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Pro-Line Shadow 2.2 Buggy Rear Tires

New Pro-Line Shadow 2.2″ 1/10 Buggy Tires

New from Pro-Line are Shadow Off-Road Buggy Tires. The new Shadow race tires are like worn down Positrons and were designed for insane grip levels at high traction venues. * Available in 2wd front, 4wd front, and rear * Clay or M4 super soft rubber compounds * Low tread height * Fast and easy break-in * Includes closed cell foam inserts * Made in the [...]


Pro-Line Badlands MX M2 Pre-Mounts

Pro-Line Badlands MX M2 Pre-Mounts For 1/8 Buggy

Coming soon to a hobby shop near you are Badlands MX M2 1/8 Buggy Pre-Mounts from Pro-Line. Badlands are arguably the best tires on the planet for off-road bashing, now you can get them conveniently pre-mounted on tough Mach 10 wheels. Here are the highlights- * Incredible traction on soft surfaces * Tires molded in P-L’s M2 rubber compound * Professionally pre-glued to [...]


Pro-Line BFGoodrich Baja TA KR2 SC 2.2 3.0 M2 Raid Pre-Mount

3 New SCT Pre-Mounted Wheel/Tire Combos From Pro-Line

Over at Pro-Line they have just dropped 3 New Pre-Mounted SCT Tire & Wheel Combos. All three pre-mounts use P-L’s heavy duty Raid wheels that feature removable wheel hexes. Check out these highlights- * Pre-glued for your convenience * Removable wheel hexes * Comes with standard 12mm wheel hexes * Made in the USA * Tires molded from P-L’s legendary M2 rubber compound * Tons of [...]


Pro-Line Hole Shot Off-Road Losi Mini-T 2.0 Tires

Pro-Line Hole Shot Losi Mini-T 2.0 Tires

Just announced by Pro-Line are Hole Shot tires for the Losi Mini-T 2.0. Pro-Line’s Hole Shots are legendary for their ability to provide grip on a wide variety of race surfaces, soon you will be able to get a set for your Mini-T 2.0. Here are the highlights- * Hole Shots are famous for winning world and national championships * Molded from [...]


Pro-Line Ibex Ultra Comp 2.2 Predator Tires

Pro-Line Ibex Ultra Comp 2.2″ Predator Rock Crawling Tires

New for all you competition rock crawlers out there are the Ibex Ultra Comp 2.2″ Predator Rock Crawling Tires from Pro-Line. If you are looking for tires to give you the ultimate in rock crawling grip, the new Ibex Comp Tires should be at the top of your list. Take a look at these features- * Designed with rock crawling [...]


Boom Racing Rock Monster Tire Inserts

Teaser – Boom Racing Rock Monster Tire Inserts

Being teased right now by the crew at Boom Racing are Rock Monster Tire Inserts. Tire inserts are often times overlooked, but when used with the proper tire, can make a huge difference in grip level. The new Rock Monster inserts were specifically designed to help your rig achieve maximum grip levels, even on slick surfaces. While we wait for pricing [...]


JConcepts Satellite Tire Rubber Bands RC Tires

JConcepts Satellite Tire Rubber Bands

Are you tired of your tires coming off the bead? New from JConcepts are Satellite Tire Rubber Bands. These can be used while gluing up a new set of tires, or when re-gluing a set that has come loose, to put pressure on the tire bead. The bands ensure that the tire is firmly held against the wheel to achieve [...]


Pro-Line Class 0 BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX 1.9" Truck Tire Video

Video - Pro-Line Class 0 BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX 1.9" Truc…

New over at Pro-Line is a promotional video for their Class 0 BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX 1.9″ Truck Tires. These are P-L’s smallest scale tires to date, yet they sport some pretty incredible scale realism. Watch the video below to find out how the BFGoodich tires can take your rig to the next level with increased trail performance, along with [...]


JConcepts Speed Fan Cheetah Video

Video – JConcepts Speed Fangs On Cheetah Speed Run Wheels

Over at JConcepts they have announced a new video for their Speed Fang tires and Cheetah high speed wheels. In the video, JC owner Jason Ruona, along with Fred Reep, talk you through their new fully belted Speed Fangs tires, as well as their Cheetah wheels. In combination, the two make a wicked combination for your speed run machine. After the [...]


RC4WD Michelin Agilis C-Metric 1.9 Tires

RC4WD Michelin Agilis C-Metric 1.9″ Tires

Over at RC4WD they may have just dropped their most scale detailed tire yet, the Michelin Agilis C-Metric 1.9″. The new Michelin’s are fully lincensed and feature incredible scale detailing. Check out these highlights- * Officially licensed by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company * Molded from RC4WD’s advanced X2S³ rubber compound * Designed to fit 1.9″ wheels * Diameter- 4.05″ * Width- 1.29″ * Weight- 2.59oz The [...]


Pro-Line Prism T 2.2 Stadium Truck Front Carpet Tires

Pro-Line Prism T 2.2″ Stadium Truck Front Carpet Tires

Coming soon from Pro-Line Racing is the Prism T 2.2″ Stadium Truck Front Carpet Tire. Pro-Line’s Prism series of carpet tires have a great reputation for winning, soon you will be able to get a set of them for your 2.2″ sized stadium truck. * Numerous ultra-sharp Prism shaped pins in middle of tread * Wedge style pins on the outside for [...]


Pro-Line Class 0 BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX 1.9" 3.85 Tires

Pro-Line Class 0 BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX 1.9" (3.85" OD) T…

Coming soon from Pro-Line is the Class 0 BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX 1.9″ (3.85″ OD) scale off-road tires. The new BFGs from Pro-Line are perfectly scaled and were designed for massive grip in the rocks. * Fully licensed by BFGoodrich * Purpose-built rock crawling tire * 3.85″ OD size is Pro-Line’s smallest 1.9″ tire * Blue & Red Label Editions * Extra deep tread design * [...]


DE Racing Phenom 2.2" Buggy Tires

DE Racing Phenom 2.2″ Buggy Tires

New over at DE Racing are 2.2″ sized Phenom Buggy Tires. The Phenoms look to be a great multi-purpose tire that can be used on a wide variety of different vehicles. The Phenoms are shipping right now and are available in multiple different rubber compounds. Also, DE Racing has announced that the Phenom is available for both front and rear [...]


JConcepts Speed Things 1/8 Buggy Belted Tires

Teaser - JConcepts Belted 1/8 Buggy Speed Fang Pre-Mounted T…

Over on Ryan Maifield’s YouTube channel he is building a speed-run 1/8 electric buggy. Ryan is a factory driver for Mugen and is known for his off-road racing skills. During his speed-run build, Ryan is teasing new Belted Speed-Run Tires from JConcepts. The new belted tires, dubbed “Speed Fangs”, will come pre-mounted on special 3-piece JConcepts wheels. Until we learn more, [...]


Duratrax RC Belted Tires

New Belted Tires From Duratrax

New from Duratrax is an entire line-up of Belted Tires. The new Duratrax belted tire line-up comes pre-mounted on durable wheels and features an all new belted technology that eliminates tire expansion at high speeds. * All new Micro Fiber Tech (MFT) belted tires * More rigid and consistent tire structure * Lightweight design * Reduced tire expansion * Increased stability * More grip, longer [...]