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SCX24 Jeep JT Gladiator

Axial 1/24 SCX24 Jeep JT Gladiator RTR

New over at Axial is the SCX24 Jeep JT Gladiator RTR. With serious scale realism and a highly capable 4wd chassis, the SCX24 Jeep JT Gladiator is ready for hardcore off-roading indoors, or out. Here are the highlights- * Detailed Jeep JT Gladiator polycarbonate body * Oil-filled shocks * Durable metal chassis * Spektrum SLT2 2.4GHz radio system * Spektrum 350mAh LiPo battery with 0.5A [...]


Element RC Enduro Trail Truck Bushido+ Blue RTR

Element RC 1/10 Enduro Trail Truck Bushido+ Blue RTR

New from Element RC is the 1/10 Enduro Trail Truck Bushido+ Blue RTR. The new Bushido+ comes with a detailed interior, plus other goodies to make it even more scale realistic. Check out these highlights- * Detailed polycarbonate interior with molded head * Injection-molded light buckets * LEDs for the headlights and taillights * Polycarbonate faux spare tire and cloth tire cover * Integrated servo [...]


Gmade RC 10th GS02F Spider Portal TS Crawler Kit

Gmade 1/10 GS02F Spider Portal TS Kit

After a bit of teasing, Gmade has dropped full details on their upcoming 1/10 GS02F Spider Portal TS Kit. The new Spider is designed for extreme off-road fun and comes with portal style axles to increase ground clearance. Here are more details- * 79 degree approach angles * Steel ladder frame * Realistic inner fenders * Extended 347mm wheelbase * Front weight balance with front [...]


Killerbody RC 10th Mercury Chassis Kit

Killerbody 1/10 Mercury Chassis Kit For Toyota Land Cruiser …

New from Killybody is the 1/10 Mercury Chassis Kit for their Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Hard Body. This scale chassis kit is perfect for the Killerbody Land Cruiser 70 body, or for other bodies sized for 1/10th scale crawlers. Check out these highlights- * Two speed transmission * Can be shifted from 2wd to 4wd * Front axle uses 3-link suspension with coil [...]


Cross RC 10th NT-4 EMO RTR

Cross RC 1/10 NT-4 EMO RTR

Coming soon from Cross RC is the 1/10 NT-4 EMO RTR. Cross RC puts out some of the most scale realistic trucks on the market and the new RTR version of the NT-4 EMO makes it easy to hit the trail in record time. Here are the highlights- * Multi-link suspension * New chassis * Panhard rod * 2 speed transmission * Remote diff locking * [...]


Cross RC NT Crawler Kit

Cross RC Now Teasing Upcoming NT4

Over at Cross RC they are now teasing the 1/10 NT4 Scale Off-Road Kit. With a standard 313mm wheelbase and 120mm tall Mud Crawler tires, the NT4 is designed to be highly capable out on the trail. Sporting plenty of approach (56°) and departure angle (66°) from it’s body and chassis, the NT4 can take on the gnarliest trails you [...]


Element RC Enduro Bushido RTR Trail Truck Video

Video – Element RC Enduro Bushido RTR Trail Truck

New from Element RC is a promotional video for their upcoming Element RC Enduro Bushido RTR Trail Truck in Green. Watch below to get more details and highlights on the Bushido, as well as getting some action video of it on the trail. With a beefy 4wd drivetrain and slick scale looks, the Bushido is more than ready for your [...]


Vanquish Products VS4-10 Fordyce RTR

Vanquish Products 1/10 VS4-10 Fordyce RTR

New from Vanquish Products is the 1/10th scaled VS4-10 Fordyce RTR. This retro styled off-roader features the latest and greatest in crawling tech. Check out these highlights- * VFD spec transmission * Molded F10 straight axles * Fordyce body with bedsides * Full function digital 4 channel VT-1 transmitter * 6.5% OD powered by a 35T VM-1 motor and VE-1 3S capable ESC * High quality [...]


Element RC Enduro Sendero HD Trail Truck RTR Black

Element RC 1/10 Enduro Sendero HD Trail Truck RTR in Black

Coming later this month from Element RC is the 1/10 Enduro Sendero HD Trail Truck RTR in Black. Fully assembled for your convenience, the latest Enduro comes with a new Black paint scheme and is more than ready for hardcore rock crawling adventures. Check out these highlights- * Sendero body in new Scratch ‘n Weather color * Licensed 1.9″x4.65″ General Grabber X3 [...]


Vanquish Products Falken Edition VS4-10 Phoenix Portal RTR

Vanquish Products Falken Edition 1/10 VS4-10 Phoenix Portal …

Just announced by Vanquish Products is a special Falken Edition of their 1/10 VS4-10 Phoenix Portal RTR. This highly capable off-road machine comes with licensed Falken livery to give it an extra special look. Here are more highlights- * Dig ready VFD Twin Transmission with selectable overdrive * Molded high clearance F10 portal axles * ISD10 driveshafts with machined CV style joints * Large [...]


FTX RC 18th Outback Mini X 6ixer 6x6 RTR

FTX RC 1/18 Outback Mini X 6ixer 6×6 RTR Crawler

Now shipping from FTX RC is the 1/18 Outback Mini X 6ixer 6×6 RTR Crawler. This 6 wheel drive rig has a nicely scaled body is more than ready for serious off-road action. Check out these highlights- * New 4 channel ESC/RX unit * Telescopic sliding driveshafts * Multi-link suspension * Functional toolbox * Clipless, hinged matt finished body * Chrome effect side exhaust covers * Plastic [...]


FMS Model RC FCX24 Chevrolet K5 Blazer

FMS Model 1/24 FCX24 Chevrolet K5 Blazer RTR

New from FMS Model is the 1/24 FCX24 Chevrolet K5 Blazer. The new K5 Blazer is a nicely scaled recreation of a 1970s classic. Check out these highlights- * Fully licensed by General Motors * Two speed transmission * Realistic 4-link suspension * High traction tires * Optimized wheelbase (139mm) * Available in three different colors * Hard plastic body * Remote control lighting system * Portal axles with [...]


Traction Hobby RC 8th Tank 300 V2

Traction Hobby Announces 1/8 Tank 300 Version 2

Now being teased by Traction Hobby is a Version 2 of their 1/8 Tank 300 scale crawler. The Tank 300 V2 comes with a very nice Flysky FS-G7P transmitter, upgraded luggage rack, CNC machined aluminum wheels, and will be available in three different colors. The Traction Hobby 1/8 Tank 300 V2 is expected to start shipping any day now and [...]


Hobbytech RC Special Edition CRX V2 Stevenson Ultimate Kit

Hobbytech RC Special Edition CRX V2 Stevenson Ultimate Kit

Now being teased by Hobbytech is the Special Edition CRX V2 Stevenson Ultimate Kit. The new Stevenson Ultimate kit comes loaded with accessories, as well as electronics. Here are the highlights- * Named after the 270-mile Stevenson Trail * Includes 21 kg waterproof servo * 1200Kv Fusion, 3S capable motor * Does not include radio or receiver * Available with white or black axles * Unpainted [...]


Carisma RC 10th SCA-1E Bulldog Deluxe Kit

Teaser – Carisma 1/10 SCA-1E Bulldog Deluxe Kit

Over at Carisma, Brian and “Not So Crazy” Ivan have been teasing their upcoming 1/10 SCA-1E Bulldog Deluxe Kit. Carisma has long been a scale leader in rc, but they are taking it to the next level with their soon to be released Bulldog kit. Here are some highlights- * Full 2.1 Spec with ATT (Anti Torque Twist) transmission * Removable [...]