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021 XRay T4 Touring Car RC

2021 XRay T4 Touring Car

New over at XRay is the 2021 edition of their high-end T4 Touring Car Kit. The XRay T4 has been a perennial champion over its 21 years on the circuit, the 2021 model has numerous updates to make it the fastest T4 to date. * Available with graphite, flex aluminum, or solid aluminum chassis * New top deck with a narrower front [...]


XRay T4 2019

XRay T4 2019 Touring Car Kit

New for all you touring car racers is the 2019 edition of the XRay T4. XRay has gone to upgrading the T4 every year as it is one of their most popular race machines, and the 2019 T4 has some serious improvements over the outgoing model. Here is the scoop- * Removable chassis brace to improve steering * New chassis to accommodate [...]


XRay T4 2018

XRay T4 2018 Touring Car Kit

With indoor carpet racing season just around the corner, XRay has released full specifications of their new flagship touring car, the 2018 edition of the T4. The T4 has long been praised for its high-end materials and engineer, the latest version features small revisions to make it even more competitive. * New ULP Ultra-low profile shocks * New ULP shock towers * New [...]


Xray 2016 T4 Touring Car

2016 XRay T4 Touring Car

Are you ready for touring car season yet? No? Well, you can be by picking up one of the uber new 2016 XRay T4 touring cars. XRay is particularly well known for their ultra high-end touring cars and the T4’16 was made to continue that tradition. What’s new on the 2016 edition? Mainly changes to improve steering and to add more [...]


MIP Pucks Shiny Drive System Associated SC10/T4

MIP Pucks Shiny Drive System for Associated SC10/T4

For all you guys running big power in your Associated SC10 or T4, the crew over at MIP have announced their new Pucks Shiny Drive System for your truck. This set includes a ball diff, but more importantly, includes MIP Pucks for the drive shafts. The Puck system helps keep your drivetrain fresh by not constantly wearing out the outdrives, [...]


XRay T4 Touring Car

All New XRay T4 Touring Car

The good folks over at XRay have just announced their all new T4 Touring Car. The latest and greatest from XRay has been a long time in development, but now it is finally here for your driving pleasure. There is an enormous list of features and specs on the new T4, here are some of the highlights- * All-new T4 platform * [...]