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Boom Racing Rock Monster Tire Inserts

Teaser – Boom Racing Rock Monster Tire Inserts

Being teased right now by the crew at Boom Racing are Rock Monster Tire Inserts. Tire inserts are often times overlooked, but when used with the proper tire, can make a huge difference in grip level. The new Rock Monster inserts were specifically designed to help your rig achieve maximum grip levels, even on slick surfaces. While we wait for pricing [...]


Pitbull Dirty Richard Foam Tire Inserts

New Dirty Richard Foam Inserts From Pit Bull Tires

Looking to gain an edge on your competition? If so, using the proper foam inserts in your scale rig or crawler can make a world of difference. To help you get maximum performance out of your tires, Pit Bull has announced Dirty Richard Single Stage Foams. These high performance inserts are available in firm, medium, or a soft density. Pit [...]


Duratrax Paddle Tires 1/5th Scale

Lots Of New Tires From Duratrax

The crew over at Duratrax are taking tires seriously now days and they have just announced a BUNCH of new tires for the 1/5th HPI Baja 5B and for 1/16th scale trucks. In all they announced 9 new sets of 5B tires and 5 new tires for 1/16th trucks. Here is the list- New Duratrax Baja 5B Tires & Foams DTXC5001 – [...]


Rock Crawling Foam Inserts

Pro-Line Rock Crawling Foam Inserts Video

The good folks over at Pro-Line have released an informational video about their new Closed Cell Rock Crawling Foam Inserts. Their new inserts come in two different styles and in 1.9 and 2.2 sizes. Watch the short video above to find out the perfomance advantages to using Pro-Line closed cell inserts in your rock crawler and you can hit up [...]


Pro-Line Rock Crawling Closed Cell Foam Inserts

Pro-Line Closed Cell Inserts For Crawling Tires

Everybody knows that using the proper tires makes a huge difference in performance, but often overlooked is how important inserts are. Using the proper inserts can make the difference between making all the obstacles that your friends can’t, or being the guy that gets left behind. Pro-Line is all about performance and they recently announced two different styles of Closed Cell [...]


JConcepts Closed Cell Inserts

JConcepts Dirt-Tech Inserts For SCT and Stadium Truck

Tired of using old school lumpy foam? Now JConcepts is offering Dirt-Tech closed cell foam inserts for stadium trucks and short course trucks. The Dirt-Tech inserts are much more durable than normal foam and have horizontal channels cut on the inside for absorbing big impacts and to help provide more forward bite. These extremely light-weight inserts are precisely contoured for [...]


Pro-Line Closed Cell 2.8 Insert Review

Product Spotlight – Pro-Line 2.8″ Closed Cell Foam Review

The name leading the pack for performance tires and inserts is Pro-Line. They recently released some new Closed Cell Foam Inserts for 2.8″ sized tires so we decided to give them a spin to see how they held up in a hardcore bashing environment. Here is what we found out – * The closed cell foams weigh more than old school [...]


Pro-LIne 2.8 Closed Cell Foam Insert

Pro-Line 2.8″ Closed Cell Foam for 1:10 Truck

We posted a teaser for Pro-Line’s new 2.8″ Closed Cell Foam Inserts last week, now full information has been released. Pro-Line knows that a lot of you bashers out there are hard on your gear, so they wanted to give you a more durable option for a 2.8″ insert. Closed cell foam is well known to last longer, which is great [...]


Pro-Line Closed Cell Inserts Traxxas 2.8

Sneak Peak- Pro-Line Closed Cell Inserts for Traxxas 2.8 Tir…

Closed cell tire inserts have a number of advantages over old school foam. They don’t soak up as much water in wet conditions, they last a lot longer, and they are firmer, resulting in better handling. Pro-Line is bringing high tech closed cell inserts to the Traxxas 2.8 crowd. These are water safe, reusable, and made to give the 2.8 tires [...]


JConcepts 1/10th Dirt-Tech Inserts

JConcepts 1/10th Dirt-Tech Inserts

Designed in conjunction with Brian Kinwald, the new Dirt-Tech Closed Cell Inserts from JConcepts are made to improve feel and durable when used in your tenth scale race machine. The Dirt-Techs are grey in color to make them easily identifiable and are made from a medium/firm closed cell foam. Precise contouring and alternating shallow and deep cuts help give your [...]


AKA Has New Short Course Tires and Inserts

Short course trucks are still on fire and AKA has just introduced a revised line-up of tires for them. Taking several of their popular tread patterns they have made them wider, thus improving their grip. The tires that got the upgrade are the Handlebar 2, Cityblock 2, Enduro 2, and the Wishbone 2. Some of the tires also got further [...]


AKA Medium Black Closed Cell Inserts for 8th scale and short course trucks

AKA Black Medium Closed Cell Inserts for 8th Scale Buggy and…

AKA has some new medium density closed cell inserts for 8th scale buggy and short course trucks. These new inserts are fluted on the inside making them a bit softer and allows air to escape more easily through vent holes in your rim. The part number is #34001MFG and they have a price of $19 for a set of four. [...]


AKA AKA Stadium Truck Closed Cell Red Tire Inserts

AKA Closed Cell Stadium Truck Tire Inserts

AKA changed the tire world when they first introduced their closed cell inserts for 8th scale tires several years ago. Now AKA is introducing closed cell inserts for 10th scale stadium trucks. These inserts will not only last much longer than traditional foam, but they can also make your truck handle better in corners and through the rough. Part number [...]


Sneak Peek at Pro-Line’s 2WD Front Buggy Inserts

Pro-Line has given us a sneak peak at their new 2WD Buggy Front Closed Cell Inserts. Not much information is known on these guys just yet, but I can say they will be waterproof, reusable, balanced and lightweight. Expect to see them soon on Pro-Line’s website!


Losi Closed Cell Foam Tire Inserts

Losi is jumping on the closed cell bandwagon.  They’ve recently announced a new closed cell foam tire insert for 1/8 scale buggies.  These new tire inserts, as is common with closed cell foam, are very durable and won’t break down quickly.  You can also reuse them multiple times, saving you money in the long run. These new inserts should be hitting [...]