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Schumacher Racing Aerox Razor Touring Car Body

Schumacher Racing Aerox Razor Touring Car Body

New for the touring car racing scene is the Aerox Razor Touring Car Body from Schumacher Racing. After 2 years of development by a leading F1 aerodynamicist, the Aerox Razor is ready to tear up tracks across the world. Here are some highlight- * Designed for the ultimate in aerodynamic efficiency * State of the art fluid dynamics were used for airflow [...]


Schumacher CAT XLS Masami

Schumacher CAT XLS Masami Re-Release

Now here is a re-release to shake things up, the Schumacher CAT XLS Masami off-road buggy. The CAT XLS was used by Masami Hirosaka to win his first world championship in 1987 and is now back for all you vintage fans. The new version of the CAT features an upgraded transmission to handle today’s power systems but still comes with [...]


Schumacher SupaStox GT12

Schumacher SupaStox GT12 Kit

With that crisp fall air comes indoor season- carpet, high traction, and high speed. New from Schumacher to go fast indoors is the SupaStox GT12. This 1/12th scale kit was designed to go faster and be easier to drive than ever before. Some of its new features include- * LCG motor mounts * Adjustable droop screws * 2.5mm thick chassis * Multiple servo positions * [...]


Core RC Pace 60R Speed Control

Core RC Pace 60R ESC

Core RC has a new speed controller aimed at the 1S LiPO pan car crowd. The Pace 60R ESC can be run on sensored or sensorless motors and features multiple programming options. * Zero timing Blinky mode * 2S maximum cell count * 6.5 turn motor limit * Adjustable LVC * Reverse can be locked out for racing * Easy to set up The part number for [...]


MIP Puck System Schumacher

MIP Pucks Shiny Drive System for Schumacher Cougar KR/SV2

The latest product from MIP is one of their Shiny Puck CVD drive systems for Schumacher KR and SV2 buggies. The Shiny CVDs are made from steel to be more durable for modified motor use, and MIP Pucks are said to provide smoother acceleration and better handling out of corners. * 100% made in the USA * Two sets of holes in [...]


Schumacher Cat Aero

Schumacher CAT K1 Aero 1/10th 4WD Buggy

The crew over at Schumacher have been putting out some pretty uber gear lately. They just announced today that they have updated their CAT K1 buggy, now it comes with a sleek new body, wing, shock tower nut guards, carbon fiber chassis, 12mm hexes, as well as other upgrades. With the aerodynamic updates they have dubbed the new version the [...]


CORE RC Emergency Soldering Iron 7.2-12v 60W

CORE RC 60 Watt Emergency Soldering Iron 7.2-12 Volt DC

We’ve all been there before- out bashing and a wire comes loose. The problem is, the nearest source of AC power might be miles away. CORE RC is now selling a DC powered soldering iron. The iron operates on DC power sources from 7.2 to 12 volts, meaning you can use anything from a 6 cell Ni-MH pack, to a 3S [...]


Schumacher and Speed Passion Booth Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013

Schumacher & Speed Passion Booth Toy Fair 2013

Another huge name in the European rc scene that had a booth at Nuremberg was Schumacher. The Schumacher crew was showing off all their latest and greatest including their new 4wd off-road racer, the Cat K1. Schumacher is also a distributor for Speed Passion, so all of Speed Passion’s goodies were also in their booth. Check out the gallery below [...]


THE Cub Report- 12.31.2012, Version- The Year That Was 2012,…

Being the last day of the year it’s only fitting that I write up my annual year in review. I not only looked back over the last 94 pages of posts here on BigSquidRC, but also called some of my industry homies to “boil down” how the year 2012 will go down in the rc history books. Lets dive in [...]


Schumacher Cab Forward Body for Cougar SV2

New Cougar SV2 Cab Forward Body From Schumacher

The jolly chaps over at Schumacher announced today a brand new cab forward body for their Cougar SV2 2wd electric buggy. The cab forward design increases steering and the body comes pre-cut with over-spray protection, window masks, and a trick looking Schumacher sticker sheet. Expect a street price of around $25, and look for them through the regular Schumacher outlets [...]


Core RC Calipers

New Core RC Tools At Schumacher

The guys over at Schumacher have announced a bunch of new tools from CORE RC. One of these tools are these 4″ plastic LCD calipers that sell for about £12. Many other different types of tools are available, hit up THIS link to view them all. Schumacher also announced today they have opened up a new area on their website devoted [...]


Cougar SVR

New Schumacher Cougar SVR 2wd Buggy

Hot news out of the UK today is the announcement of Schumacher’s new Cougar SVR 2wd buggy. While Schumacher isn’t as big in the states as they used to be, they are still quite dominant in Europe, and they continue to put out high quality products. The new Cougar SVR was specifically designed for low bite dirt surfaces. It includes an [...]


pro-line bulldog body

Pro-Line Bodies for Schumacher Vehicles

Pro-Line just announced two new bodies for Schumacher vehicles. The 2012 Bulldog for the Schumacher Cougar SV2 Pro, and the 2012 Bulldog for the Schumacher Cat SX3. The Bulldog bodies have been known for their aerodynamics as they guide the vehicles through the air and while on the ground. If your looking for a modern new body for [...]


schumacher thunder power

Schumacher Racing to Distribute Thunder Power RC

We just got word that Schumacher Racing will be the Thunder Power RC distributor for the UK, Spain and Portugal. This should help a lot of people get their hands on the Thunder Power line a little easier. It’s good to see both companies spreading out a little. Head over to the Schumacher Racing or Thunder Power website for details [...]


schumacher cougar

Schumacher Booth at Nuremberg

Stopping by the Schumacher booth at the Nuremberg Toy Fair we were able to meet us with a good friend of Big Squid, Mr. Robin Schumacher. We have known Robin for a few years now, and it’s always good talking with him. He showed us the new Cougar SV2, check out that top deck! Also the new onroad Mi4 CXL. [...]