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Toyan FS-V800 V-8 Nitro Engine

More Details – Toyan FS-V800 V-8 Nitro Engine

Over at Toyan Engine they have turned a lot of heads with their upcoming FS-V800 V-8 Nitro Engine. This beast was designed for 1/7th scale or larger applications, or can be used for custom builds like truck pullers or monster trucks. Here are more details- * Will be available unassembled as a kit or fully pre-built * 90-degree cross-type crankshaft structure * New [...]


Teaser Toyan Scale Rock Crawler

Nothing To See Here – Keep Scrolling!

How did this post even get in here? You might as well even forget that you’ve seen it. The picture shown above is certainly Not A Teaser for an upcoming nitro powered scale rock crawler, that’s for sure! Should you want to get crazy, you can Click This Random Link, or you can try This One if you really wanna send [...]


Toyan Engine FS-V800 V-8

Toyan Engine Teases First V-8!

Here ya go big power fanatics, Toyan Engine is now teasing their very first V-8 Nitro Engine. The upcoming FS-V800 4 stroke nitro engine should be an absolute beast when used in monster trucks, pulling trucks, and even exotic drag car builds. Built from quality components, and designed for extreme power output, the sky is the limit with what you [...]


Toyan RS-S100 Rotary Engine

Toyan RS-S100 Single Rotary Engine

Are you bored of “normal” style builds? Looking to make your next build the craziest yet? The crew at Toyan Engines will soon be shipping the RS-S100 Single Rotary Engine. This crazy Wankel style engine uses a single rotor for power and has an exhaust note like you’ve never heard before from an rc engine. Check out these highlights- * Smooth [...]


Fury RC Toyan Engine Sand Cruiser Nitro Kit

Fury RC Toyan Engine Sand Cruiser 1/8 4WD Nitro Kit

New over at Fury RC is a 1/8th scaled Sand Cruiser featuring the incredibly scale realistic Toyan Nitro Engine. That’s right, for all you guys looking to run that trick Toyan two-cylinder four-stroke methanol engine, the Sand Cruiser makes it easy. Check out these highlights- * Clear polycarbonate body * Wheelbase – 324mm * Width – 272mm * Approach & departure angle – 55° * [...]


Toyan FS-L400 Nitro Model Engine RC

Toyan FS-L400 Four-cylinder Four-stroke Water Cooled Nitro M…

For all you high-end builders out there, Toyan is now shipping their FS-L400 Four-cylinder Nitro Model Engine. The crew at Toyan have created one of the most scale looking, and esoteric small scale engines of all time, an engine that can be used in the wildest of builds. Here are the highlights- * Shipping now * Displacement – 3.5cc x 4 (14cc [...]