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gorillabox rc sound box

GorillaBox RC Sound Module Coming Soon???

RC Sound Modules are all the rage right now and for good reason, they bring not only full size sound to your rc car, but they are also a blast to drive with. A new company called GorillaBox Technologies is teasing a new rc sound box. The GorillaBox is said to be the loudest on the market, making it easy [...]


Sense Innovations ESS-One Sound Module Review

Sense Innovations ESS One Engine Sound System Review

In an rc world that now revolves around scale realism, it is not just about how scale your wheels are, or just the accuracy of your windshield wipers, it is about the all around package, even the sound coming out of your truck. To be truly scale realistic, your ride has to have it all, from the scale wheel nuts [...]


Ghetto Axial Wraith

Video – Ghetto Wraith Rod with Sense ESS Engine Sound System

You’ve probably already seen pictures of Danny Huynh’s unique rat/skeleton creations on various social media sites, but now he has released a video featuring the Sense ESS Engine Sound System. The video below not only shows how well the Sense engine sound module works, but also just how cool Danny’s Ghetto Wraith Rod is. If you are looking to pick up [...]


Associated ESS-One Engine Sound System

Team Associated ESS-One Engine Sound System for RC Cars

Electric is missing two big things that nitro has- 1. the smell, and 2. the sound. While Associated’s new ESS-One Engine Sound System might not provide that glorious nitro smell, it should be dialed to bring realistic sound to your electric powered rc car. The ESS-One was designed to be easy to install in nearly any rc vehicle. It also comes [...]


Raging Rotors News: Best preview image, ever!

…Because there isn’t one!!! Horizon Hobby decided to shake things up in their Blade helicopter line by teasing not a picture, but a sound clip. The full announcement is next week, but crank up your speakers and check out the clip on Soundcloud!