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MIP Bypass Shock Pistons 1/8 Buggy Tekno HB Racing

MIP 1/8 Xray & Tekno MIP Bypass1 Shock Pistons

New for all you Tekno and XRay 1/8 buggy owners are Bypass 1 Shock Pistons from MIP. Why do you need them? The Bypass 1 shock pistons allow you to adjust both rebound and compression damping, thus allowing you to completely dial in your shocks to a given track. * Different valves allow rebound adjustment * Stacking of valves used for [...]


MIP Pistons

MIP Bypass1 "Team Tuned" Shock Pistons for Associated T5M & …

What is the big deal on MIP’s Bypass1 Shock Pistons? They are a big deal because they allow you to independently adjust rebound and compression damping, something that comes in mighty handy if you are wanting to 100% dial in your truck to a track. The pistons have been available for some time now, but now MIP has announced a [...]


MIP Bypass1 Associated

MIP Bypass1 Team Tuned Kit for Associated B5/B5M

We’ve used the MIP Bypass1 shock pistons in a variety of vehicles with good results, now they are available for the Associated B5 and B5M. If you aren’t familiar with the Bypass1 pistons, they give you many more tuning options than normal pistons. Most normal pistons yield the same rebound and compression damping, while the MIP pistons allow for a [...]


MIP Bypass1 kit associated 12mm shocks

MIP Bypass1 Kit for Associated 12mm Big Bore Shocks

We are big fans of the MIP Bypass1 shock pistons here at BigSquidRC. They are super tunable and can help your ride soak up some very rough terrain. MIP recently announced a Bypass1 kit for Team Associated 12mm Big Bore shocks. If you have the 12mm shocks on your B4, T4, or SC10, this is the piston kit for you. * [...]