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Dynamite 1/5th Brushless Motor

Dynamite 1/5th Scale Brushless Motor

Coming soon from Dynamite is a new 1/5th Scale Brushless Motor. This giant beast of a motor measures in at 57 x 114mm and can be used on up to 8S of LiPo power. The biggest Dynamite is a sensorless design that sports a 8mm output shaft. The motor is rated at 800kV and should have plenty of power for [...]


Reedy 540-SL4 Sensorless Brushless Motor

Reedy 540-SL4 Brushless Motor

Shipping now from Reedy is the 540-SL4 sensorless brushless motor. The Reedy sports a kV rating of 3,300 and is a 540 sized unit. 3S LiPo is the maximum cell count and the motor should make for a nice upgrade in power over your RTR brushed unit when used with a proper ESC. * Low-resistance 3.5mm bullet connectors * Flexible silicone [...]


Dynamite V2 Brushless Combo

New V2 Brushless Systems From Dynamite

The good folks over at Dynamite have announced 6 new V2 Brushless Combos. All the V2 systems were designed for better operation under heavy loads, all are waterproof, and all are sensorless designs. The new 1/8th V2 Fuze Combo (#DYNS0800) features a 6 pole 1800kV motor, while the new Fuze V2 SCT (#DYNS0710) system comes with a 3900kV unit. For tenth [...]


Dynamite Fuze Brushless

Dynamite Fuze 3800 550 Brushless Motor

New from Dynamite is a 3800 550 Brushless Motor. This affordable unit is a 4 pole design sporting a 3800kV rating. Its 550 size makes it suitable for a wide variety of 10th scale 4wd vehicles, while its sensorless design allows it to work with numerous different ESCs. The Dynamite is street priced at $71, it has a part number of [...]


Reedy SC1000-DB

Reedy SC1000-DB Brushless ESC

New for the 8th scale crowd is the SC1000-DB Sensorless ESC from Reedy. The unit comes pre-wired for two batteries with t-style connectors and is splash-proof for added durability. * LVC protection * 2600kV motor limit * Cooling fan * Aluminum heat sink * 4mm motor connectors * 0.0005 ohm resistance * Fully proportional brakes * Size: 110.7x 69.4 x 40.5mm The SC1000-DB is priced at $96, it has [...]


Maclan Diamondback MX 540 Brushless Review

Maclan Diamondback MX 540 Brushless Review

A few weeks ago we had the chance to review one of the new 550 brushless systems from Maclan Racing. Maclan is new on the brushless scene, but we were left very impressed. Recently we also got a chance to test one of their Diamond MX 540 Systems. The 540 is intended for use in 10th scale 2wd vehicles like [...]


Maclan Racing Diamondback MX Brushless System Review

Maclan Racing Diamondback MX 550 Brushless Combo Review

New on the brushless scene is a company called Maclan Racing. They have made a splash by promising a couple of big things- to put out the most powerful systems on the market, and to have endless innovations. We have been bashing one of their Diamondback/MX 550 Sensorless Brushless Systems for a few weeks now. Does it have the most [...]


Kinexsis Brushless Motor ESC Combo

Kinexsis 1/10 4-Pole ESC/Motor Combos

Looking for an inexpensive brushless system? If so, have a look at the new brushless ESC/Motor Combos from Kinexsis. The Kinexsis brushless combos come with a 540 sized motor and were designed to work in 1/10th scale vehicles. The ESC is waterproof and is rated for 70 amps, while the motors are a sensorless 4 pole design for more torque. [...]


Reedy SC600-BL ESC

Reedy SC600-BL Sensorless Brushless RTR ESC

Intended for use in 1/10th scale vehicles, the new Reedy SC600-BL esc is geared right at the basher crowd. The new Reedy is water-resistant for all you folks that like to bash when the going gets wet and it was designed to work with a wide range of sensorless brushless motors. * Auto detect for LiPo cell count * Cooling fan * 3.5mm [...]