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Sweep Racing RC Sweeper Buggy Tires

Sweep Racing Sweeper 1/8 Buggy Tires

New from the crew at Sweep Racing is the Sweeper 1/8 buggy tire. The Sweeper uses numerous mini-pins to find traction on mid to high bite surfaces. Rounded side pins are used for a smoother feel around corners and the Sweepers will be available in multiple different rubber compounds. Use this link to get more details over on the Official Sweep [...]


Sweep Racing RC Belted Monster Truck Tires Chrome Wheels

Sweep Racing Limited Edition Belted Monster Truck Tires On C…

Shipping soon from Sweep Racing are Limited Edition Belted Monster Truck Tires on Chrome Wheels. That’s right, SRC chrome wheels are now back for a very limited time and will be available in a variety of colors. These pre-mounted sets come with 17mm wheel hexes are were designed to fit a wide variety of 1/8th scale monster trucks from Traxxas, [...]


Sweep Racing WHD Wide Heavy-Duty Wheels 8th Monster Truck

Sweep Racing WHD Wide Heavy-Duty Wheels for 1/8th Monster Tr…

The folks over at Sweep Racing have put out a press release on their new WHD Wide Heavy-Duty Wheels for 1/8th monster trucks. The upgrade wheels are significantly beefier than previous units, thus allowing you to go harder than ever before. The WHD wheels fit tires like the belted Sweep Racing Terrain Crusher or Road Crusher tires and they come [...]


Sweep STC-8

Sweep Racing STC-8 Touring Car Body

For you guys into racing touring cars, Sweep Racing has announced the STC-8. The STC-8 is a clear body that is 190mm in width to fit an enormous variety of different cars. The designers formed the front of the body in such a way as to give more steering, with the rest of the body being shaped to give your [...]


Sweep Racing "HYDROEDGE" Rain Tires

Sweep Racing Hydroedge Rain Tires

Developed for the 2016 ISTC 1/10th World Championships in Beijing, Sweep Racing has announced Hydroedge Rain Tires for touring cars. The Hydroedge tires are molded from a special soft compound of rubber and sport a unique tread design to help reduce hydroplaning. The Sweep Hydroedge are also a belted design to ensure the tire stays flat at high speeds, a [...]


Sweep Monster Truck Road Crusher Belted Tires

Sweep Racing Road Crusher Belted Monster Truck Tire Review

Do you have a way overpowered brushless 1/8 Monster Truck or Truggy? Is your truck so fast that it is simply impossible to drive full throttle? Do your current tires balloon so badly that they resemble the extra large pie at your local pizza joint when pinned wfo? For consumers like you, Sweep Racing has developed Road Crusher Belted Monster [...]


SRC Hobbies Tires

Belted Monster Truck Tires from SRC Hobbies

Isn’t it cool when you tag the throttle on your brushless truck and the tires expanding into giant pizza cutters? Sure, that might look impressive, but pizza cutters are extremely hard to drive on. To help fight tire expansion, SRC has a pair of new tires that are belted. So who is SRC? They are a new brand from Sweep Racing. [...]