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Pro-Line Video How to Upgrade ARRMA Senton 4x4

Pro-Line Video – How To Upgrade The ARRMA Senton 4×4

New from Pro-Line is a How To Video for the mighty ARRMA Senton 4×4. Watch the video below to find out how easy it is to fully customize your Senton. From high-end shocks, to a new body and rim/tire combo, the video does a great job of showing you just how trick you can make your Senton! After the video you [...]


ARRMA RC Senton 4X4 Bash Video

Lets Bash! The new ARRMA RC Senton 4X4 Mega that we recently unboxed was due for some bashing! We have had a blast beating the heck out of this truck, and after countless batteries, it’s still in one piece! The video shows some of the big jumps, super hard landings and crashes, and just some good old fashioned bashing. Please [...]


ARRMA Senton 4X4 Mega Unboxing

The folks over at ARRMA decided to just release the hounds this last month and load up the bashers with some amazing new products. This is the revised version of the ARRMA Senton 4×4 Mega, which has a brushed motor, and comes fully RTR with a NIMH battery and charger. It’s a great entry vehicle for those looking to dip [...]


Updated ARRMA Senton

ARRMA MEGA & BLX 4×4 Series Get Full Refresh

Over at ARRMA they have announced that they have given a Full Refresh to their entire line-up of Mega series and BLX series 4x4s. These vehicles get electronic updates, as well as numerous other upgrades. Check out just some of the updates below. * New Spektrum SLT3 radio * Upgraded chassis * Improved dirt sealing * Large power module pull tab * Rubber shielded bearings * [...]


RPM A-arms ARRMA Big Rock Senton Granite 4×4

RPM A-Arms For The ARRMA Big Rock/Senton/Granite 3S BLX 4×4

Coming soon for all you ARRMA Big Rock/Senton/Granite 4×4 3S BLX owners are extra durable A-Arms from RPM. The crew at RPM are experts at designing ridiculously tough upgrade parts, here are the highlights- * Exclusive 2nd shock mount for increased adjustability * Significantly lighter than stock * Made from RPM’s legendary blend of indestructible, engineering grade nylons * Easy to intall * Fits the [...]


ARRMA 3S BLX 4x4 Granite Senton

ARRMA Announces 3S BLX Power For The Granite & Senton 4x4s

Here is the big news that all you ARRMA fans have been waiting for- just announced are 3S BLX powered versions of the 4×4 Granite and 4×4 Senton. That’s right, now you can get massive BLX brushless power in the RTR 4×4 Granite or RTR 4×4 Senton, here is more of the scoop- * 100 amp 3S capable BLX100 waterproof ESC * [...]


ARRMA Senton Mega Video

4K Video -Short Course Head-To-Head With The ARRMA Mega Sent…

Recently posted by ARRMA is a new video for the Mega Series 4×4 Senton short course truck. The Mega Senton is priced right and loaded with cool features to make your bashing life easier. The video below does a great job of showing off what the Mega Senton looks like while out bashing. There is some sweet roost footage, as well [...]


T-Bone Front Bumper ARRMA Senton 4x4 Mega Series

T-Bone Racing XV4 Front Bumper For The Mega Series Senton

There are getting to be a lot of Mega Series ARRMA Senton 4×4 owners out there. To help prevent breakage during your hardcore bash sessions, T-Bone Racing has designed a new front bumper specifically for the Mega Senton 4×4. The XV4 series front bumper from TBR has more of a scale look to it, but was designed to take hard [...]


ARRMA All Conditions Video

ARRMA Video – All Conditions / All Action

Just uploaded by ARRMA is a video called All Conditions / All Action. The video does a great job of showing off the snow driving capabilities of the 4×4 Mega Series Senton short course truck, a truck that is also a blast to drive on grass, dirt, and sand. Watch the video below for some great slow-mo snow drifting action. Afterwards, [...]



ARRMA Senton 4×4 MEGA SCT Review

New from ARRMA is a pair of affordable trucks in their Mega line up. Instead of 2wd, the new trucks are all wheel driven, thus making them easier to drive off-road. We’ve been testing one of the trucks, the Senton 4×4 Mega for several weeks now. With ARRMA’s great reputation and a truck loaded with features, we couldn’t wait to [...]


ARRMA Senton 4x4 Unboxing

Unboxing The ARRMA Senton 4×4 Mega SCT

Shipping right now to a hobby shop near you is the ARRMA Senton 4×4 Mega SCT. The Mega series Senton brings a lot to the basing plate. 4wd is standard, as is a rugged chassis and 12 turn 550 sized brushed motor. At just a $239 price point, the Mega series Senton is undoubtedly a great value. While we pulled our [...]


ARRMA MEGA Granite 4x4 MEGA Senton 4x4

ARRMA Goes MEGA With Granite 4×4 & Senton 4×4

As if the Granite was not already gnarly enough, ARRMA has just announced the Mega Series Granite 4×4. On top of that, they are also showing an updated MEGA edition of the Senton 4×4 short course truck. If you aren’t familiar with ARRMA’s MEGA series, they are affordable, brushed powered vehicles intended to give you maximum bang for the buck. Oh, [...]