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Pro-Line Racing 1972 Chevy C10 Clear Body Giveaway!

Well, it’s time to dust off our giveaway software as we start to get ready for March Bash-ness 2021. Before we get into the insanity that comes from that event, it seemed like a great opportunity to give something away as a warm up. We popped into the workshop and spotted a new discontinued and heavily sought after Pro-Line Racing [...]


Fort Cubby

THE Cub Report – Reminiscing The T-Maxx Era

Ya know, there was a time not all that long ago when our industry was growing. Growing like crazy in fact! The time period goes from right around 1999 when the original T-Maxx was released, to around 2007 where a general economic downswing in America put a big damper on the runaway growth of our hobby. The other day the [...]


Traxxas T-Maxx Video

Video – Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3: Pure Nitro Power

There is nothing like the smell of nitro in the morning! Recently posted by Traxxas is a video for the T-Maxx 3.3. The T-Maxx is arguable the most legendary of all bash vehicles as it totally revolutionized the hobby when it was initially released. The latest version of the T-Maxx is better than ever as it comes equipped with the [...]


RPM Heavy Duty Rear Bumper T-Maxx E-Maxx

RPM Heavy Duty T-Maxx & E-Maxx Rear Bumper

Whether you are getting your truck ready for BigSquidRC’s Maxx-Fest 2018, or you are just pulling it out of the garage to get it running for the season, RPM’s new Heavy Duty Rear Bumper is a great idea. Their new bumper for the T and E-Maxx was designed for unparalleled performance and protection, as well as featuring RPM’s legendary blend [...]


MAXX Fest 2018

MAXX-Fest 2018!!!

That’s right folks, we are trying to break the internet! In a never ending quest to have the most Fun ever with an rc truck, BigSquidRC is going old school with MAXX-Fest 2018!!!. Just like the name implies, only MAXX series vehicles like the original T-Maxx, the mighty E-Maxx, and the all conquering X-Maxx are invited to attend. We plan [...]


RC4WD Beadlock Wheels Traxxas T-Maxx Revo

RC4WD Locker Beadlock Wheels for Traxxas Revo & T-Maxx 3.3

Want some seriously cool bling wheels for your Traxxas T-Maxx/Revo? Have a problem flinging tires off the wheels? The new Locker Beadlock aluminum wheels from RC4WD could be the hot ticket for you. Made from CNC machined billet aluminum, the new wheels from RC4WD can add a hot new look to your T-Maxx/Revo. To help keep your tires where they are [...]


Cubby's Place

THE Cub Report, 05.26.2014, Version- A Grin Shows a Trick Up…

I got slammed in the face last week, slammed by the fact that the gasoline powered trucks are finally making it to the market. While I know it’s a good thing for the hobby (the added realism of the sound and smell of a fossil fuel powered engine), I am forever a hardcore electric guy, and the realization that gas might [...]


Pro-Line 1966 Ford F-100 Clear Body

Pro-Line 1966 Ford F-100 Hay Hauler Clear Body

The good folks over at Pro-Line have released full information on their two new fully licensed 1966 Ford F-100 “Hay Hauler” bodies. These have that trick old school look and are very detailed to give your truck a unique look the next time you hit the local bash spot. Check out the step-sides and fender flares, the ’66 F-100 will [...]


Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts Losi Traxxas

Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts for Losi & Traxxas Vehicles

One of our favorite innovations of the last couple of years has been the Pro-Line Thumbwasher sets. These replace traditional body clips and won’t fall off and get lost during a hard bash session. They also help keep your body from ripping out around the body post. The Pro-Line crew has incorporated their Thumbwasher sets into their new Extended Body Mounts [...]


TVR Ball-X

TVR Ball-X Heavy Duty Driveshafts for Traxxas Revo and Maxx …

Being the hardcore basher that you are, you’ve already blown up plenty of stock driveshafts. TVR has come up with heavy duty Ball-X driveshafts for the Traxxas Revo and Maxx series trucks. Big brushless power can definitely make the life of the stockers quite short, TVR claims their new Ball-X driveshafts are some of the toughest and smoothest available. TVR uses [...]


RPM Bulkheads for Traxxas T-Maxx E-Maxx

RPM Front and Rear Bulkheads for Traxxas T-Maxx and E-Maxx

How many bulkheads have you busted on your Traxxas T-Maxx/E-Maxx over the years? If you are anything like us, dozens. Cue the crew over at RPM RC Products. RPM is known for making the most durable aftermarket parts in the industry out their unique blend of plastic. RPM has just announced their new Front and Rear Bulkheads for the Traxxas Maxx [...]


Traxxas Revo 3.3 TQi and Telemetry

TQi w/ Docking base and Telemetry Pre-Installed On Traxxas T…

Two of Traxxas’s legendary monster trucks just got even better, they now come not only with the Traxxas TQi radio system and docking base, but they even have telemetry pre-installed. The addition of the on-board telemetry really helps you keep track of what is going on in your truck as you can see real-time data such as speed, engine RPM, [...]


Don’t let the snow slow you down!!!!

Hello everyone – Even though Old Man Winter has given most of the lower 48 a break this year. For us here in Chicagoland, there is a couple of inches of snow on the ground which is perfect for the snowmobile conversion from Integy. Rear treads and front ski’s are available. For those of you in a [...]


Proline 1992 Jeep Cherokee

Pro-Line Jeep Cherokee – 1992 for the T-Maxx and Revo

Sitting on my desk today was a box from Pro-Line. I always like surprises! Especially the ones that Cubby has not already opened and is driving around in the parking lot, and all I see is the empty box. This one was untouched! So I open it up to find a new body! It’s a new Jeep Cherokee 1992 for [...]


FlexTek RC Titanium T-Maxx Suspension Arms Kit Review

From: FlexTek RC Direct Link: FlexTek T-Maxx Suspension Arms Complete Kit Being a pretty serious basher, (I usually don’t stop till it’s broken!) you can imagine that I end up having to replace a lot of parts at the end of the day. My usual routine has been, come home, inspect what’s broke, take off the a-arms and bend them [...]