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Pro-Line Enforcer Associated T5M Clear Body

Pro-Line Enforcer Clear Body For Associated T5M

New from Pro-Line Racing for all you stadium truck warriors is the Enforcer Clear Body for the Associated T5M. The Enforcer series bodies are originally from the mind of legendary racer Ty Tessmann and feature a meaner, more angular front end for more steering. The Enforcers were also designed for high-speed stability and work well on a wide variety of [...]


JConcepts New Release – Hi-Flow T5M Body

JConcepts Hi-Flow Associated T5M Body

Do you own an Associated T5M? If so, take a look at the new 2016 Hi-Flow body from JConcepts. The Hi-Flow comes with a race bred low profile design and beefy fenders to separate your truck from the pack. Some of its other features include- * Blended styling (a mix of race looks and realism) * Aggressive looking headlights and grill * Comes [...]


MIP Eco Transmission

MIP Eco All-In-1 Box Set Transmission for the Associated B5M…

New from MIP is the Eco All-In-1 Box Set Tranny for the Associated RC10B5M/T5M. This new 3 gear tranny was designed to give your mid-motor 5 series Associated more initial punch and less drag, thus helping you to bust out faster lap times. * 7075 aluminum construction * 50% lighter gear cover than stock * Can use 5 or 6mm ID bearings * Aluminum [...]


X Factory T5M Chassis Kit

X Factory Infinity Associated T5M Chassis Kit

Uber-out that new Team Associated T5M truck of yours with an Infinity Chassis Kit from X Factory. The Infinity chassis is made from very trick looking carbon fiber and shaves about 75 grams off the weight of your truck. The Infinity chassis also has more flex than the stock unit which helps to improve jumping, corner, and performance on bumpy [...]


Pro-Line BullDog Mid Motor Clear Body Associated T5M

Pro-Line BullDog Mid Motor Clear Body for the Associated T5M

Put a fresh look on your Associated T5M while enhancing its handling with the new Bulldog Clear Body from Pro-Line. With twin mohawks on the roof and a redesigned front end for more downforce, the Bulldog can help keep your T5M glued to the track. The Bulldog for the T5M has a street price of $25, a part number of #3443-00, [...]


JConcepts Finnisher T5M

JConcepts Finnisher Body for the Associated T5M

Put a fresh new look on your Associated T5M with the latest Finnisher Series Body from JConcepts. Like other bodies in the Finnisher line, the T5M model features a cab forward design for better cornering. Also, a new high performance gurney spoiler helps plant the rear to give your T5M a more balanced feel while out on the track. The body [...]


Factory RC Battery Brace

New Battery Braces from Factory RC

The folks at Factory RC have announced a pair or trick new Carbon Fiber Battery Braces. The first brace is made to fit the TLR 22-4 (#FTC008, $24) when running a shorty style pack. The TLR brace is available in both blue or red carbon fiber weave and comes with a new “Patriot” star logo. The second brace is for [...]


Associated Factory Team Parts

Associated Factory Team Parts for the B44, B5M, and T5M

Add some bling, tuning options, and durability to your Team Associated off-roader with these three new Factory Team aluminum upgrades. Part number #9727 is an aluminum 3 degree toe plate for the B44. This is not only stronger than the stock part but also helps to improve corner speed and on-power traction. Street price is $14. Next up is part number #91608. [...]


Team Associated RC10T5M Team Kit

Team Associated RC10T5M Team Kit

After a full day of teasing, Team Associated has released full information on the new RC10T5M stadium truck. Like its brother B5M, the T5M comes with an aluminum chassis and in a mid-motor configuration. The new chassis and motor configuration make the T5M perfectly suited to today’s smoother/high-bite tracks. Some of its other highlights include- * Allows for the use of [...]


Team Associated T5M

Spotted – Team Associated T5M Stadium Truck

With the Team Associated B5 Buggy having been on the market for nearly a year, you had to think the new version of their stadium truck couldn’t be far away. Today some spy shots are hitting the web to give you Associated fans a look at the new T5M Stadium Truck. Above you can see a shot of Team Associated’s [...]