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Serpent Front Wing SRX2 Buggy

Serpent Front Wing Set for the SRX2 Buggy

Even though Formula 1 cars are extremely light, they still manage blinding corner speeds thanks to the amount of down-force their wings provide. In rc, wings are also very important, they shove the tires into the dirt for more traction. To give maximum traction to the front end of their Spyder SRX-2 buggy, Serpent has announced a front wing. The wing [...]


JConcepts Silencer Serpent RM

JConcepts Silencer Body for Serpent SRX-2 RM

JConcepts has announced a Silencer series body for the Serpent SRX-2 RM buggy. Designed with high speed tracks in mind, the Silencer for the SRX-2 RM is a cab forward body sculpted to produce extra down force which can help your buggy stick to the track. A shark fin is used on top of the cab for stability and it [...]


MIP Pucks Shiny Drive System Serpent Spyder SRX-2

MIP Pucks Shiny Drive System for Serpent Spyder SRX-2

For all you Serpent buggy owners, MIP has announced their Puck CVD System for the SRX-2. The Puck Shiny System comes with steel CVDs to handle mod power, plus the replaceable pucks will keep your outdrives & CV bones from wearing out so quickly. Oh ya, they look sharp and help with quicker acceleration too. The part number is #14125, [...]


Sneak Peak- Serpent Spyder SRX-2 2wd 10th Scale Off-Road Bug…

Serpent is known for putting out high-end product and now they are jumping into the 2wd 10th scale buggy segment with their new Spyder SRX-2. Designed by the likes of former IFMAR 1/10 2wd buggy World Champion Billy Easton, the newest Serpent is sure to be extremely high quality from front to back. The teaser pics of the SRX-2 don’t [...]