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Teamsaxo Duckbill F1 Body

Teamsaxo Duckbill Clear F1 Body

Add a hot new look to your 1/10th scale F1 car with the new Duckbill clear body from Teamsaxo. The Duckbill was designed to look like one of the “platypus” nose cars from the 2013 F1 season and mounts on most standard F1 style pan cars. The body is made from 1.0mm thick polycarbonate and comes with a driver’s helmet [...]


Teamsaxo F1 Future Body

Radical Teamsaxo F1 Future Clear Body

A couple of months ago Teamsaxo announced a new 6 wheeled open wheel car called the F1 Future, now they have released pictures of a radical body to go with the car. Looking more like a jet fighter plane than an F1 car, the Teamsaxo F1 Future body is going to bring a lot of swagger to the parking lot [...]


Teamsaxo F1 Body

New F1 Body From Teamsaxo

You can bring an old school look to the starting grid with the latest F1 Body from Teamsaxo. Looking much like cars that raced F1 in the late ’80s, the new body from Teamsaxo is made to fit 190-200mm F1 cars and has the scale detailing that F1 enthusiasts are looking for. Pricing and a release date for this clear [...]


Teamsaxo 6 wheel Innovative F1-future

Teamsaxo 6 wheel Innovative F1-Future

With Formula 1 being one of the most popular on-road classes this winter, we are starting to see more and more unique cars for the class. One of the latest comes from Teamsaxo with their Tyrrell inspired Innovative F1-Future. The IFF is designed with two sets of front wheels for a unique look and to give it plenty of steering [...]