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Tekno RC Big Bone Center Driveshaft Traxxas Hoss Rustler 4x4

Tekno RC Big Bone Center Driveshaft for Traxxas Hoss/Rustler…

New from Tekno RC is a Big Bone Driveshaft w/ Outdrives for the Traxxas Hoss and Rustler 4×4. Tekno has made a great reputation in rc via putting out extreme durable products, now they’ve turned their attention to the Hoss/Rustler 4×4. The new Tekno driveshaft is much beefier than stock and sports a trick look. Here are the highlights- * The [...]


JConcepts S15 Standard Weight Body Tekno EB48 2.0

JConcepts S15 Standard Weight Body for the Tekno EB48 2.0

Recently announced by JConcepts is a Standard Weight Version of their S15 Clear Body for the Tekno EB48 2.0 race buggy. The standard weight version is better for durability than the full race unit, plus it comes with all the handling advantages of an S15 series body. Check out these highlights- * New mid-body winglets & rear stabilizer kick-up * Ample inside [...]


Exotek Aluminum Heavy Duty Rear Hub Set Tekno EB410.2

Exotek Racing Aluminum Heavy Duty Rear Hub Set for the Tekno…

Just announced by Exotek Racing is an Aluminum Heavy Duty Rear Hub Set for the Tekno EB410.2 race buggy. These rear hubs have been designed for serious durability, while also improving performance. Here are the highlights- * Fits – Tekno EB410.2 & ET410.2 * Switches ball stud to upright orientation for easier roll center adjustments * Matches stock geometry * Hubs are omnidirectional * Designed [...]


Tekno ET48 2.0 Electric Truggy Kit

We have been told that the Tekno ET48 2.0 4WD 1/8 Electric Truggy Kit is now available to pre-order from your dealer of choice! The ET48 has been a top choice for Truggy racers, and the 2.0 version brings some big changes/updates. Check out the highlights- * 4mm CNC 7075 Aluminum Hard Anodized Lightened Chassis * Independent Servo/ESC Mount w/ Decoupled [...]


Tekno RC Sway Bar Collars

Tekno Aluminum Sway Bar Collars

New from Tekno RC are Aluminum Sway Bar Collars. The sway bar collars fit the Tekno EB/NB/ET/NT48 2.0 and are a great way to keep your sway bars in place during those long A-mains. * CNC machined from aluminum * Hard anodized * Durable design * Direct replacement for stock hardware * Comes as a set of four The Tekno Aluminum Sway Bar Collars are priced [...]


Tekno ET410.2 Electric Truggy Kit

Tekno ET410.2 4WD 1/10 Electric Truggy Kit

Now available for pre-order is the Tekno ET410.2 4WD 1/10 Electric Truggy Kit. The original version of the ET410 set new standards for durability on the race track, plus it could easily be used for bashing. The new version of the ET410 comes with numerous updates to help keep it on the top step of the podium. Check out the [...]


Aluminum Center Diff Support

Tekno RC Aluminum Center Diff Support

Recently announced by Tekno RC is a trick looking Aluminum Center Diff Support. The Tekno differential support is made from a durable aluminum and was designed to fit the EB410, as well as the ET410. Here are the highlights- * Improves durability * Helps tune flex characteristics * Made from CNC machined 7075 aluminum * Durable gun metal anodized finish * Direct replacement part The Tekno [...]


JConcepts S15 Tekno NB48 2.0 Clear Body

JConcepts S15 Clear Body For The Tekno NB48 2.0

Over at JConcepts they have announced a new S15 series body for the Tekno NB48 2.0 nitro race buggy. The S15 series of bodies were designed for serious track performance, check out these features- * Original styling by JConcepts * Cab forward design for increased steering * Shark fin on cockpit improves stability * Comes with window masks, decals, and over-spray protection * Ample fuel [...]


Tekno RC Jared Tebo Street Bashing EB48 2.0

Video – Jared Tebo Street Bashing With The Tekno EB48 2.0

With everyone hanging around the house now days because of the Covid-19 virus, Jared Tebo, along with Tekno RC, have posted a cool new video. Watch the video below to see a multi-time world champion doing a bit of street bashing. Jared and the Tekno EB48 2.0 electric 1/8 buggy put on a nice show whipping around corners and catching [...]


Tekno RC Red Anodized Captured Wheel Nuts

Tekno RC Red Anodized Captured Wheel Nuts

The crew over at Tekno RC have announced new Red Anodized Captured Wheel Nuts. What’s so special about these? Well, they are a captured designed to help keep dirt out of your axle threads, thus making wheel removal easier. These fully serrated wheel nuts were designed by Tekno for hardcore use and were torture tested by their 1/8 factory driver [...]


Tekno RC EB48 2.0 8th 4WD Electric Buggy Kit

Tekno RC EB48 2.0 1/8th 4WD Electric Buggy Kit

Tekno RC has long been known for making some of the toughest, and fastest, race buggies on the market. The crew at Tekno recently announced their EB48 2.0 4WD Electric Buggy Race Kit. Version 2.0 of the E48 is expected to start shipping later this month, here are the highlights- * 7075 aluminum shock towers, pivot blocks, caster blocks, and motor [...]


Tekno RC EB410.2 4WD Buggy Kit

Tekno RC EB410.2 1/10 4WD Buggy Kit

New from Tekno RC is the EB410.2 tenth scale competition buggy. Tekno has a great reputation for speed and durability, the EB410.2 brings even more excitement to the 4wd racing class. Here are the highlights- * New front sway bar system * Upgraded shock pistons * Revised shock towers * New rear arms w/ front mounted shocks * New adjustable roll center rear hubs * Taller [...]


Tekno RC NB48 Rear A-Arms

Tekno RC NB48 2.0 Option Parts

New from Tekno RC are a number of Optional Tuning Parts for the mighty NB48 2.0 nitro buggy. The new upgrades include high temp a-arms, mud guards, as well as shock spring sets. #TKR9286/9184 Hard Suspension Arms – Made from a stiff composite intended for use in hot weather conditions, 1mm wider than stock, $14 #TKR6045/6040 Shock Spring Set – Extends original [...]


Tekno RC NB48 2.0 Nitro Buggy Kit

Tekno RC Teases New 1/8 NB48 2.0 Nitro Buggy Kit

That’s right Tekno RC fans, they are about to drop the 2.0 Version of the NB48 Nitro Buggy Kit. The 2.0 is a new “from the ground up” redesign to make the NB48 even faster and more durable. * New 3mm CNC machined 7075 hard anodized aluminum chassis * Independent servo mounts * CNC machined 7075 shock towers, motor mount, pivot blocks * Double [...]


MIP Bypass Shock Pistons 1/8 Buggy Tekno HB Racing

MIP 1/8 Xray & Tekno MIP Bypass1 Shock Pistons

New for all you Tekno and XRay 1/8 buggy owners are Bypass 1 Shock Pistons from MIP. Why do you need them? The Bypass 1 shock pistons allow you to adjust both rebound and compression damping, thus allowing you to completely dial in your shocks to a given track. * Different valves allow rebound adjustment * Stacking of valves used for [...]