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THE Cub Report, 05.06.2013, Version- Swedish House Cubby

Hello everyone, welcome to another week in the rc hobby, and welcome again to THE Cub Report. The 2013 Supercross Series is officially over but it went out with one heck of a bang. While the big boy pants class was all wrapped up last week, both of the 250 region titles came down to real nail-biters. On the East Coast [...]


Bone Marrow for Bess Facebook Page

A Facebook page has recently been created to encourage people to learn more about bone marrow donation. Our buddy Stephen Bess over at RCCA magazine has Leukemia and may need a bone marrow transplant. Because of this, there has been a Facebook page created called Bone Marrow for Bess. This is basically a Facebook page that encourages people to learn [...]