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RC4WD Interco Narrow TSL SS 1.55 Tires

RC4WD Interco Narrow TSL SS 1.55″ Tires

Shipping now from RC4WD are Interco Narrow TSL 1.55″ scale off-road truck tires. RC4WD did a great job sizing down the fully licensed Intercos so that they can give your truck more traction, while also bringing serious scale realism. * Molded from RC4WD’s advanced X2S³ rubber compound * Designed to fit 1.55″ wheels * Weight- 1.71oz * Width- 1.37″ * Outer Diameter- 3.74″ You can get [...]


Pro-Line Belted Trencher HP Tire Video

Video – Belted Pro-Line Trencher HP 2.8″ Tires

The crew over at Pro-Line are ushering in a new age of control with a video for their upcoming Fully Belted Trencher HP Tires. As shown in the video below, the belted version of the Trencher does not expand or “balloon” at high power levels. This makes your truck much easier to drive, plus it gives your truck more traction [...]


Pro-Line Hoosier Super Chain Link T 2.2 M3 Tires

Pro-Line Hoosier Super Chain Link T 2.2″ M3 Tires

New for the oval racing scene is a Hoosier Super Chain Link T 2.2″ M3 Tire from Pro-Line. These fully licensed tires not only have a perfectly scale appearance, but can also give your truck serious traction while racing. Here are the highlights- * Officially licensed by Hoosier * Exact scale detailing * White Hoosier logo on sidewall * High quality closed cell foam [...]


Pro-Line RC Shop Talk Tire Venting Video

Pro-Line Shop Talk Video – Tire Venting

The latest Shop Talk video from Pro-Line is all about Tire Venting. Watch the video below to see Pro-Line’s Vance Lund explain when you should vent your tires, and when not to. From rock crawling to racing, the video explains the ins and outs of rc tire venting. After watching the video, you can hit up this link to check out [...]


New Pro-Line Racing Belted Trencher HP 2.8″ Tires

The teases over at Pro-Line Racing have been driving us nuts as we have been waiting for details on their latest Trenchers! Most of the Big Squid RC Crew have run and loved Trenchers, they are a serious tire for the serious basher, and for years (literally) we have begged them for a belted version. It looks like our wishes [...]


Pro-Line Hyrax 2.2 Predator Super Soft Tires

Pro-Line Hyrax 2.2" Truck Tires in Predator Super Soft Compo…

Have you been looking to bolt more grip on your 2.2″ rock crawler wheels? If so, tires don’t get much stickier, or come with more grip, than the new Predator Compound Hyrax 2.2″ scale rock crawling tires from Pro-Line. Across the world Pro-Line’s Hyrax tires are known for being elite off-tires, soon you can get them in the super soft [...]


Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swampers Pre-Mounted

Pro-Line Pre-Mounted Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 2.8" Monst…

Shipping right now from Pro-Line are Pre-Mounted Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 2.8″ Monster Truck Tires. The Super Swampers are pre-mounted on Pro-Line’s new Raid replaceable hex wheels that have been designed for heavy duty bashing. Here are the highlights- * Scale realistic and fully licensed Interco tires * Raid 10 spoke wheels w/ replaceable hexes * Wheels made from a durable DuPont [...]


Pro-Line Decimator 2.6 M3 Monster Truck Tires

Pro-Line Decimator 2.6″ M3 Monster Truck Tires

Just announced by Pro-Line are Decimator 2.6″ M3 Monster Truck Tires. The Decimators were designed to fit trucks like the Tamiya Clod Buster with 2.6″ wheels and are a great blend of scale appearance and performance. Here are the highlights- * Smaller overall size to increase agility * Molded in P-L’s legendary M3 rubber compound * Ideal diameter and width * Soft foam inserts * [...]


Pro-Line 10th Scale Monster Truck Tires Wheels ARRMA Traxxas

Video – Pro-Line Tire & Wheel Upgrades for ARRMA & Traxxas

New from Pro-Line is a video for their ARRMA & Traxxas Tire & Wheel Upgrades. Watch the video below to see the Pro-Line crew send-it with a PRO-MT, as well as with ARRMA and Traxxas 1/10 monster trucks. Pro-Line has long been making the very best tires you can buy, watch the video to see how you can use Pro-Line [...]


Carisma Aluminum Range Rover Wheels Tires

Carisma Aluminum Wheels & Scale Tires for the Range Rover Cl…

Shipping soon from the good folks at Carisma are Beadlock Aluminum Wheels and Scale Tires for Range Rover scale crawlers. Both units were designed for true scale realism, perfect for your next, or last, Range Rover build. * CNC machined aluminum 3 spoke wheels * True beadlock design * Easy to add weight to wheels * True scale soft compound 95mm tires * Perfect for [...]


Pro-Line Badlands MX All Terrain 1:8 Buggy Tire Video

Video – Pro-Line Badlands MX All Terrain 1/8 Buggy Tires

1/8th scale buggies are one of the most popular vehicles to own for hardcore bashing. They are typically quite fast, easy to catch big air with, plus, they are well known for durability. For all you hardcore 1/8th buggy bashers out there, Pro-Line has just released their Badlands MX all terrain tires. The Badlands MX are modeled after modern motocross [...]


JConcepts Ellipse Tires

New Rubber Compounds For The JConcepts Ellipse

Shipping soon from JConcepts is their popular Ellipse buggy tires in Blue, Aqua, and R2 rubber compounds. The addition of more rubber compound choices can really help dial in your buggy for different tracks, or for changing track conditions. * 2.2″ size fits a wide variety of buggy wheels * Comes with Dirt-Tech foam inserts * Designed with help from World Champions Ryan [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Mounted Sand Paws

Four New 2.8″ Pre-Mounts From Pro-Line

Coming to a hobby shop near you soon is four new Pre-Mounted 2.8″ monster truck tires from Pro-Line. To save you time the Pro-Line crew has announced that their Sand Paw, Prime, Badlands, and Masher monster truck tires will soon be available pre-glued for your convenience. Better still, they all come on Pro-Line’s uber new Raid 6×30 removable hex wheels. * [...]


Pro-Line Badlands MX M2 1/8 Buggy Tires

Pro-Line Badlands MX M2 1/8 Buggy Tires

Shipping soon from the good folks over at Pro-Line are some gnarly Badlands MX M2 1/8 Buggy Tires. The Badlands MX tires have a serious motocross inspired tread that gives your buggy maximum grip on surfaces like grass and loose dirt. * Bigger and bolder than ever before * Insane traction on loose surfaces * Molded in P-L’s legendary M2 rubber compound * Made [...]


Pro-Line Hoosier Tire Video

Pro-Line How-To Refresh Hoosier SC Tires Video

The new Hoosier SC Tire Refresh Stencil Kit from Pro-Line is very cool! To show you how easy it is to refresh the Hoosier tire logo on your tires, Pro-Line has posted a handy “How-To” video. In the video they go through all the steps that it takes to make your tires look the very best that they can, while [...]