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Awesomatix RC A800R Touring Car Kit

Awesomatix 1/10 A800R Touring Car Kit

The crew at Awesomatix has been doing a lot of winning at high level carpet races around the globe the last few years. To help extend their dominance, they have just announced the 1/10 A800R Touring Car Kit. The A800R comes with a number of upgrades and revisions to make it Awesomatix’s fastest touring car to date. Here are the [...]


Zero Tribe Exotek Racing J-Zero GT Touring Car Body 2

Zero Tribe Announces Exotek Racing J-Zero GT Clear Body

Just announced by Zero Tribe is the Exotek Racing J-Zero GT Touring Car Body. This sleek on-road body was designed for serious performance and is sized to fit 1/10 on-road cars. Check out these highlights- * USGT racing legal * Aggressive splitter and powerful fenders * Low bonnet with downforce-generating side skirts * Sports car like cockpit * Two trim lines to pick from * Two [...]


APlastics E36 Compact Wide Clear Body

APlastics E36 Compact Wide Clear Body

Now shipping from APlastics is a E36 Compact Wide Clear Body. Sized to fit most popular 1/10 touring/drift cars, this nicely scaled wide body is sure to turn heads. Here are the highlights- * Made from clear Lexan * Fits 190mm 1/10th on-road cars * Protective overspray film * Ducktail spoiler with mounting hardware * Wheelbase – 259mm * Width – 205mm * Front and rear light [...]


FTX RC 10th Banzai RTR Nitro Touring Car

FTX RC 1/10 Banzai RTR Nitro Touring Car

The folks over at FTX have just dropped the 1/10th scaled Banzai RTR Nitro Touring Car. FTX has produced the Banzai in electric form for quite some time, now they have decided to turn up the wow factor and are now releasing the Banzai with insane nitro power! Here are the highlights- * Expected to start shipping next month * Available in [...]


Xpress Execute MF1 10th FWD Touring Car Kit

Xpress Execute MF1 1/10 Competition FWD Touring Car Kit

New from Xpress is the Execute MF1 1/10 Competition FWD Touring Car Kit. This high-end race machine is loaded with carbon fiber and designed to smash FWD track records. Check out these highlights- * New steering rack with updated steering geometry * Tensioner to reduce belt skipping * Motor mounted as close to centerline as possible * Two level rear flex adjustment * Low profile [...]


Bittydesign Eptron RC 10th 190mm Touring Car Clear Body

Bittydesign Eptron 1/10 190mm Touring Car Clear Body

New from Bittydesign is the sleek Eptron 190mm Touring Car Body. Featuring an all new design for high-end touring car performance, the Eptron is more than ready to win at any level of competition. Check out these highlights- * Designed for all-out racing performance * EFRA, IFMAR, ROAR, BRCA and FEMCA legal * Made with high quality Lexan polycarbonate * Includes rear wing mounting [...]


PROTOform Speed3 Clear Body 190mm FWD Touring Cars

PROTOform 1/10 Speed3 Clear Body for 190mm FWD Touring Cars

Just announced by the crew at PROTOform is the 1/10th scaled Speed3 Clear Body for FWD touring cars. Designed for competition, the new Speed3 has hot hatch styling and is a great pick for racing your FWD touring car. Here are the highlights- * Aggressive fender flares * Slammed hatchback roofline * Look is based off of 1:1 TCR race cars * Easy to [...]


Yokomo BD11 Factory Team Edition Kit

Yokomo 1/10 BD11 Factory Team Edition Touring Car Kit

New from Yokomo is the 1/10th scaled BD11 Factory Team Edition Touring Car Kit. This high-end race machine was designed for carpet supremacy and comes loaded with option parts. Here are the highlights- * Comes with the option parts used by team drivers * Features all the new parts used at the last World Championship * +0.5mm FR graphite suspension arm * -1mm RR [...]


Bittydesign Teaser Touring Car Body

Bittydesigns Teases New 1/10 Touring Car Body

Now being teased by Bittydesign is their next high performance 1/10 Touring Car Body. The Bittydesign crew has released a bunch of trick bodies in 2022 and their upcoming touring car body will put a nice cap on the year. With Bittydesign being well known for their stylish looks and high-end performance, we can’t wait to learn more about their [...]


ARC A10MF FWD Touring Car Kit

ARC Announces 1/10 A10MF FWD Touring Car Kit

New from ARC is the ultra-low center of gravity A10MF FWD Touring Car Kit. This high-end race machine is loaded with carbon fiber parts and was designed from the ground up for incredible performance. Here are some highlights- * Based on ARC’s new A10 platform * Uses a mid-motor layout * Transmission parts are kept as low as possible * Designed for high traction [...]


Infinity RC IF14-2 Team Edition Touring Car Kit

Infinity 1/10 IF14-2 Team Edition Touring Car Kit

New from Infinity is the 1/10 IF14-2 Team Edition Touring Car Kit. This high-end race rig is loaded with carbon fiber goodies, as well as the latest in go-fast engineering. Here are the highlights- * Rear section moved forward by 1.2mm for improved cornering * New PRS aluminum C-hub (minus 2° caster angle) improves corner speed * New USP2 shocks are 2mm shorter * [...]


Ruddog RC Iris ONE Competition Touring Car Kit

Iris ONE Competition 1/10 Touring Car Kit

Over at Ruddog they have announced their first competition car called the Iris ONE Competition Touring Car Kit. This 1/10th scaled high-end touring car was designed by Andreas Myrberg for the highest levels of performance. Here are the highlights- * Unique pushrod design with torsion springs & single-lever rotational shocks * Super low center of gravity * Ultra-narrow bulkhead design * Efficient three-belt drive [...]


Tamiya TT-02 Type-SRX Chassis Kit

Tamiya 1/10 TT-02 Type-SRX Chassis Kit

New over at Tamiya is the 1/10 TT-02 Type-SRX Chassis Kit. The Type-SRX comes with a bunch of upgrades to increases performance, as well as durability. Here are the highlights- * Upgraded version of the TT-02 Type-S series * Enhanced durability and performance for racing * Upgrade 37mm driveshafts for double cardan joint shafts * XV-02/TT-02 oil filled gear differential * XV-02/TT-02 front direct coupling [...]


XRay 2023 X4 Touring Car Kit

XRay 2023 1/10 X4 Touring Car Kit

For all you high-end touring car racers out there, XRay has announced the 2023 version of their X4 Touring Car Kit. The X4 has been a dominant force across the globe in touring car racing, with the 2023 version receiving a bunch of revisions for more speed and durability. Check out these highlights- * All-new XLP shocks are 9mm shorter than [...]


WRC Racing 10th STX8 Touring Car Kit

WRC Racing Teases 1/10 STX8 Touring Car Kit

Now being teased by WRC Racing is the 1/10th scaled STX8 Touring Car Kit. This on-road speed machine comes with a bunch of updates for increased durability, as well as to improve handling. Here are some of the updates- * 4WD mid-motor layout * New steering and differential systems * Lower center of gravity design * Carbon fiber double deck chassis * Quick change battery [...]