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RC4WD Low Profile Delrin Skid Plate TF2

RC4WD Low Profile Delrin Skid Plate For The TF2

Available now from the good folks over at RC4WD is a Low Profile Skid Plate for the Trail Finder 2. The skid plate is made from Delrin to help your truck slide over rocks and is a low profile design for more ground clearance. * CNC machined Delrin * Black in color for a scale appearance * Weight- 0.65oz * Height- 1.07″ * Width- 1.59″ * [...]


T-Bone Racing Front Shock Skids Arrma Typhon

T-Bone Racing Front Shock Skids For The Arrma Typhon

Ever notice when you bash with a buggy just how torn up the top of the front shock tower gets? The shock tower often gets chewed up, as does the mounting bolts for the shocks. To help prevent this T-Bone Racing has come up with a Front Shock Skid for the ARRMA Typhon. The skids also protect the top portion [...]


RPM ARRMA Rear Skid Plate

RPM ARRMA Rear Skid Plate

A few days ago RPM released a new front bumper for select ARRMA/Team Durango vehicles, today they have announced a Rear Skid Plate. The skid plate fits a whole bunch of different ARRMA 1/8 and 1/10 scalers. Those vehicles include the Senton, Kraton, Typhon, and the Talion. It also fits Team Durango vehicles like the DEX8, DEX8T, DESC10, and the [...]


RPM ARRMA Kraton Durango DEX8T Front Bumper

RPM Front Bumper For The Kraton & DEX8T

Attention ARRMA Kraton and Team Durango DEX8T owners, RPM has a new product for you. The good guys over at RPM have just announced a new Front Bumper/Skid Plate for the Kraton and DEX8T. Par the course for RPM, the bumper is ultra-beefy and molded from RPM’s legendary plastic blend. * 171.5mm wide * Skid plate is 4mm thick * 38mm forward extension * [...]


RC4WD Delrin Lower Skid Plate Axial Wraith

RC4WD Delrin Lower Skid Plate For Axial Wraith

The folks at RC4WD recently announced a Delrin Lower Skid Plate for the Axial Wraith. As you can see by the pictures, the skid plate has been precisely machined out of Delrin to ensure a proper fit while still looking like an OEM piece. With the RC4WD skid plate you can attack gnarly sections without having to worry about tearing [...]


TBR Skidplate X-Maxx

T-Bone Racing Chassis Skidplate For Traxxas X-Maxx

Are you ubering-out your Traxxas X-Maxx? Do you bash it like you stole it? If so, have a look at the new Full Chassis Skidplate from T-Bone Racing. Designed to protect the chassis and to give it a slick surface to help you glide over large obstacles, the TBR chassis skidplate can help your X-Maxx become the ultimate bashing machine. Pricing [...]


T-Bone Racing Chassis Skid Axial Yeti Score Trophy Truck

T-Bone Racing Chassis Skid For The Axial Yeti Trophy Truck

Do you have a new Axial Yeti Trophy Truck? If so you aren’t alone, and like many new owners you are probably looking to hop it up. New from T-Bone Racing is a Chassis Skid for your new Trophy Truck. The skid plate protects your chassis while making the bottom of your truck slicker to help navigating tough rock sections. [...]


RPM ECX 4x4 Upgrades

New RPM Goodies for ECX 4x4s

Hey all you ECX 4×4 owners, RPM has some new upgrades for you. First up is Rear Bumper for the Torment 4×4. Of course the RPM bumper is made to take the worst you can throw at it, plus it adds some nice scale styling to your truck. A lifetime warranty comes standard and the bumper can be used with [...]


DE Racing Bumper Skid Plate RC8B3

DE Racing Front Bumper and Rear Skip Plate For The Associate…

To increase the durability of your Team Associated RC8B3, the crew at DE Racing has developed a Front Bumper and Rear Skid Plate. Made from the highest quality engineering grade nylon, both units offer superior protection while being stylish. When used on your RC8B3 they can prevent your chassis from wearing out, saving you big bucks down the line. The [...]


T-Bone Racing Chassis Skid Axial YETI XL

T-Bone Racing Chassis Skid Plate For The Axial YETI XL

Slide your Axial Yeti XL right over those gnarly rocks sections with a new Chassis Skid Plate from T-Bone Racing. The skid plate is made from TBR’s durable nylon and comes with all the hardware you need for an easy install. The skid plate is street priced at $29, it has a part number of #12019, and they are available right [...]


RC4WD Skid Plate for Trail Finder 2 V8/R4

RC4WD Skid Plate for the Trail Finder 2 V8/R4

Some guys build shelf queens, while others beat the daylights out of their trucks. If you fall in the later category, RC4WD has a tough new Skid Plate for their Trailfinder 2. The skid plate is made from die cast iron to take the worst beating that you can throw at it. Length- 2.36″ Width- 3.39″ Height- 0.93″ Thickness- 0.04″ Weight- 1.16oz The plate [...]


TBR Axial Yeti XL

T-Bone Racing Axle Skid Plate for the Axial YETI XL

Tired of the body falling down while wrenching on your Axial Yeti XL? The folks over at T-Bone Racing have come up with a cure! Their new Rear Axle Skid Plate for the Yeti XL not only protects the axle, but also clips into the body to keep it open while wrenching. The skid plate is made from durable nylon [...]


T-Bone Racing Skids Axial Yeti

T-Bone Racing Chassis and A-Arm Skid Plates for the Axial Ye…

While the Axial Yeti is a pretty good climber out of the box, a slicker surface underneath can help it get over obstacles more easily. To help slide right over those tough spots, T-Bone Racing has introduced a chassis skid plate and a-arm skids. Both are made from ultra-tough nylon and come with TBR’s lifetime warranty against breakage. The chassis [...]


T-Bone Racing Differential Skid Plate Axial AX10 Ridgecrest

T-Bone Racing Differential Skid Plate for the Axial AX10 Rid…

T-Bone Racing sure makes a wide variety of products. From wheelie bars to bumpers, they are doing their best to keep bashers from busting up their cars. One of their latest creations is a Diff Skid Plate for the Axial Ridgecrest. The skid plate is aimed for the truly gnar-core off-roader and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is priced at [...]


Exotek Skid Plate Weight Durango

Exotek Durango DEX/DESC 410 Rear Skid Plate Weight

One way of getting a more planted feel from the rear of your Team Durango DEX/DESC410 is by adding weight. To make that task easy (and trick looking), Exotek has announced a new Rear Skid Plate Weight that perfectly fits both vehicles. Made from 6061 aluminum alloy, the Exotek part looks cool and helps to keep the rear end of [...]