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JConcepts RC Fuzz Bite Pin Swag Carpet Tires

JConcepts Announces Fuzz Bite & Pin Swag Carpet Tires

Over at JConcepts they have announced all new Fuzz Bite and Pin Swag carpet racing tires. Both new tires will be available front and rear for 1/10th scaled buggies and were designed using the very latest in carpet tire technology. Check out these highlights- * Low profile tire designs * Open cell foam inserts included * Reverse “water tower” pin shape * Radius positioned [...]


Pit Bull 1.7" Rocker Scale Crawling Tires RC

Pit Bull 1.7″ Rocker Scale Crawling Tires

Shipping soon from Pit Bull RC are new 1.7″ Rocker scale crawling tires. If you’ve been looking for an aggressive 1.7″ sized crawling tire, the Rocker from Pit Bull is a great choice. With large lugs and an incredibly scale appearance, the Rockers are perfect for your next build. * Molded from Pit Bull’s Alien Kompound Super Sticky rubber compound * Miniaturized [...]


Monster Truck Madness - Pro-Line Demolishers for the Losi LM…

After the longest winter, I finally had the chance to hit the track with my Losi LMT! I was at the season opening Trigger King R/C Monster Truck Series event in Waterloo, IL, and the LMT was out in force. I’ll talk more about the competition experience next week, as right now I want to give my impressions on the Pro-Line [...]


Max Speed Technology RC 30X105-1.9 DC Rock Crawler Tires

Max Speed Technology 30X105-1.9″ DC Rock Crawler Tires

Today the crew at Max Speed Technology announced new 30X105-1.9″ DC Rock Crawler Tires. For some builds small tires look right, on others extremely tall tires fit the bill, the new 30X105-1.9″ sized DC tires from MST are a mid-sized 1.9″ that are perfect for most builds. * Molded from soft-30° rubber * Sold in pairs * Realistic tread pattern * Fits 1.9″ crawling [...]


Pro-Line Electron 2wd Buggy Pre-Mounted Tires

Pro-Line Announce New Pre-Mounted Race Buggy Tires

Shipping soon from Pro-Line are several new Pre-Mounted 1/10 Race Buggy Tire Sets. Pre-mounted tires are great for saving time, while still getting all the wonderful traction that Pro-Line tires are known for. All the pre-mounts are made in the USA and are available on either white or yellow Velocity wheels. Here are more details. Electron 2.2″ 2WD Front Buggy Tires [...]


Pro-Line Hyrax XL 2.9 Tires Super Rock Rey

Pro-Line Hyrax XL 2.9″ Tires for Losi Super Rock Rey

Coming soon for all you Losi Super Rock Rey owners are Hyrax XL 2.9″ Tires from Pro-Line. Pro-Line’s Hyrax tires have long been a favorite out on the trail, soon they will be available for the mighty Super Rock Rey. Here are the highlights- * Designed for maximum performance * Heavily siped stepped blocks yield incredible grip * Highly detailed sidewall * Direct fit [...]


Pro-Line Interco Black Mamba 2.6 Mud Terrain Tires

Pro-Line Interco Black Mamba 2.6″ Mud Terrain Tires

All new from Pro-Line are Interco Black Mamba 2.6″ Mud Terrain Tires. If you are looking for a tire that has outstanding mud performance, along with massive amounts of scale realism, the new Black Mamba is definitely for you. With huge lugs and all sorts of scale appeal, the Black Mamba is perfect for your next hardcore mud build. Here [...]


T-Bone Racing Mini Tire Rack

T-Bone Racing Mini Tire Rack

The crew at T-Bone Racing have announced a new Mini Tire Rack. The new tire rack from TBR makes it easy to organize your small scale tires, while giving a scale look to your workbench. Check out these highlights- * Designed for 1/18 and 1/16 scaled tires * Holds up to 16 tires * Durable design The T-Bone Racing Mini Tire Rack has a [...]


JConcepts Magma RC Buggy Tires

JConcepts Magma 1/8 Buggy Tires and Pre-Mounts

New over at JConcepts are Magma 1/8 Buggy Tires and Pre-Mounts. That’s right folks, there is a new bad boy tire on the basher scene and its called the Magma. With big scoops and deep tread, the Magmas were designed to give your 1/8 buggy insane levels of grip. Here are the highlights- * Engineered for massive forward bite * Giant bridge [...]


Team Associated DR10 Drag Racing Tires

Team Assocaited Drops New Tires for the DR10 Drag Car

Over at Team Associated they have announced that their DR10 Drag Car Tires are now available separately. These are the stock DR10 rear tires that are molded from a grippy rubber and come with foam inserts. The tires are sold in pairs and should come in handy for all you no-prep drag racers. The Team Associated DR10 Drag Tires have a [...]


Pro-Line Icon SC All Terrain Tires

Pro-Line Icon SC 2.2″/3.0″ All Terrain Tires

All new from Pro-Line are Icon SC 2.2″/3.0″ All Terrain Tires. The new Icons were designed for insane levels of grip, while also having a scale looking tread design. Check out these highlights- * New from the ground up * Large P and L letters hidden in tread * Aggressive, futuristic tread design * Large, angled tread blocks * Works on grass, dirt, gravel, and [...]


HPI Racing 2.8" Tredz Tractor Tires

HPI Racing 2.8″ Tredz Tractor Tires

Shipping now from HPI Racing are 2.8″ sized Tredz Tractor Tires. Tredz is a new line-up of aggressive bashing tires from HPI, their new Tractor Tires are perfect for hardcore bashing, or a long day of driving in the mud. * Size – 124×70/2.8″ * Chunky block design * Sold in pairs * Includes open cell foam inserts * Versatile, all around performer * Molded from [...]


JConcepts Losi Mini-T Mini-B Wheels Tires Pre-Mounted

JConcepts Drops New Wheels and Tires For The Mini-T 2.0 & Mi…

Recently announced by JConcepts are new Tires and Wheels for the Losi Mini-T 2.0, as well as the Mini-B buggy. Up front the JC crew has announced new Carver tires that were specifically designed to give your rig more steering. Out back, JC announced Sprinter tires which are perfect for high bite surfaces. To compliment the new 1/18th scaled tires are [...]


Traxxas Pre-Mounted Method 105 1.9" Wheels with Canyon Trail 4.6x1.9" Tires

Traxxas Pre-Mounted Method 105 1.9" Wheels with Canyon Trail…

Shipping soon from Traxxas are Pre-Mounted Method 105 1.9″ Wheels with Canyon Trail 4.6×1.9″ Tires. These feature black chrome wheels with blue beadlocks for serious scale appeal. The wheels have been pre-mounted with Traxxas Canyon Trail tires to help give your rig more traction, while also maintaining a proper scale appearance. The Traxxas Pre-Mounted Method 105 Wheels with Canyon Trail Tires [...]


Traxxas Canyon RT Low-profile R/C Crawler Tires

Traxxas Canyon RT Crawler Tires

Traxxas has released a new tire option for the TRX-4, aimed at giving your rig a low-profile, modern look when out on the trail. Their Canyon RT Tires (#8871) will take a 2.2″ wheel but have the same outer diameter as most 1.9″ crawler tires. Originally available on the TRX-6, Traxxas is now making these tires available for four-wheeled trail machines. [...]