin battery boxes, chassis and more! So if [...]


Kershaw Designs got some Savage parts

Kershaw Designs‘ got some more stuff for you to peep at today. A lot of it is for you HPI Savage and Savage Flux fans. First up is KD’s redesigned Velcro battery trays. They’ve been revised to accept battery packs up to 51mm wide now and they’ve been made tougher too. You can get them in a flush [...]