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LUGZ RC 8th Buggy Tires

LUGZ RC Announces Three New 1/8th Buggy Tires

Over at LUGZ RC they have announced Three New 1/8th Race Buggy Tires. All three sets were designed for serious grip on off-road dirt tracks. The three new tread patterns are the SLIDE’Z, the PROTO’Z (X), and the TQ’S (X). Here are more highlights- * New X Carcass design is used on all three new tires * Extra stiff sidewall supports are [...]


JConcepts Hawk Animal Pre-Mounts Losi Minis

JConcepts Hawk/Animal Pre-Mounts For Losi Minis

New from the crew at JConcepts are Hawk/Animal Pre-Mounts for the Losi Mini-B and Mini-T 2.0. Both sets of tires are made for use on loamy/soft surfaces and both come pre-mounted for your bashing enjoyment. Here are the highlights- Hawk Pre-Mounts * Multi-rib directional front tires * Cuts through loam, sand, and silty type dirt * Narrowed carcass with strategically placed radius ribs * Improves [...]


Powerhobby 8th Armor Belted Pre-Mounted Buggy Tires

Powerhobby 1/8 Armor Belted Pre-Mounted Buggy Tires

Now shipping from Powerhobby are 1/8 Armor Belted Pre-Mounted Buggy Tires. Featuring PH’s Armor tread pattern and heavy duty belts to reduce tire expansion at speed, the new pre-mounts are ready to go really fast on dirt or pavement. Here are the highlights- * Pre-mounted for your convenience * Closed cell foam inserts * Belted to reduce tire ballooning * ATV inspired tread design * [...]


JConcepts SCT Landmines Pre-Mounted Hazard Wheels

JConcepts SCT Landmines Pre-Mounted On Hazard Wheels

Now shipping from JConcepts are SCT Landmines Tires Pre-Mounted On Hazard Wheels. Perfect for your next short course truck build, the SCT Landmines have a nicely scaled appearance and were designed for serious performance. Here are the highlights- * Robust carcass with a split-block design * 1:1 inspired look * Designed to fit 1/10 short course trucks * 4.30” overall tire diameter * Sliced, stepped, [...]


Carisma RC Belted M10DR Eliminators Drag Race Rear Tires

Carisma 1/10 Belted M10DR Eliminators Drag Race Rear Tires

In stock and shipping now from Carisma are 1/10 Belted M10DR Eliminators Drag Race Rear Tires. Available pre-glued for your convenience, or just as raw tires, the belted drag rear tires from Carisma were designed for serious performance. These are sized to fit all the popular 1/10th no-prep drag cars on the market, while also have a nicely scaled appearance. [...]


Powerhobby RC Armor 2.2 Rock Crawling Tires

Powerhobby Armor 2.2″ Crawling Tires with Dual Stage Foam

New from Powerhobby are Armor 2.2″ Crawling Tires with Dual Stage Foam Inserts. Designed with serious performance in mind, the Armor crawling tires have a great scale look to go along with an aggressive tread pattern. Here are the highlights- * Molded from a soft sticky rubber compound * Dual stage foam inserts * Closed cell insert design * Soft outer and medium inner [...]


Exotek RC F1 Formula 1 Tires Wheels

Exotek Announces F1 Wheels and Tires

Just announced by Exotek Racing are front and rear F1 Tires and Wheels. The Exotek F1 wheels and tires were designed for extreme performance while on-track, to go along with their scale realistic look. Check out these highlights- * Molded from premium touring car rubber compounds from Japan * Premium nylon wheels * Larger diameter inner wheel sizing * Based on current F1 wheel/tire [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Mounted 6th Menace HP Belted 5.7 MT Tires

Pro-Line Pre-Mounted 1/6 Menace HP Belted 5.7″ MT Tires

Pro-Line has just announced their highest performance on-road tire ever, the Pre-Mounted 1/6 Menace HP Belted 5.7″ MT Tires. With heavy duty internal belting and a tread designed for maximum street performance, the new Menace HPs are a great choice for on-road bashing. Here are the highlights- * Lightweight, belted, and durable * Race inspired tread * Standard 24mm wheel hex * Standard 1/5 [...]


JConcepts VLog Landmines Power Master Body Tool Holder

JConcepts VLog - UDR & Mojave Landmines, Power Master Body, …

Over at JConcepts they recently uploaded a new VLog. The latest JC VLog features Jason and Fred as they talk about a bunch of new products. From their ridiculously trick tool holder, to the ultra-grippy Landmines tires for the UDR/Mojave, the new VLog is a great way to get your rc fix today. To learn more about all the fine rc [...]


Traxxas X-Maxx Sledgehammer Tire Video

Video – Traxxas X-Maxx Sledgehammer Extreme Off Road Tires

For all you hardcore bashers out there, Traxxas has posted a new X-Maxx Sledgehammer Extreme Off Road Tires Video. The Sledgehammer tires from Traxxas are massive in size and were designed to give your rig massive levels of grip, on a wide variety of surfaces. Watch below to see the Sledgehammers throwing massive roost, ripping through gravel, as well as [...]


JConcepts Pre-Mounted Nessi Rear Buggy Race Tires

JConcepts Pre-Mounted Nessi 1/10 Rear Buggy Race Tires

Jason and his crew at JConcepts have announced Pre-Mounted Nessi 1/10 Rear Race Tires. Designed for carpet and AstroTurf racing, the Nessi rear tires have the massive grip and performance that you need on your race buggy. Here are the highlights- * Professionally pre-mounted for your convenience * 3D blended, medium-height pin-size for quick reaction * Semi-circle protrusions for side-bite * Low-profile, wide stance [...]


Exotek Twister Belted Drag Tire Wheel Set

Exotek Twister Belted Drag Tire and Wheel Set with Inserts

New from Exotek Racing is a Twister Belted Drag Tire and Wheel Set with Inserts. Designed for the absolute maximum in performance, the Twister belted drag tires are ready to give your car its quickest passes yet. Here are the highlights- * Fits – 2wd drag cars * Tires are belted to eliminate tire expansion * Molded from a premium rubber compound for [...]


JConcepts RM2 8th Off-Road Insert Bands

JConcepts RM2 1/8th Off-Road Insert Bands

Shipping now from JConcepts are RM2 1/8th Off-Road Insert Bands. The insert bands go over your tire inserts to help reduce expansion at speed. Check out these highlights- * Helps resist insert expansion * Bands firmly hold insert to the wheel * Made from durable, reusable rubber * Each package contains 24 pieces * Sized for hold and stability * Different sizes for 1/8 buggy and [...]


JConcepts RM2 Red Hot Tire Bands

JConcepts RM2 Red Hot Tire Bands

New at JConcepts are RM2 Red Hot Tire Bands. The new tire bands are sized to fit a wide variety of tire sizes and have been updated to be the best version yet. Here are the highlights- * Made from molded rubber * RM2 version features a slightly smaller diameter * Handles have been removed to reduce storage space and increase snap * Embossed [...]


JConcepts Pre-Mounted Landmines ARRMA Mojave

JConcepts Pre-Mounted Landmines For The ARRMA Mojave

Over at JConcepts they have announced new Pre-Mounted Landmines for the 1/10 ARRMA Mojave. With beefy lugs and a nicely scaled appearance, the Landmines are a great choice for your Mojave. Here are the highlights- * Robust carcass with split-block design * Scale inspired styling * 2.2 x 3.2” bead diameter * 5.2” overall size * Sliced, stepped, and recessed lugs for increased grip * Molded [...]