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Bashers Basics – The Bench – Vehicle Transportation

Man you are really enjoying this RC thing! However, it sure is a real pain to drag your whole setup of the truck (maybe two) controller, batteries, tool set, and a whole plethora of different spare parts and extra odds and ends! Whether you are going on a trek with your trail truck, or just going for a good old [...]


Bashers Basics – The Bench – Parts Organization

So you are starting to get really into this RC thing huh? Well no doubt that by now you have had a few parts breakages, and everyone knows the hopeful call to the local hobby shop to see if the part you need so desperately is in stock. If it is, rejoice that you will be back and running in [...]


Bashers Basics – The Bench – Edition 1 – The Table

Welcome to Bashers Basics’ “The Bench” series. We will be going over ways to construct, arrange, and improve your rc workspace! In this, the first post, we will be talking about the table. As one of the most crucial and yet basic parts of your rc workspace, you want to make sure that you are in a quiet, low traffic area so [...]