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T-Bone Racing Mini Car Garage Stand

T-Bone Racing 4 Car Mini Garage

Do you have a lot of cars, but no way to properly store them? If so, have a look at T-Bone Racing’s new 4 Car Mini Garage. The TBR Mini Garage is a great way of getting organized, in an affordable way. Here are the highlights- * Designed for 1/18 to 1/16th sized vehicles * Movable o-rings prevent cars from sliding * Optional [...]


Schumacher Bat-Safe Lipo Charging Safety Box

Schumacher Announces The Bat-Safe

Over at Schumacher RC they have announced a new line-up of Bat-Safe LiPo storage boxes. The Bat-Safes can be used while storing or charging your LiPo batteries to keep them in a safe manner. * Safe way of storing, transporting, & charging LiPo batteries * Available in three different sizes * Double-walled insulated steel box with flame arrestor * In event of fire, smoke [...]


JConcepts Motor Rotor Storage Box

JConcepts Motor/Rotor Storage Box

New from JConcepts is a Motor/Rotor Storage Box. The storage box makes it easy to keep track of all your motors and brushless rotors. With space for up to 3 motors, along with 5 different rotors, the JC storage box is a great way to protect your motors while upping your organization game. * Case made from a durable plastic * Comes [...]


TheToyz Tool Holder

TheToyz Aluminum Tool Holder

New and hot from TheToyz is an Aluminum Tool Holder. The stand is made from a high quality aluminum and has been precisely CNC machined for an outstanding finish. The unit is heavy enough to not fall over, yet small and lightweight enough to be easily packed along with the rest of your gear. Here are more highlights- * Solid aluminum [...]


Exotek G Lok Pinion Spur Locker

Exotek G.LOK Pinion & Spur Gear Locker

The crew over at Exotek has a new item that makes it easy to store your pinion and spur gears. The G.LOK Pinion & Spur Locker holds up to 9 pinions and 2 spurs in a very fashionable way. The case is made from heavy duty 6061 aluminum and is available anodized in 5 different colors. So how much does the [...]


JConcepts Universal Storage Bag

JConcepts Universal Storage Bag

Have a bunch of expensive electronics you want to protect? Is so, the new Universal Storage Bag from JConcepts could come in handy. From holding battery chargers to nitro engines, the universal storage bag is a lightweight and easy to use way of giving your expensive gear some serious protection. * Small footprint that easily fits into most pit pags * [...]


Kling-On RC Wall Rack

Kling-On RC Wall Racks

If you have been over on our Facebook Group then you’ve probably seen many different ways that hobbyists store their fleet of rc vehicles. Indeed, if you’ve got 30 cars in your garage, keeping them all out of your way can be a problem. The people over at Kling-On RC have come up with a Wall Rack storage system to unclutter [...]