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RC4WD C2X Scale Rock Crawler

RC4WD Teases C2X Scale Off-Road Truck

The good folks over at RC4WD don’t do a lot of teasing, but their upcoming C2X is a different story. While we don’t know exactly what it is, we do know that the C2X is a going to be a huge release for RC4WD. RC4WD has long been known for incredibly high-end scale trucks, upgrades and accessories, so we can’t [...]


Max Speed Technology J45C Scale Off-Road Body RC

Max Speed Technology J45C Scale Off-Road Body

Now being teased by Max Speed Technology (MST) is the J45C scale off-road body. MST has made quite the name for themselves with their esoteric drift and scale off-road gear, their new J45C is nicely styled and is sized to fit trucks with a 313mm wheelbase. While we do not have pricing or a solid release date, we do know that [...]


Tamiya Mercedes-Benz G500 New CC-02 58675

New Teaser Shots – Tamiya Mercedes-Benz G500 CC-02

The crew over at Tamiya have been doing a lot of teasing on their upcoming Mercedes-Benz G500 on their all new CC-02 scale off-road chassis. The images included in this post can give you a much better look at the CC-02 chassis. As you can see in the pictures, the new CC-02 comes with multi-link suspension, as well as solid [...]


Tamiya Mercedes Benz New CC02 Rider Figure

More Teasers From Tamiya

It looks like Tamiya is getting ready to release a bunch of new products for the holiday season. First up is the long rumored, and all new, CC-02 scale off-road chassis featuring a Mercedes Benz G500 body (#58675). The new Tamiya scale off-road CC-02 chassis is said to be highly updated with much improved scale appearance. Another new item that is [...]


Tamiya TRF420 Touring Car RC

Teaser – Tamiya TRF420 Touring Car Kit

The crew over at Tamiya have been teasing the new TRF420 for several weeks, now we have a teaser image to look at. The TRF420 was designed from the ground up as a high-end touring car capable of winning at any level. It is rumored to have a 2 belt 4wd system that uses a gear style differential in the [...]


Axial Racing Capra

Teaser – Axial Racing Capra

Now being teased by Axial Racing is a new rig called the Capra. The teaser video below gives very little clue as to what the Capra looks like, but the hot rumor going around centers around portal style axles. We have no idea if the Capra will be portal equipped or not, but what we do know is that is [...]


PROTOform No Prep Drag Body Slash

Teaser – PROTOform Corvette Drag Body

The crew at PROTOform are stoked to get back to their roots and are teasing a new No Prep Drag Racing Body. As the no prep/Slash drag scene takes off across America, the manufacturers are responding. Soon you will be able to pick up this gorgeous drag body from PROTOform to run on your Traxxas Slash no prep drag car. We [...]


Cross RC KR4 Demon Kit

Teaser – Cross RC KR4 Demon Kit

Here ya go scale fanatics, Cross RC has dropped some teaser pics of their upcoming KR4 Demon. Cross RC has taken the scale world by storm with high-end kits and jaw dropping scale realism. The latest from Cross is the KR4 Demon kit, and while we don’t have many details, you can see by the pictures that it will be [...]


SSD RC Pro Scale Chassis Builder Kit Scale Rock Crawler

SSD RC & RPP Hobby Tease New Pro Scale Chassis Kit

Here ya go hardcore scale crawling fans, SSD RC along with RPP Hobby are now teasing a Pro Scale Chassis Builders Kit. SSD has long been known for making some rather esoteric upgrades for the rock crawling scene, soon you will be able to start your build with one of their high-end chassis. Also, as seen in the teaser images, [...]


HoBao Scale Truck Teaser

HoBao Teases New Off-Road Truck

HoBao was a big name during the nitro revolution that occurred in our hobby about a decade ago. In recent years, HoBao is perhaps best known for their DC-1 scale rock crawler. However, Hobao is now teasing a new Off-Road Truck that definitely has some scale look to it. The latest teaser from HoBao shows off what looks to be [...]


Tamiya 1/14 Monster Beetle Trail Edition

Teaser – Tamiya 1/14 Monster Beetle Trail Edition

Now being teased by Tamiya is the 1/14th scale Monster Beetle Trail Edition. The latest version of the Monster Beetle has been shrunk. Taking the Monster Beetle down to 14th scale helps to lift the bottom of the chassis for improved ground clearance. A new GF-01TR chassis is used underneath a classic Monster Beetle style body. Also, the 1/14th Trail [...]


Axial Racing Teaser

Axial Racing Drops New Teaser

Recently posted by Axial Racing is a new Teaser Image and tomorrow is the big day that we get to find out what the crew at Axial has been hiding up their sleeves. The teaser shot above gives a few clues to what Axial’s next release might be. Some people on the net have speculated that it might have portal [...]


Hitec X2 AC Pocket Charger

Hitec Teases New X2 AC Pocket Charger

Being teased right now by Hitec at the 2019 Shizuoka Hobby Show is the X2 AC Pocket battery charger. Hitec has long been a leader in battery charger technology, and with more and more people scale crawling, small chargers are increasingly in demand. The X2 AC Pocket should be perfect for scale crawlers or bashers who are looking to save [...]


Tamiya Toyota Gazoo Racing Supra

Tamiya Teases Toyota Gazoo Racing Supra

Now being teased by Tamiya is a new Toyota Gazoo Racing Supra. The car being teased is one of the “new style” Toyota Supras and it is on display this week at the Shizuoka Hobby Show. Across the globe drivers have long waited for an all new Supra, soon the folks at Tamiya will have one available for your bashing [...]


Tamiya Lunch Box Mini

New Tamiya Lunch Box Mini Teaser

As we get closer to an official release date for the Mini Version of the legendary Lunch Box, the crew at Tamiya have dropped another teaser image. The picture above is the first full color image that we’ve gotten of the Lunch Box Mini. As you can see, it has that classic Lunch Box look, but should be somewhere around [...]