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ASK Cub Reporter- 03.14.2011- Sit Down, Shut Up and Learn No…

G’day, Ive recently bought the Thundertiger Sparrowhawk XXT, and I’ve noticed that you guys have done a review on it. Also I’m using it for a research project, looking at what i can do to eek out as much power from the car as I can. I’m thinking battery wise, but also is there anything you can do to modify the [...]


thunder tiger bmw m3 gt2

Thunder Tiger Goes BMW M3 GT2 Crazy

Word from Thunder Tiger is that a bunch of their on-road vehicles will now be available with the BMW M3 GT2 Body. It will be availiable on the Tomahawk VX and MX as well as the Sparrowhawk VX and DX. So if you looking for a little more style, head over to the Hit the Thunder Tiger site for more [...]


Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk DT12 Durability Video

If you haven’t read the Thunder Tiger DT12 Review yet you should really check it out. We just updated the review with a short video we did during our durability testing. In this one we jump the Sparrowhawk DT12 off the drivers stand roof at the Rivercity track in Peoria IL. After a tumble and roll landing, we drive it [...]


Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk

Thunder Tiger – 1/10 Sparrowhawk XXT Review

Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk XXT ReviewAfter witnessing first hand Thunder Tigers impressive and aggressive work on the MT4-G3 Monster Truck, we just had to get our hands on some of their other vehicles and put them to the test. Would the Sparrowhawk XXT live up to it’s big brothers reputation? Would it be tougher than nails and have us all [...]