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FTX RC Outback GEO RTR Trail Truck

FTX 1/10 Outback GEO RTR Trail Truck

After a few weeks of teasing, FTX has just dropped full details on their upcoming 1/10 Outback GEO Trail Truck. The FTX GEO is an affordable rock crawler that is highly capable, and comes stock with numerous scale accessories. Here are the highlights- * FTX’s most capable scale crawler to date * Roof rack with LED light bar * Injection molded plastic front [...]


Limited Edition RC4WD Trail Finder 2 RTR 1985 Toyota 4Runner Hard Body

Limited Edition RC4WD Trail Finder 2 RTR w/ 1985 Toyota 4Run…

Now here is a hot looking truck, the new Limited Edition Trail Finder 2 RTR w/ 1985 Toyota 4Runner Hard Body from the good folks at RC4WD. This stunning looking scale rig comes on RC4WD’s incredibly scale realistic Trail Finder 2 chassis, as well as an immaculately detailed, and fully licensed, 1985 Toyota 4Runner hard body. If you’ve been looking [...]


Core RC Engine Speaker Modules

Core RC Engine Speaker Modules

Are you ready to take your scale realism to the next level? An easy way of doing so, is to add real on-board engine sound to your rig. The crew over at Core RC have just announced a new pair of Engine Speaker Modules. Both modules can make your electric rc car sound like its full scale equivalent. Here are [...]


Pit Bull 1.7" Rocker Scale Crawling Tires RC

Pit Bull 1.7″ Rocker Scale Crawling Tires

Shipping soon from Pit Bull RC are new 1.7″ Rocker scale crawling tires. If you’ve been looking for an aggressive 1.7″ sized crawling tire, the Rocker from Pit Bull is a great choice. With large lugs and an incredibly scale appearance, the Rockers are perfect for your next build. * Molded from Pit Bull’s Alien Kompound Super Sticky rubber compound * Miniaturized [...]


Losi Updated Ford Raptor Baja Rey RTR Smart

Losi Updates The 1/10 Ford Raptor Baja Rey RTR with Smart Te…

New from Losi is an updated version of their very popular Ford Raptor Baja Rey that features Smart Technology. The latest version of the Baja Rey comes with a new Smart Firma 130 amp ESC, as well as a Spektrum 3800kV brushless motor. Here are more highlights- * Two fully licensed trim schemes by Ford * AVC stability control * Capable of speeds [...]


Integy 2-Tier Rolling Metal Tool Box Organizer

Integy 2-Tier Rolling Metal Storage Organizer Cart

Now shipping from Integy is a very trick 2-Tier Rolling Metal Storage Organizer Cart. The organizer cart is perfect for your scale garage and is made out of real metal to increase its scale realism. Here are more highlights- * Scaled for use in 1/10 garages * Simulates a full size mechanic’s cart * Available in red, blue, or black * Working wheels on [...]


Max Speed Technology RC 30X105-1.9 DC Rock Crawler Tires

Max Speed Technology 30X105-1.9″ DC Rock Crawler Tires

Today the crew at Max Speed Technology announced new 30X105-1.9″ DC Rock Crawler Tires. For some builds small tires look right, on others extremely tall tires fit the bill, the new 30X105-1.9″ sized DC tires from MST are a mid-sized 1.9″ that are perfect for most builds. * Molded from soft-30° rubber * Sold in pairs * Realistic tread pattern * Fits 1.9″ crawling [...]


MCD Racing RC 5th Scale Hydrax Working Disc Brakes

MCD Racing 1/5 Hydrax Working Disc Brakes Now Available

The folks at MCD Racing are now shipping their incredibly trick 1/5 Hydrax Working Disc Brakes. The Hydrax working disc brakes were designed for use on MCD 1/5th scalers and feature incredible scale looks, along with serious stopping power. Check out these highlights- * Fully functional hydraulic disc brake system * Tested on all types of race conditions- on and off-road * Vented [...]


RC4WD Gelande II RTR Red Cruiser Body Set

RC4WD Gelande II RTR with Red Cruiser Body Set

Now available from the scale realism juggernaut RC4WD, is their Gelande II RTR with a Red Cruiser Body Set. The Gelande II is well known out on the trails for its incredible scale detailing, now you can get one with RC4WD’s immaculate Cruiser body in bright red. Here are the highlights- * True to scale look * Realistic aluminum ladder frame * Durable [...]


Tuoyang RC Water Cooled Four-Cylinder Engine

Toyan Announces New Water-Cooled V4 Engine

For all you high-end scale builders out there in rc land, Toyan has announced a new Water-Cooled V4 Scale Realistic Engine. This incredible piece of engineering was done to produce a strong running engine, that also has the scale realistic look of a modern V4. Toyan is probably best known for their ridiculously realistic straight 4 engine, but we can’t [...]


JD Model JDM-168 Scale RC Rock Crawler

JD Model Releases More Details on Upcoming JDM-168

In the last teaser, JD Model showed only under-the-hood shots of their upcoming JDM-168 Scale Rock Crawler. Today the crew at JD Model has released multiple body pictures of the 168 and they are just as impressive as its chassis. The body on the 168 has been nicely scaled down to 1/10th sizing and is littered with high-end scale details. [...]


RC4WD Scale Day May 1st 2021

Video – RC4WD Go Scale Day – May 1st, 2021

Over at RC4WD they’ve uploaded a new video to promote Go Scale Day! To help get more people get out with their scale crawlers, RC4WD is now promoting Go Scale Day. Planned worldwide for May 1st, Go Scale Day is all about getting outside with your friends and family. And lets face it, as hobbyists, there is nothing better than [...]


Pro-Line Interco Black Mamba 2.6 Mud Terrain Tires

Pro-Line Interco Black Mamba 2.6″ Mud Terrain Tires

All new from Pro-Line are Interco Black Mamba 2.6″ Mud Terrain Tires. If you are looking for a tire that has outstanding mud performance, along with massive amounts of scale realism, the new Black Mamba is definitely for you. With huge lugs and all sorts of scale appeal, the Black Mamba is perfect for your next hardcore mud build. Here [...]


Integy Scale Realistic Alloy Brake Disc Set Traxxas UDR

Integy Scale Realistic Alloy Brake Disc Set for the Traxxas …

Shipping now from Integy is a Scale Realistic Alloy Brake Disc Set for the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer. This very trick looking set of bake disc are made from high quality aluminum and are available in four different colors. The simulated brake disc and calipers are great for adding a personal touch to your UDR, while also making it more [...]


Kyosho Mini-Z Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Racing

Kyosho Mini-Z Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Shipping soon from Kyosho is the immaculately detailed Mini-Z Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. This incredibly scale realistic Mini-Z is part of Kyosho’s rear wheel drive series and comes with numerous upgrades over previous models. Check out further highlights below- * Comes with the latest Syncro KT-531P transmitter * Car body finished to display-model standards * Equipped with optional LED light unit * Can be used [...]