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GPM Aluminum Rear Sway Bar Set Losi Hammer Rey

GPM Aluminum Rear Sway Bar Set for the Hammer Rey

New at GPM is an Aluminum Rear Sway Bar Set for the Losi Hammer Rey rock racer. Made from durable aluminum, and available in different colors to suit your build, the sway bar set is a sweet upgrade for your Hammer Rey. Here are the highlights- * Fits – Losi Hammer Rey U4 Rock Racer * 5 different colors available * Weight -90 [...]


Tekno RC Sway Bar Collars

Tekno Aluminum Sway Bar Collars

New from Tekno RC are Aluminum Sway Bar Collars. The sway bar collars fit the Tekno EB/NB/ET/NT48 2.0 and are a great way to keep your sway bars in place during those long A-mains. * CNC machined from aluminum * Hard anodized * Durable design * Direct replacement for stock hardware * Comes as a set of four The Tekno Aluminum Sway Bar Collars are priced [...]


Axial RR10 Sway Bar Set

Axial RR10 Rear Sway Bar Set

New from Axial Racing for the upcoming RR10 Bomber is a Sway Bar Set. The sway bar will help keep torque twist at bay while allowing you to soften up the suspension for bumps and jumps. The sway bar set gives the RR10 more stability at speed and is constructed out of steel for extra durability. The sway bar is priced [...]


Currie Antirock Yeti Sway Bar

Vanquish Currie Antirock Axial Yeti Sway Bar

Bling your Axial Yeti with a Currie Antirock Sway Bar from Vanquish Products. The new Vanquish sway bar is highly detailed, fully licensed, and is sure to add a trick look to your Yeti. It is also fully adjustable and made to endure the abuse of a good old fashioned bash session. The sway bar will set your wallet back $44, [...]


Pro-Line PRO-2 Front Aluminum Sway Bar

Pro-Line PRO-2 Aluminum Front Sway Bar Kit

Sway bars are great for enhancing handling on high-bite surfaces. Now Pro-Line Racing has announced an Aluminum Front Sway Bar Kit for their PRO-2 buggy and short course truck. By adding the sway bar to your PRO-2 your truck/buggy will remain flatter in the corners and have less chance of traction rolling. The kit comes with a 2.0mm sway bar [...]


Hot Racing Sway Bar Traxxas Revo E-Revo

Hot Racing Sway Bar Kit for the Traxxas Revo

Does your Traxxas Revo/E-Revo roll too much in the corners? If so, the folks at Hot Racing have a new Sway Bar Kit for you. This adjustable sway bar kit helps keep your Revo’s tires on the ground and the chassis flatter, making your truck easier to drive. Designed to fit the Revo 2.5 or 3.3, top quality hardware is [...]


JConcepts Anti-Roll Bar Kit for Associated B4 T4 SC10

JConcepts Anti-Roll Bar Kit for Associated T4/B4/SC10

JConcepts has just announced a new Anti-Roll Bar Kit for the very popular Team Associated B4/T4/SC10 vehicles. Why might a basher need an anti-roll bar kit? Anti-roll bars come in very handy on smooth high bite surfaces, they help keep your vehicle flat in the corners, thus increasing corner speed while making your vehicles easier to drive. The kit comes with [...]


Traxxas XO-1 Black Body

Black Body and Sway Bar Kit for Traxxas XO-1

There is some good news for all you Traxxas XO-1 Supercar owners out there, Traxxas has just announced a new pre-painted Black Body and a new sway bar kit for your car. The new black polycarbonate body is painted, pre-cut, and completely ready for installation. * Aggressive Supercar styling * Fully painted and trimmed * Factory-applied decals * High-downforce rear wing pre-installed * Part #6411X Also available [...]


Axial Exo Front and Rear Sway Bar Sets

Axial EXO Terra Buggy Front and Rear Sway Bar Sets

Do you drive your Axial EXO Terra Buggy on a high bite surface? Looking to improve its corning? Axial announced today front and rear sway bar sets for their uber EXO bash machine. Some features of the new sway bars are- * CNC machined for precision * Includes three different gauge steel wires (soft, medium, firm) * Black anodized aluminum sway bar arms * [...]


Team Losi Racing Sway Bar Sets for TLR 22SCT

New Team Losi Racing Sway Bar Sets for the TLR 22SCT

So you’ve got a new TLR 22SCT and you are looking for even more ways to dial it in. Lucky for you Team Losi Racing announced today front and rear sway bar sets for the TLR 22SCT. With these sway bar kits you’ll be able to totally dial in your truck to the surface you are running on. Part number [...]