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Bittydesign Teaser Touring Car Body

Bittydesigns Teases New 1/10 Touring Car Body

Now being teased by Bittydesign is their next high performance 1/10 Touring Car Body. The Bittydesign crew has released a bunch of trick bodies in 2022 and their upcoming touring car body will put a nice cap on the year. With Bittydesign being well known for their stylish looks and high-end performance, we can’t wait to learn more about their [...]


Team Corally On-Road Teaser

New On-Road Teaser From Team Corally

Here we go folks, Team Corally has just released a second teaser image for their next big On-Road Race Machine. While we don’t have much information, we do know that the next heavy hitter from Team Corally is designed for racing, large in size, and designed for insane levels of speed. We don’t have much longer to wait for the full [...]


Cen Racing Teaser DL Series

CEN Racing Drops New Teaser

At CEN Racing they recently dropped a new Teaser for their upcoming DL Series. The crew at CEN has really blown our socks off with their previous Ford F-450 releases and we’ve only got to wait for a couple more days for their latest and greatest. Knowing the crew at CEN, it is probably going to be something pretty cool [...]


Axial Refreshed Teaser

Axial Racing Teases “Refreshed” Rock Crawler

Over at Axial Racing they have dropped a new Teaser Image for their next big release. While the teaser image may say “9-25”, the drop should actually happen tomorrow and we can’t wait to see what the Axial Racing crew has dreamt up this time! Full details on the new release should go live tomorrow morning. Until then, you can use [...]


Team Corally Racey Teaser

Team Corally Teases “Racey” New Vehicle

The good folks over at Team Corally have posted a Racey New Teaser Image to their social media. The crew at Team Corally have always pushed the envelope of performance and we expect their upcoming “Racey” machine to really be a player in the bashing market. As we await more details, you can use this link to visit the official Team [...]


TLR 8IGHT-X 2.0 Nitro Buggy Kit Teaser

TLR Teases New 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit

The crew at TLR is now teasing a new 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit. TLR has a long history of winning championships and their latest nitro buggy is sure to follow that tradition. The new TLR buggy is still in the teaser stage at this point, but we should get full details next week! Until we learn more, you can use this [...]


Teaser Toyan Scale Rock Crawler

Nothing To See Here – Keep Scrolling!

How did this post even get in here? You might as well even forget that you’ve seen it. The picture shown above is certainly Not A Teaser for an upcoming nitro powered scale rock crawler, that’s for sure! Should you want to get crazy, you can Click This Random Link, or you can try This One if you really wanna send [...]


Schumacher RC Mi8 Competition Touring Car

Schumacher Teases Mi8 Competition Touring Car

The good folks at Schumacher are now teasing their upcoming Mi8 Competition Touring Car. Schumacher is known worldwide for their high-end racing machines and their Mi8 should turn a lot of heads in the touring car world. With a number of world championships under their belt, Robin and his crew at Schumacher have designed the Mi8 to be successful at [...]


Team Corally Monster Truck Teaser

Video – Team Corally Teases New Bash Truck

Oh yes, it is the time of the year for everyone to announce their new spring releases. Team Corally has been making a huge push in the bashing market over the last few years, and have done so via releasing numerous new models. Recently the crew at Team Corally posted a New Teaser Video for 2022. While the video doesn’t [...]


Kyosho Teaser

Kyosho Drops New Buggy Teaser

New over at Kyosho is a Picture Teaser of their next big buggy release. The Kyosho crew has been teasing a re-release of their Optima Mid 4wd buggy for several weeks and the latest teaser image looks right on point. For now all we have is a single teaser picture, expect full details soon on what is sure to be [...]


ARRMA Teaser

New Teaser From ARRMA

ARRMA is bringing the smoke for 2022 and have just posted a new Teaser Image. The teaser picture shown above looks a bit like a rock bouncer, or perhaps even a UTV, but we will all have to wait until tomorrow to get the full scoop. ARRMA has long been known for putting out extreme performance bash machines, we can’t [...]


HPI Racing Sport 3 Plus Audi

Teaser – HPI Racing Audi Sport 3 Flux

Over at HPI Racing they are now teasing an Audi Sport 2 Flux RTR on-road car. HPI has certainly had a wild ride in North America the last few years and have been trying to get back to their old glory. Hopefully new cars like their upcoming Sport 3 Flux will help put them back on the map. To get more [...]



Teaser – 2022 Kyosho Optima Mid 4WD Buggy Kit

Over at Kyosho they are teasing the return of their classic Optima Mid 4wd Buggy Kit. The Optima Mid was a force to be reckoned with across the globe in the 1980s, soon you will be able to relive all the glory from days gone past. Like other Kyosho re-releases, they have upgraded the Optima Mid for today’s power systems. [...]


Cyrul 3DFX eXcelerate Air Filled Belted No Prep Drag Racing Tires RC

Cyrul 3DFX Teases eXcelerate Air Filled, Belted, No-Prep Dra…

We’ve been hearing a lot about Air Filled tires lately, both on the race side, as well as the crawling side. One of the first companies to really show off a new air filled tire design is Cyrul 3DFX. The 3DFX crew is teasing their new eXcelerate Air Filled, Belted, No-Prep Drag Racing Tires and they look trick! Not only [...]


Tamiya 16th Scale RC Centurion Mk.III Tank

Tamiya Teases 1/16 RC Centurion Mk.III Tank

Now being teased by Tamiya is the 1/16th scaled RC Centurion Mk.III Tank. The Centurion is the first 1/16th scaled British tank from Tamiya and uses all new tooling. And while not much information has been released to this point, we do expect for it to be offered in two different versions. We will post more information as it becomes available. [...]