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REEFS RC Triple 8 Servo - 4

REEFS RC Triple 8 4S Steering Servo

Need more steering power for your high-voltage rig? REEFS RC has released its latest servo creation; the Triple 8 4S. Designed to handle 12V to 16.8V power, this servo aims to bring big power and super speed to your radio-controlled ride. The Triple 8 4S features an aluminum case, a magnetic angle sensor, steel gears, and triple ball bearings for smooth [...]


REEFs RC Long Neck HD Servo Horn 25T - 4

REEFs RC Releases a Long Neck HD Servo Horn (25T)

When your R/C machine has a powerful servo, you need to ensure your servo horn can handle it. REEFs RC has launched its own servo horn to help harness the torque and speed from its own line of steering servos. The Long Neck HD Servo Horn (25T) features a durable, stylish design that’s sure to fit just about any R/C [...]


REEF's RC Beast 2000 5th Scale Steering Servo

REEF’s RC Beast 2000 5th Scale Servo

Following up on the release of the Beast 1000 5th Scale Servo, REEF’s RC has announced its second 5th scale steering servo, the Beast 2000. REEF’s RC has made a name for itself in the R/C community based on the monster performance of their “standard” 1/10-scale and micro servos and servo winches, and from the looks of it, they’ll soon make [...]


REEF's RC Beast 1000 5th Scale Steering Servo

REEF’s RC Beast 1000 5th Scale Steering Servo

REEF’s RC has released its first of two servos for large-scale R/C models. The Beast 1000 5th Scale Servo packs a 1-2 punch of speed and torque, giving fans of 1/5-scale radio-controlled machines a new steering servo upgrade option. Known for its “standard” 1/10-scale and micro servos and servo winches, this is the first large-scale offering from REEF’s RC, and it [...]


Futaba 2021 Standard Servo Line-Up

Futaba Announces New Standard Servo Line-Up

New over at Futaba is the announcement of a new Standard Servo Line-Up. Bashers love affordable servos, the new units from Futaba were designed for solid performance, without breaking the bank. * New “Universal” servo line from Futaba * Standard S.BUS2 programmable servos * Can be used with conventional PWM signal * S-U300 – 0.19 sec/60° and 56.9 oz/in at 6.0V * S-U301 – 0.16 [...]


REEFs RC Triple4 Smart Winch

REEFs RC Updates the Triple4 Smart Winch LoPro

REEFs RC has updated its dependable Triple4 Smart Winch LoPro to feature full programmability and the option to use this unit as a winch or a standard steering servo. Packed with power, the Triple4 Smart Winch features 444oz of torque when paired with an 8.4V battery. Whether you run this unit for steering or pulling, it can be programmed to your [...]


Reef's RC Refreshed Triple7 Servoi

REEF’s RC Refreshes its Triple7 Servo

REEF’s RC has updated its powerhouse Triple7 steering servo with a new case construction and a fully-programmable option. Wrapped entirely in CNC’d aluminum, the refreshed 777 servo is now more durable than ever and ready to tackle the trail. The internals of this servo remain changed, offering the same power and speed as the original Triple7. However, for those who like [...]