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Hobbico RealFlight 8

Hobbico RealFlight 8

Coming later this month from Hobbico is RealFlight 8. The RealFlight simulator has been turning people into pilots for many years now, the 8th edition is highly updated to be the best flight simulator yet. * Compatible with popular VR headsets * Extremely realistic with unparalleled physics * Simple and easy to learn * Detailed flying fields with both day and nighttime * Over 140 [...]


Realflight RF-X Update

New Update For RealFlight RF-X

The folks over at Hobbico have announced an update for their popular RealFlight RF-X flight simulator. The latest update is FREE to current owners and gives you the exceptional realism that you are looking for. Six new aircraft come with the latest update along with improved graphics, brighter colors, and a faster refresh rate. You can read about all the upgrades [...]


RealFlight RF-X Software

RealFlight RF-X Coming Soon!

Getting a good flight simulator can help save you time and money before you start flying. If you are in the market for one, Hobbico has just announced their latest, the RealFlight RF-X. RealFlight RF-X has incredibly realistic physics & graphics that are powered by UNIGINE, making it fun to learn how to fly. * Easy to use interface with zero [...]


RealFlight Drone Simulator

RealFlight Drone Flight Simulator

Thanks to the new RealFlight Drone Simulator from Great Planes, you can now practice drone flying & camera control on your PC. If you haven’t noticed, a good quality camera drone set-up runs easily over a grand, why take the chance on crashing it without getting in some simulator time first? The software has features like- * Lets you practice flying [...]


RealFlight Mobile

Grab your Smartphone or Tablet, Time for RealFlight Mobile

It seems like nearly everyone has a Smartphone or Tablet, now that is all you need to practice flying an rc airplane. How? RealFlight Mobile has just dropped and is available for both Apple iOS and Google Android. RealFight Mobile comes with one flying field and two different airplanes to get you started, but 6 other planes and 3 more [...]


RealFlight 7 Update M

RealFlight 7 Update M with Quadcopter Trials

The latest update to RealFlight 7 is now available and for all your multi-rotor fans it includes something really cool, Quadcopter Trials. The Update M starts out with two easy quadcopter challenges – making a pinpoint landing on a reactive touchpad and flying through a rectangular gate, then gets progressively harder. There are 10 challenges in all and pilots who [...]


Product Spotlight – RealFlight – RC Flight Simulator

A while back a few of us around the office caught the flying bug. We love bashing vehicles, but planes just don’t quite take the same abuse. Our in house pilot 3DBill would take us out, get a plane in the air, and hand us the controls. This would normally result in two things. One, he rips the controller out [...]