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Team Associated Drift Car Teaser

Team Associated Teases New On-Road Car

The crew at Team Associated rarely posts any teasers, so they made big news this week by posting an On-Road Car Teaser Image. Take a close look at the image above to get a good tease on Team Associated’s next big car release. While the teaser image does not give away much, it sure looks like a drift rig sliding [...]


Calandra Racing Concepts CRC 12th MetriCKs Pan Car

Calandra Racing Concepts Teases New 1/12 MetriCKs Pan Car

New over at Team CRC is the 1/12th scaled MetriCKs Pan Car. The new MetriCKs comes with metric hardware and has already been winning big races. Here are the highlights- * Fast, simple, lightweight, durable and affordable race car * “Ultra-tune” front end w/ easy set-up front wedges * Vented king pin * LCG design * 60-90 grams under weight limit * Multiple tuning options Use this [...]


Bittydesign ARRMA Body

Bittydesign Has A New Teaser For ARRMA Owners

The good folks over at Bittydesign are now teasing an upcoming On-Road Body For ARRMA owners. The Bittydesign crew has posted a teaser image showing off a beautifully sculpted rear end for said upcoming body, leaving us really wanting to see the rest! No worries though, as we will all find out the details in just a week’s time! As we [...]


Mon-Tech Teaser Body

Mon-Tech Teases New On-Road Body

Over at Mon-Tech Racing they are now teasing a new on-road body. Mon-Tech has been making some of the fastest 1/12th and 1/10th on-road bodies on planet Earth for many years, and now they are teasing yet another hot release. From looking at the teaser image, we can see what appears to be a Le Mans style body, but we’ll [...]


Bittydesign RC Nissan GT-R Body

Bittydesign Teases New GT-R Body for the ARRMA Vendetta

Now being teased by Bittydesign is a GT-R style body to fit the 1/8 ARRMA Vendetta. Looking at the teaser image, their new body has the distinct rear taillights of one of the most gnarly cars to ever hit the street, the mighty Nissan GT-R. Sized to fit ARRMA’s incredibly popular Vendetta on-road car, we can’t wait to see the [...]


Capo Racing RC 10th Tatra T815-7 8x8 Kit

Teaser – Capo Racing 1/10 Tatra T815-7 8×8 Kit

Now being teased by Capo Racing is the 1/10 Tatra T815-7 8×8 Kit. This giant 1/10th scaler comes in at over 21 inches long and has a full time 8 wheel drive system. Made from mostly CNC machined aluminum parts, this high-end kit has been nicely scaled from the 1:1 truck and even comes with a full air suspension system. Until [...]


XRay X8 RC

XRay Teases All New X8

There are a lot of teasers in the rc world but XRay wins the teaser contest for this week. XRay did a simple teaser on their social media that has everyone guessing what it might be. The teaser was a simple “X8” logo, but that was plenty to get people to talking. As XRay is known for high-end, world champion [...]


Exotek RC F1Ultra R5 Kit

Teaser – Exotek 1/10 F1Ultra R5 Kit

Over at Exotek Racing they are now teasing the 1/10 F1Ultra R5 Kit. Exotek has long been known for their high-end product releases and their upcoming F1Ultra R5 kit has a bunch of new parts to seriously improve performance. Check out these highlights- * Expected to start shipping tomorrow * New heavy duty 1 piece extra long side links to reduce rear [...]


Bittydesign RC Rock Crawler Body

Bittydesign Teases New Rock Crawler Body

Now being teased over at Bittydesign is an all new Rock Crawler Body. While Bittydesign is best known for their on-road car bodies, they are now branching out and are ready to release their first ever for rock crawling. Their upcoming rock crawler body is expected to be sized to fit most popular 1/10th scaled rock crawlers and offers a [...]


Team Magic RC 8th Teken Truggy RTR

Teaser – Team Magic 1/8 Teken RTR Truggy

Now being teased over at Team Magic is the 1/8th scaled Teken RTR Truggy. The new Teken comes with huge truck style tires and a sleek buggy body to give it a unique look. With long travel shocks and a powerful brushless system, the new Teken was designed for hardcore bashing sessions, as well as serious fun! As we [...]


Capo Racing Baja Ultra4 CD1582X

Teaser – Capo Racing CD1582X Baja Ultra4 Kit

Now being teased by Capo Racing is the CD1582X Baja Ultra4 Kit. Capo Racing has taken the high-end scale world by storm with truly over-the-top, all metal rc kits. Their new Baja Ultra4 kit was designed as the pinnacle kit for off-road trucks. With all metal parts, and high-end scale realism, the new Baja Ultra4 just might be the most [...]


Gmade RC Spider Rock Crawler Kit

Teaser – Gmade 1/10 Spider Rock Crawler Kit

Over at Gmade they have posted a new teaser image of their upcoming Spider 1/10 Scale Rock Crawler. The Spider was designed from the ground up for outstanding performance, but we’ve still got some waiting to do for the final specifications. As we await more details, you can use this link to visit the official Gmade Website, or you can Click [...]


Gmade RC 10th SPIDER Rock Crawler

Teaser – Gmade 1/10 SPIDER Rock Crawler

Now being teased by Gmade is the 1/10th scaled Spider Rock Crawler. While Gmade didn’t release much information on it, they are saying that the Spider will be their “… strongest performance vehicle ever!”. From the teaser pic we can also see that the Spider comes with high clearance portal style axles to help it get over gnarly terrain. We will [...]


Yokomo Re-Release YZ-870c Super Dog Fighter

Teaser - Yokomo to Re-Release the 1/10 YZ-870c Super Dog Fig…

Now here’s some big news out of Yokomo – they are getting ready to Re-Release their legendary 1/10 YZ-870c Super Dog Fighter. This vintage race machine has been fully updated for today’s modern power system, while also maintaining much of its original feel. Here are some highlights- * Originally released in 1987 * Considered by many as Yokomo’s first full competition 4WD [...]


FMS Model Teaser 18th Scale

FMS Model Teases New 1/18th FCX18 Scale Climbing Series

That’s right folks, FMS Model is now teasing an innovative line-up of 18th Scaled Climbing Vehicles. FMS has rocked the scale crawling world with their next generation scale trucks and have announced they are going to shake things up even more with their new FCX18 Scale Climbing Series. As we await more details, you can use this link to visit the [...]