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Shark RC Bodies Thunderstruck Drag Body

Shark RC Bodies 1/10 Thunderstruck Drag Body

Over at Shark RC Bodies they have announced the 1/10 Thunderstruck Drag Body. Modeled after the 1964 Thunderbolt, this new body brings lots of attitude to the strip with its sleek lines and menacing look. Here are the highlights- * Created for maximum downforce * Max Width – 10.75″ * Length – 27″ * Elongated nose to reduce frontal lift * Flat design helps provide [...]


Shark RC Bodies RC Malibu Dragn Wagn Body

Shark RC Bodies 1/10 Drag’n Wag’n Clear Body

Recently announced by Shark RC Bodies is the 1/10 Drag’n Wag’n Clear Body. The Drag’n Wag’n has been sized to fit most popular 1/10 no-prep drag cars and will certainly be a head turner when pulling into staging. Here are the highlights- * Wheelbase – 13.5″ * Maximum Width – 11″ * Length – 24″ w/o wing * Classic 1970s Malibu wagon styling * Full [...]


Shark RC Bodies RC Riddler Oval Body

Shark RC Bodies 1/10 Riddler Oval Body

New over at Shark RC Bodies is the 1/10 Riddler Oval Body. The Riddler is a hot looking oval body designed for serious performance. Check out these highlights- * Designed for increased grip at corner turn-in * Offers increased rear traction * Width – 11.75″ * Length – 24.5″ * Fits – Oval converted short course trucks The Shark RC Bodies Riddler Oval Body is street [...]


Shark RC Bodies Caddy CTS V Buggy Street Stock Body

Shark RC Bodies Shark Attack Caddy CTS "V" Street Stock Bugg…

Now available from Shark RC Bodies is the Shark Attack Caddy CTS “V” Buggy Street Stock Clear Body. The new Shark RC body was designed to fit most 1/10th buggies that are converted to oval racing and has been nicely scaled from the full sized racing machine. Check out these highlights- * Width – 10″ * Fits buggy based street stock oval [...]


Shark RC Bodies Stinger No-Prep Drag Body

Shark RC Bodies “Stinger” No-Prep Drag Body

Just announced over at Shark RC Bodies is the Stinger No-Prep Drag Body. Available in clear, white, or black, the Stinger is sure to turn heads as it rockets down the lane. A large molded rear wing is available to optimize performance and the bodies are scheduled to start shipping next week. You can use this link to get full details [...]