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JConcepts 8th Magma Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires

JConcepts 1/8 Magma Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires

Now shipping from JConcepts are 1/8 Magma Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires. Designed to fit 1/8th scaled monster trucks, the new Magma pre-mounted tires are a solid all-around performer while bashing. Here are those highlights- * Designed with extreme abuse and speed in-mind * Giant bridge shaped horizontal tread for massive forward traction * Diameter – 7″ * Width – 3.25″ * Weight – 510 grams [...]


JConcepts 8th Choppers Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires

JConcepts 1/8 Choppers Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires

Coming soon from JConcepts are 1/8 Choppers Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires. These burly tires are an easy bolt on upgrade for your 8th scaled monster truck to help improve traction on loose surfaces. Here are the highlights- * Diameter – 6.9″ * Width – 3.25″ * Weight – 494 grams per tire/wheel * Pre-mounted on JC Shuttle wheels * Tall, burly lug design with recessed [...]


DE Racing RC 2.2 Virtuoso Dirt Oval Tires

DE Racing 2.2″ Virtuoso Dirt Oval Tires

Recently announced by DE Racing are 2.2″ Virtuoso Dirt Oval Tires. The Virtuoso race tires are available in multiple different rubber compounds and are sized to fit 2.2″ front and rear buggy wheels. Here are the highlights- * Groundbreaking bar tire technology * Crafted entirely in the USA * Fits standard 2.2” buggy wheels * Works on dry slick surfaces as well as high-traction [...]


JConcepts 8th Truck Tires Falcon Dirt Bite

JConcepts Falcon & Dirt Bite 1/8 Truck Tires

Over at JConcepts they have announced Falcon & Dirt Bite 1/8 Truck Tires. These high performance race tires help give you more options for when the going gets tough this summer. Here are the highlights- * A pair of JConcepts original designs * Includes Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts * “Falcon” shape for side bite stability * Falcon has tight-knit triple pattern with tapered square [...]


Pro-Line RC Hot Lap MX Tires Promoto-MX

Pro-Line 1/4 Hot Lap MX Tires for the Promoto-MX

Recently announced by Pro-Line are 1/4 Hot Lap MX Tires for the Promoto-MX. The Hot Lap tires were designed to give optimal traction on a wide variety of hard surfaces. Here are the highlights- * Inspired by dirt oval and flat track tires * Deep, geometric grooved tread * Perfect for dirt oval racing * High-quality closed-cell inserts are included * Designed for consistency and [...]


AKA RC 8th Supernova Buggy Truggy Tires

AKA Products 1/8 Supernova Buggy & Truck Tires

Recently announced by AKA Products are Supernova Tires for 1/8th buggy, as well as 1/8th truck/truggy. The Supernovas work best on hard packed dusty tracks and are available in multiple different rubber compounds. Here are the highlights- * Designed for hard packed, dusty race tracks * Innovative star shaped tread pattern * Updated carcass * Optimized inner reinforcements * Available in super soft, super soft [...]


Exotek Hyper Soft Rear 22X F1 Rubber Tires

Exotek 1/10 F1 Rubber Tires – Hyper Soft Rear 22X

New from Exotek are 1/10 Hyper Soft Rear 22X F1 Rubber Tires. Sized to fit F1 cars, the new rear tires from Exotek are hyper soft to give you more traction on the race track. If you are ready for all new levels of speed, these hyper soft rear tires can certainly help keep you glued to the track. Here [...]


Duratrax 2.9 Fossil Rock Crawler Tires

Duratrax 1/6 2.9″ Fossil Rock Crawler Tires

New from Duratrax are 2.9″ Fossil Rock Crawler Tires. Made to fit trucks like the SCX6, the new Fossil tires have a great scale look, to go along with serious on-trail performance. Check out these highlights- * Duratrax’s next-generation scale crawler tire * Open tread block design so the tread clears more quickly * Aggressive sidewall for maximum traction while side-hill * Open cell [...]


Pro-Line Sand Paw HP Belted 2.8 Pre-Mounted Tires

Pro-Line 1/10 Sand Paw HP Belted 2.8″ Pre-Mounted Tires

Over at Pro-Line they have announced 1/10 Sand Paw HP Belted 2.8″ Pre-Mounted Tires. Sand Paws have long been a favorite among bashers, now they have been updated with belting to reduce tire expansion at high rpm levels. Check out these highlights- * Belted for zero tire expansion * Perfect for sand drag racing * Split paddle technology * Mounted on Raid 10-spoke wheels * [...]


Pro-Line 1.9 Aztek Rock Crawling Tires

Pro-Line 1.9″ Aztek Rock Crawling Tires

The crew at Pro-Line have announced 1.9″ Aztek Rock Crawling Tires. This revolutionary tire was designed to set an all new standard for off-road performance. Check out these highlights- * Chevron-shaped, stepped lug design * Exceptional traction and forward bite * Heavy-duty sidewall lugs with siping for enhanced side-hilling capabilities * Honeycomb-shaped inner carcass reinforcement * Molded in Pro-Line’s sticky Predator rubber compound * Also available [...]


Pro-Line RC 4th Dunlop Geomax MX14 Rear Tire

Pro-Line 1/4 Dunlop Geomax MX14 Scoop Rear Tire

Just announced by Pro-Line is a 1/4 Dunlop Geomax MX14 V2 Bead M2 Scoop Rear Tire for the Losi Promoto-MX. The Dunlop MX14 scoop tire has taken the 1:1 motocross world by storm, being used to pull massive holeshots by riders like Eli Tomac, Jett Lawrence, and Haiden Deegan. Now thanks to Pro-Line, you can get a fully licensed version [...]


Pit Bull RC 1.0 Mad Dog Growler Tires

Pit Bull RC Announces 1.0" Mad Dog and Growler Off-Road Tire…

New from Pit Bull RC are 1.0″ Mad Dog and Growler Off-Road Tires. If you are ready to take your micro crawler to the next level, Pit Bull has dropped two new tires that perform as good as they look. Here are the highlights- * Growler tires are the only directional tire in the Pit Bull RC line-up * Growler (#PBG1AK) is [...]


Duratrax 8th Thrasher Buggy Tires Pre-Mounted

Duratrax 1/8 Thrasher Pre-Mounted Buggy Tires

Over at Duratrax they’ve released full details on their upcoming 1/8 Thrasher Pre-Mounted Buggy Tires. Designed for track or trail, the new Thrashers are an easy bolt-on upgrade for your 1/8th buggy. Here are the highlights- * Sharp lugs with siping * Race inspired design * Close cell foam inserts * Professionally pre-mounted * Black Ripper wheels with 17mm hex * Made in the USA The Duratrax [...]


Duratrax 10th Warthog SC Pre-Mounted Tires

Duratrax 1/10 Warthog 2.2″/3.0″ SC Pre-Mounted Tires

New from Duratrax are 1/10 Warthog SC Pre-Mounted Tires. The new Warthogs are designed for all terrain performance and are sized to fit most 1/10th scaled short course trucks. Check out these highlights- * Lightweight and durable design * Professionally pre-mounted * Removable hex wheels * 12mm & 14mm wheel hex offsets are included * M3 wheel hex hardware The Duratrax 1/10 Warthog 2.2″/3.0″ SC Pre-Mounted [...]


Schumacher Splinter 2WD Buggy Front Tires

Schumacher Splinter 1/10 2WD Buggy Front Tires

Coming soon from Schumacher are Splinter 1/10 2WD Buggy Front Tires. Designed for high-grip carpet and astro tracks, the new Splinter front tires are a great option for your next big indoor race. Here are the highlights- * Slim ultra-low profile design * Especially suited to carpet and astro tracks * Reduced sidewall height * Stable tread and pin design * Available in yellow, silver, [...]