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Team Associated B6.1 Buggy

Teaser – Team Associated RC10B6.1 2WD Buggy

Being teased now by Team Associated is the RC10B6.1 2wd buggy kit. With 2018 being a 1/10th buggy world championship year (they are held every other year), Associated is teasing some changes and upgrades to their highly touted B6 platform. Dubbed the B6.1, the Associated crew is teasing that the new model will feature increased adjustability, it is said to [...]


Traxxas 1/7 Desert Truck

Double-Mega-Teaser - New Traxxas E-Revo 2.0!!! Plus, New 1/7…

That’s right folks, Traxxas is teasing an all new E-Revo 2.0, as well as an all new Solid Rear Axle 1/7th Scale Baja/Desert Style Truck. As with several of their latest releases, Traxxas is letting their dealer base introduce these two new trucks to the world. Shown below is a video from Erik Coulter at CW Action Hobbies. In the [...]


Losi A Storm Is Coming

Losi Teaser Video – A Storm Is Coming!

Here ya go folks, a bit more of a clue on just what Horizon Hobby’s big announcement is for tomorrow. Today Horizon Hobby posted a new video which is shown below. While we still do not get a glimpse of what the vehicle may be, we do get to see more giant rooster plumes. More importantly, the end of the [...]


Another Teaser from Horizon Hobby

Horizon Hobby has been posting on their social media several new teasers. This one has the tag line of ‘A Storm is Coming 12/28!”. Hmm.. Is that a light bar? We will keep you all updated. Until then, you can hit up The Official Horizon Hobby Website. Click Right Here to read more Horizon Hobby news on Big Squid.


Horizon Hobby Teaser

What’s This? New Horizon Hobby Teaser

Recently posted by Horizon Hobby on their social media is a new teaser picture. The picture shows a giant rooster tail followed by the wording “Stay tuned – something is roaring toward us on 12/28!”. What are the Horizon Hobby folks up to? By the size of that rooster tail, we would have to guess that whatever it is, has [...]


JConcepts Ultimate Mega Truck

Video – JConcepts King Sling Ultimate Mega Truck Body

Here is something different and cool, the King Sling body from JConcepts. The King Sling body was designed by the legendary Dennis Anderson to give your rig the look of the ultimate mega truck. Designed to fit on trucks like the SMT10, the King Sling is expected to start shipping later this month and has a part number of #0346. Also [...]


Vaterra Teaser

Hot New Vaterra Teaser

What does Vaterra have up their sleeves? Well, the teaser picture shown above does give away some clues. Working headlights are shown in the picture, and with it being a Vaterra product, it is likely to be a new scale crawler. Start placing your bets now on exactly what it is, but hurry, as it will be fully announced tomorrow. To [...]


Axial 2017 Teaser

New Axial Racing Teaser

The folks at Axial Racing have started teasing a new truck on their social media. As shown in the teaser shot above, their latest release appears to have working lights, both front and rear, and is said to be a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited CRC SCX10 II. The truck is expected to start shipping later this month and sports a [...]


CEN Racing Teaser

CEN Racing Teaser – A Pair Of New Reeper Based Trucks

The folks at CEN Racing have started teasing something huge! In the bashing world, huge typically means 1/8th or 1/5th scale, but all we know right now is that CEN will be announcing a pair of new Reeper based trucks on October 31st at the SEMA car convention. We also know that CEN has partnered with American Force wheels and [...]


ARRMA Teaser

New ARRMA 4K Video Teaser

Having just announcing the Mega series Granite & Senton 4×4, ARRMA has posted a new teaser video in stunning 4K resolution. What could they be teasing this time around? Well, from looking at the video you can see that it is a mid-motored 2wd. You can also see monster truck style tires and a brushed motor. But what exactly is [...]


Pro-Line Teaser Hummm

Random Pro-Line Picture Or…

What might this be? Another teaser for Pro-Line’s Giant Announcement this Saturday? Well, we can’t say much about this one. What we can say is that if you look really close you might be able to see a couple clues to what P-L has in store for all us bashers! One thing we know For Sure is that you’ll be [...]


Pro-Line Teaser Part 2

Video Teaser Part 2 – Pro-Line Let’s Do This 10.14.17

The folks at Pro-Line have something Really Big on the way. To get everyone pumped up, the P-L crew has posted a Second Teaser Video. Watch the video below to see a whole lot of machining, some computer aided design, as well as other some teasing, about a product that is sure to make a big splash in the rc [...]


ARRMA Teaser

Teaser – ARRMA 1/10 4WD

Something big is coming soon from ARRMA RC. In a video uploaded earlier today, ARRMA teases a big announcement on October 10th, which is next Tuesday. The video doesn’t give a lot of information, but it does list the announcement date and states that it is a 1/10th scale 4wd. The video shows a 4wd chassis, with what appears to [...]


Pro-Line Teaser Video

Pro-Line “Let’s Do This” Teaser Video

We’ve been hearing for a while that Pro-Line has something HUGE on the way. Now, with the release of the video shown below, it looks like they are starting to tease what is going to be a giant new product announcement. The teaser video shows the words – precision, powerful, extreme, durable, performance, FAST!!! While no other details are being released [...]


Losi Trek Teaser Video

Losi And Trek Teaser Video #2

Here we go folks, the second teaser for the big release coming from Losi tomorrow. In you haven’t heard, Losi has teamed up with Trek to put out something special. From the teasers we know it will be an off-road machine, but what exactly is it? The teaser video below shows 6S worth of Dynamite LiPo batteries, as well as [...]