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JConcepts Big Bore Shock Limiter Up-Travel Kit

JConcepts Big Bore Shock Limiter, Up-Travel Kit

Shipping now from JConcepts is a Big Bore Shock Limiter, Up-Travel Kit. The kit comes with pre-load adjustment collars, as well as shock travel limiters. Here are the highlights- * Designed for 1/10 & 1/8 shocks with 3.0 or 3.5mm shock shafts * Lightweight, precision molded plastic * Down travel limiters – 1,2,3, and 6mm lengths * Up travel limiters are clip based for [...]


Yeah Racing RC Desert Cobra Dual Spring Shocks

Yeah Racing Desert Cobra Dual Spring Rock Crawling Shocks

New from Yeah Racing are some very trick looking Desert Cobra Dual Spring Crawling Shocks. The Desert Cobras have a nicely scaled look and were designed for serious off-road performance. Here are the highlights- * Dual springs allow for a soft and a hard spring * Soft initial part of stroke with more stiffness at the end * Available with red or black [...]


Pro-Line FOX Aluminum Shock Caps SCX6

Pro-Line 1/6 FOX Aluminum Shock Caps

Now available for pre-order are 1/6 FOX Aluminum Shock Caps from Pro-Line Racing. The new shock caps are sized to fit the SCX6 and are fully licensed by FOX. Here are the highlights- * Precision machined aluminum shock caps * Fits stock SCX6 shock bodes * Sleek black anodizing * FOX tail logo etched on the sides * Includes machined Delrin shock bushings and steel [...]


MST TDA Aluminum Drift Shock Set

MST Announces TDA Aluminum Drift Shock Set

Shipping now from Max Speed Technology is a TDA Aluminum Drift Shock Set. These high-end drift shocks were designed to help increase performance, while also sporting a trick look. Here are the highlights- * Available in red or black * Designed specifically for RWD drift cars * Length – 57/60mm or 59/62mm * Shock Body Diameter – 12mm * Spring Length – 31mm * Full Shaft [...]


Team Associated Factory Team Low Friction X-Rings RC8

Team Associated Factory Team Low Friction X-Rings

Just announced by the crew at Team Associated are Factory Team Low Friction X-Rings. Made for their RC8 series of race buggies, AE made new x-rings for not only the shocks, but also for the diffs. These feature the same high-quality materials that are used on AE’s 10th scale x-rings and fit buggies like the RC8B4, RC8B4e, RC8T3.2, RC8T3.2e, and [...]


Losing grip – New shocks for the rocks

G’day folks! No physics lesson today, but an update on my heavily upgraded SCX24. A wonderful little car it is, suitable for indoors, capable enough for outdoors, small enough to fit in a backpack with room to spare for coffee and biscuits. A lot of bang for the buck, and durable too – it hardly weighs anything, and it certainly [...]


LX Shocks Scale Bypass Shocks 7th Scale Traxxas UDR

LX Shocks Announces New Scale Bypass Shocks for the Traxxas …

Are these the best rc shocks that money can buy? We’ve yet to try a set, but LX Shocks is making some big waves with their new Scale Bypass Shocks for the Traxxas UDR. These 1/7th scaled monsters are not only some of the most scale looking shocks on the market, but are also highly adjustable so that they work [...]


Vanquish Products Incision S8E Scale Shocks

Vanquish Products Incision S8E 80mm & 90mm Scale Shocks

New from the good folks over at Vanquish Products are Incision S8E 80mm & 90mm Scale Shocks. Designed for performance, and featuring a great scale look, the Incision S8E shocks are an easy upgrade for your rock crawling machine. Here are the highlights- * Larger 8mm bore for increased damping, control, and tuning * Dual molded X-Ring lower shock cartridge * Threaded shock [...]


Pro-Line 10th Scale PowerStroke Shocks Traxxas MAXX

Pro-Line 1/10 PowerStroke Shocks for the Traxxas MAXX

For all you Traxxas Maxx monster truck owners out there, Pro-Line has just announced new PowerStroke Shocks for you! The new PowerStrokes are high-end shocks that are not only beefy, but also have incredible performance. Here are the highlights- * Specifically designed for the Traxxas Maxx * Big bore aluminum shock bodies with infinite spring pre-load adjustment * Beefy machined aluminum shock caps * [...]


Boom Racing KUDU Coilover Scale Crawling Shocks RC

Boom Racing KUDU Coilover Scale Crawling Shocks

Coming soon from Boom Racing are KUDU Coilover Scale Crawling Shocks. The KUDU Coilover Shocks were designed for performance, while also have a great scale look. Check out these highlights- * Shocks optimized to deliver scale performance and precise adjustability * Available Lengths – 70mm, 80mm, or 90mm * Billet aluminum shock bodies * Threaded bodies for adjustability * High-end steel shock shafts with Titanium [...]


Team Associated 4 oz Large Shock Oil RC

Team Associated Announces Shock Oils in New Large 4 oz Bottl…

The crew over at Team Associated have just announced super sized 4 oz Bottles for their incredibly popular line of Shock Oils. Since the 1980s, Team Associated shock oils have simply been the “standard” in rc car racing. Now, they have increased the size of their bottles making it easier to fill those extra large shocks (Traxxas X-Maxx immediately comes [...]


Team Associated Aluminum MT10 FT Shock Kit

Team Associated Drops New Upgrades for the Rival MT10 RTR

For all you rabid Rival MT10 owners out there, Team Associated has announced new hop-ups! Shipping now from AE are upgrade Aluminum Shocks, as well as Steel CVA Driveshafts. Both of these items are a great way to help bulletproof your rig, and come with the perfect fit and finish of AE Factory Team upgrade parts. #25845 – Front Aluminum MT10 [...]


Team Associated Fox Shock Upgrade Kashima Coating

Team Associated FOX Shock Upgrade with Kashima Coating

New from Team Associated is a FOX Shock Upgrade with Kashima Coating. The new shock set from Associated is the ultimate in shock performance, check out these features. * Complete set of Factory Team 12mm shocks * Shock are kitted with EVERY Factory Team shock option part in one bag * Fits buggies like the RC10B74.1 or RC10B6.2 * Shock kit gives more traction [...]


Yeah Racing Aluminum Shocks Axial SCX24

Yeah Racing Aluminum Shocks for the SCX24

Shipping soon from Yeah Racing are some very trick Aluminum Shocks for the Axial SCX24. The Yeah Racing shocks are a “piggyback” style to help give your truck a cool look, plus they were designed to work better than the stock units. The shocks come with an array of different springs to help dial them into the weight of your [...]


Pro-Line RC PowerStroke Shocks ARRMA 3S 4S

Pro-Line Announces PowerStroke Shocks for ARRMA 3/4S Vehicle…

New from Pro-Line are PowerStroke Shocks for ARRMA 3/4S Vehicles. That’s right folks, soon all you members of the ARRMA Arrmy will be able to mount some serious performance onto your rig. Here are the details- * Fits Kraton 4S, Outcast 4S, Senton 3S, Typhon 3S, & Granite 3S * High performance design * 14mm big bore aluminum shock bodies * Beefy machined aluminum [...]