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Team Associated Octalock Spur Gears Slipper Pads

New Octalock Spur Gears From Team Associated

Over at Team Associated they have dropped a full line-up of Octalock Spur Gears, as well as Factory Team Octalock LCF Slipper Pads. This combo was first seen on the B74.1 buggy, later this month the spur gears and slipper pads will be available in sizes from 72, up to 81 teeth. The slipper pads will be available in 11 [...]


Team Associated High Torque Slipper Pad

Team Associated has some new High-Torque Slipper Pads avaliable for your SC10 4×4, SC10, B4, T4, and B44. They have a bigger surface area to handle more torque, allow for drive torque adjustment on the SC10 4×4 using the included decoupled slipper, and allow for more rear drive out of corners and into jumps. Check out Team Associated online [...]