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Locked Up RC How To ReUse RTR RC Tires Video

Video – How To Reuse RTR Tires with Locked Up RC

New from the good folks at Locked Up RC is a How To Reuse RTR Tires Video. The video shown below goes over not just one way, but three different ways, to remove old tires that have been glued from their wheels. They first show how to dip tires in acetone to remove them, then boiling in water, and finally, [...]


Jetko Power RC J-Zero 8th Buggy Race Tires

Jetko Power Announces J-Zero 1/8 Buggy Race Tires

New from Jetko Power are J-Zero 1/8 Buggy Race Tires. The new J-Zeros were designed to give you more traction on low grip tracks. Here are more highlights- * Extremely flexible tread by creating numerous deformation zones * Sidewalls were redesigned to achieve controlled flex * Sculpted sidewall with wide side blocks * Perfect for use on wet tracks or dry tracks with low [...]


Pro-Line RC 6th Maxxis Trepador G8 2.9 Rock Crawler Tires

Pro-Line 1/6 Maxxis Trepador G8 2.9″ Rock Crawler Tires

Coming soon from Pro-Line are 1/6 Maxxis Trepador G8 2.9″ Rock Crawler Tires. The Trepador is P-L’s first licensed tire from Maxxis and was designed for extreme off-road performance. Check out these highlights- * Ultra-aggressive sidewall * Multi-curve tread siping for improved traction on loose dirt * Unique tread element arrangement ensures uniform contact patch area * Molded from Pro-Line’s legendary G8 rubber compound * [...]


Fastrax RC Rally Angle Pre-Mounted Tires

Fastrax RC 1/10 Rally Angle Pre-Mounted Tires

New from Fastrax RC are 1/10 Rally Angle Pre-Mounted Tires. That’s right, all you hardcore rally car fanatics now have a new choice in pre-mounted tires with the Rally Angles from Fastrax. With a scale looking tread and realistic looking wheels, the new pre-mounts are a quick and easy way to improve grip on your rally machine. * Available with white [...]


Schumacher RC 8th Buggy Ridge Pin Carpet Turf Tires

Schumacher 1/8 Ridge Pin Carpet & Turf Race Tires

New from Schumacher are 1/8 Ridge Pin Carpet & Turf Tires. Designed for racing 1/8th scale buggies on carpet or turf, the new Ridge Pin off-road tires are a solid choice for high-bite indoor racing. With fewer spikes than Schumacher’s Mini Pin tires, the Ridge Pins give a less aggressive, but more consistent feel, while racing. The Schumacher 1/8 Ridge Pin [...]


JConcepts RC Large Scale Magma Choppers Tires

JConcepts Announces Large Scale Magma & Choppers Pre-Mounted…

New over at JConcepts are Magma & Choppers Pre-Mounted Tires for large scale vehicles. The new Magma’s look a bit like the new-age “scoop” tires that are the hottest thing since sliced bread in the world of motocross. The Magma’s design allows them to give epic levels of forward bite, while also having enough side-bite for quick corner speeds. The [...]


Exotek RC 10th F1 Rear Tires 28X Double Red-Super Soft Compound

Exotek 1/10 F1 Rear Tires in 28X Double Red-Super Soft Compo…

The crew at Exotek Racing have just dropped their Rear F1 Tires in 28X Double Red-Super Soft Compound. Exotek’s incredibly soft 28X rubber compound works best in cooler conditions, and of course the tires have a great scale look. Here are more highlights- * Sold in pairs with foam inserts * Best suited for racing on cooler carpet and asphalt tracks * Designed [...]


JConcepts RC Nessi Swagger 8th Buggy Tires

JConcepts Releases Nessi and Swagger 1/8th Buggy Tires

Coming soon from JConcepts are Nessi and Swagger 1/8th Buggy Tires. The Nessis and Swaggers were both designed for carpet and astro turf racing domination. Check out these highlights- Nessi – 1/8th Buggy Tires * High quality JConcepts fit, finish and design * 3D blended, medium-height pin-size for quick reaction * Semi-circle protrusions for side-bite * Light-weight carcass * Includes open cell foam inserts Swagger – 1/8th [...]


JConcepts RC 2.2 Landmines Tusk Scale Tires

JConcepts Announces 2.2″ Landmines and Tusk Tires

Over at JConcepts they have just dropped new 2.2″ Sized Landmines and Tusk Scale Off-Road Tires. The Tusk and the Landmines have proven to be highly capable while out on the trail, now you can get them for your 2.2″ sized wheels. Here are more highlights- Landmines 2.2″ Tires * Robust carcass with split-block design * 1:1 inspired styling * Overall Size – 147mm/5.79” * [...]


Jetko Power 2.2 Challenger Carpet Buggy Tires

Jetko Power 2.2″ Challenger Carpet Race Tires for 1/10 Buggy

Over at Jetko Power they are promoting their new 2.2″ Challenger Carpet Race Tires for 1/10 buggies. The Challengers were specifically designed for carpet track dominance and are sized to fit 4WD front, as well as 2WD & 4WD buggy rear. Here are the highlights- * Redesigned carcass shape that provides more steering in low speed corners * Also designed for more [...]


Spektrum XT2000 Tire Warmer

Spektrum XT2000 Tire Warmer

Over at Spektrum they have now gotten into the tire warmer game! New from Spektrum is the XT2000 Tire Warmer. Made for the racing crowd, the XT2000 is an easy way of getting your tires up to temperature before the race starts. Here are the highlights- * Full coverage tire wraps inspired by F1 racing * Powered by 3 or 4S LiPo [...]


RC4WD BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM 1.7 Tires

RC4WD BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM 1.7″ Scale Tires

Now shipping from RC4WD are BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM 1.7″ Scale Tires. With impeccable scaling, and molded from RC4WD’s advanced X2S³ super soft rubber compound for increased grip, the new BFG’s are the perfect upgrade to your scale rig. Here are the highlights- * Designed to fit 1.7″ sized wheels * Diameter – 3.70in / 95.3mm * Width – 1.30in / 33.2mm * Inner [...]


JConcepts How To Balance Your RC Tires Video

Video – JConcepts How To Balance Your RC Tires

Over at JConcepts they have posted a new video on How To Balance RC Tires. If you are new to the hobby, balancing your tires is something easy to do, that can yield enormous benefits. While slower vehicles like rock crawlers don’t really need it, the faster you go, the more your car can benefit from tire balancing. No matter [...]


JConcepts Smoothies Short Course Truck Tires

JConcepts Announces Smoothies Short Course Truck Tires

Over at JConcepts they have just dropped new Smoothies Short Course Truck Tires. The new Smoothies are sized to fit a standard SCT wheel and were designed to help you break track records. Here are the highlights- * Original JConcepts design * Standard short course truck 3.0” x 2.2” bead size * Carefully shaped carcass for increased rolling speed * Includes SCT Dirt-Tech (gray) [...]


Duratrax RC 5th Warthog 5.7 Monster Truck Tires

Duratrax 1/5 Warthog 5.7″ Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires

Now available for pre-order from Duratrax are 1/5 Warthog 5.7″ Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires. These beastly pre-mounts are sized to fit trucks like the Traxxas X-Maxx and ARRMA 8S Kraton. Here are the highlights- * All terrain tires ready for dirt, grass, gravel, or pavement * Pre-mounted on black Ripper wheels with removable hex * Ripper wheels are compatible with the Duratrax Clip-Lock [...]