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Sweep Racing Fast Forward Foam Tires

Sweep Racing Fast Forward 1/8 Mounted Foam Tires

For all you drag race or high speed maniacs out there, Sweep Racing has dropped Fast Forward 1/8 Mounted Foam Tires. These high-grip foam tires are pre-mounted for your convenience and come with a standard sized 17mm wheel hex. Check out more highlights- * Available in soft, medium, or hard compound * High density foam, race proven durability * Wheels designed specifically for [...]


Wow! New Supersonic Speed Run Body From Pro-Line! (Updated m…

For all you high speed fanatics out there, Pro-Line has just dropped the Supersonic Clear Speed Run Body. The Supersonic was specifically made to help you convert your Traxxas Slash 4×4 (or other short course truck) into a speed run machine. Take a look at these features- * Great speed run body for SCTs * Designed for style and speed * Pairs perfectly [...]


JConcepts Cheetah 83mm Speed-Run Wheels

JConcepts Cheetah 83mm Speed-Run Wheels

Here ya go high speed run fanatics, JConcepts has just dropped all new Cheetah 83mm Speed-Run Wheels. What makes these wheels special? They were designed specifically for high speed run use, plus they can be used with 17mm or 12mm wheel hexes. They were also sized so that they work with Speed Fang belted tires, or with other 83mm bead [...]


Delta Plastik USA RC 7th Jag XRS Li High Speed Body

Pre-Order Now Open - Delta Plastik 1/7 Jag XRS Li High Speed…

For all you speed run fanatics out there, Delta Plastik USA has announced that pre-ordering is now open for their 1/7th scaled Jag XRS Li High Speed Body. The Jag XRS was designed for serious speed in 1/7th scaled cars like the ARRMA Infraction. * Formed from 2mm thick Lexan * Comes in clear only * Modern sleek styling * Width- 310mm * Wheelbase- [...]


Pro-Line Avenger HP Street BELTED Buggy Tires

Pro-Line Belted Avenger HP Street 1/8 Buggy Tires!!!

Here ya go speed run guys, hardcore street bashers, and long jumpers- Pro-Line has just officially dropped their new Avenger HP pre-mounts. The Avenger HPs are Fully Belted to eliminate tire expansion at speed, thus allowing you to put much more power to the ground! Here are the highlights- * High performance herringbone weave belt * Avenger does not expand at high [...]


Xtreme RACING Carbon Fiber Speed Chassis Traxxas Rustler Slash

Xtreme Racing Carbon Fiber Speed Chassis For Traxxas Rustler…

Attention all you insane speed run Traxxas Rustler/Slash owners, Xtreme Racing is about to make your day. Looking for a chassis that makes it easy to pop in 6S (or much higher!) worth of LiPo batteries into your Slash? Just can’t find a good, but longer, chassis for your Rustler? Well take a look at these features on Extreme Racing’s [...]


McAllister Racing The Patriot RC Body

McAllister Racing The Patriot On-Road Body

Have you been looking for a new high-speed on-road body? If so, have a look at The Patriot from McAllister Racing. The Patriot was designed by high speed guru Nic Case and is molded from a thick .040 polycarbonate for extra stiffness. The McAllister Racing Patriot Body is priced at $26 and has a part number of #319. You can use [...]


Traxxas Stampede How To Go Faster Video Brushless Gearing LiPo

Video – How To Go Faster With The Traxxas Stampede

New from Traxxas is a How To Go Faster video for the Stampede 2wd monster truck. The video goes over in detail how to change gearing, which battery to use, as well as how to install a brushless power system. It is perfect for people new to the hobby that are looking to crank the power up, way up, on [...]


100 mph Traxxas Slash 4x4

4K Video – Traxxas Underground 100 MPH Slash 4X4

Just posted by Traxxas is a video called Traxxas Underground 100 MPH Slash 4X4. The video shows a bunch of upgrade parts that can be used to greatly increase the top speed of a Slash 4×4. Watch the video below to see just how fast the modified Slash 4×4 went, plus a teaser of things to come! Full details on the [...]


Traxxas XO-1 Video

Traxxas RC Supercar Speed Run 4K Video

Recently posted by Traxxas is a new promotional video for the mighty XO-1 Supercar. The video shows the XO-1 making high speed passes at a full scale drag strip, needless to say, the XO-1 can really haul. Since its introduction, the XO-1 has been considered one of the gnarliest cars on the planet, watch the video below to see just [...]


Traxxas How To Go Faster Video

Video – How to Go Faster With Traxxas Speed Upgrades

If you are new to our hobby, you’ve probably wondered what are some of the easiest modifications to help make your truck faster. Traxxas has put together a short video that highlights some of the easiest ways to get the mph up on your Slash, Stampede, Rustler, or Bandit. The folks at Traxxas go over gearing, LiPo battery cell counts, [...]


Sweep Monster Truck Road Crusher Belted Tires

Sweep Racing Road Crusher Belted Monster Truck Tire Review

Do you have a way overpowered brushless 1/8 Monster Truck or Truggy? Is your truck so fast that it is simply impossible to drive full throttle? Do your current tires balloon so badly that they resemble the extra large pie at your local pizza joint when pinned wfo? For consumers like you, Sweep Racing has developed Road Crusher Belted Monster [...]


Traxxas X-Maxx Crash Video

Video – Massive Traxxas X-Maxx Crash Video

What happens when you tag a curb (then a street sign!) at 60 mph+ with a Traxxas X-Maxx? Find out at the 2:15 Mark in the video above. YouTube user udluuz was making some serious speed passes with his Castle Powered X-Maxx, then lost control, showing just how hard it is to drive on pizza cutters. What was the total [...]


118 mph arrma typhon

Video – 118 MPH ARRMA Typhon

The folks over at ARRMA shot us a press release with a video of one of their Typhon buggies doing a staggering 118 MPH. The video was made by Wig Splitter RC and has various speed run passes showing just how fast the Typhon can go. Watch the video above to see the Typhon really eating up some pavement, or [...]


83 MPH Castle Baja 5B

Readers Rides – 83 MPH Castle Powered HPI Baja 5B

Everybody likes making high speed passes, it is one of the ultimate tests of power, skill, and tuning ability. Recently we caught up with Albert Gwaltney, a BigSquidRC reader who has been putting up some impressive numbers with his 5th Scale HPI Baja 5B. You see, Albert’s HPI Baja is regularly breaking the 80 mph mark, something that is NOT [...]