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RC4WD 1:10 DEFENDER D110 RTR Review

RC4WD has an impressive line of RTRs, kits and accessories; there is no doubt about that. When we got the chance to get our tentacles on the RC4WD Defender D110 RTR and we jumped on it! What really interested me is the long wheel base and obviously the scale factor. So, what makes the D110 different from other Defenders? Only [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ Hauling Scale

Last Friday night I was doing some window shopping on Facebook marketplace; I have a tendency to do this a lot. Even when I’m not in the market for a new vehicle I still like seeing what’s out there for sale. Five minutes into my search I found a Tamiya Globeliner for a very reasonable price. I have always thought [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ Accessorize!

Whether you’re looking for items for your scale rig or your scale garage, accessories play a huge role in the scalin world. So where can someone find all these awesome little accessories? As most of us know RC4WD and Pro Line have a pretty good selection of scale accessories but sometimes that’s not enough. For a while I was a [...]



A Picture is worth 1000 words. One thing most of us scale guys love to do is take pictures of our toys. Whether it’s a banner contest, Wheels up Wednesday, or Flexin’ Friday; having a great scale picture can leave a lasting impression.    Anyone can just take a picture of a RC car. For some of us getting the perfect [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ – A Photography Tip

One of the unheralded contributors to the scale boom is the smart phone. The smart phone camera, to be more precise. Think about it. One of the first things a scale enthusiast does upon purchasing a new rig or completing a new project is whip out the phone, snap a pic, and post it on their favorite message board or Facebook group. It’s [...]