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Traction Hobby Tank 300 Competitive Edition

Teaser – Traction Hobby 1/8 Tank 300 Competitive Edition

New over at Traction Hobby is a Competitive Edition of their 1/8th scaled Tank 300 scale trail rig. Traction Hobby was one of the first to jump into the 1/8th scale rock crawler category and their upcoming Tank 300 CE has even more scale detailing than their previous models. * Pre-painted metal green, metal silver, or grass green body * Also [...]


Traction Hobby RC 8th Scale Tank 300 RTR Scale Crawler

Traction Hobby 1/8 Tank 300 RTR Scale Crawler

New from the folks over at Traction Hobby is the 1/8th scaled Tank 300 RTR Scale Crawler. This large scaled crawler has incredible levels of scale detailing and has the extra size that it takes to get over the really gnarly stuff. Here are some highlights- * Goes on pre-sale August 29th * Will be available as an RTR or in Kit [...]


Traction Hobby 8th Scale Cragsman C Pro Founder II Pro

Traction Hobby Teases 1/8 Ford Raptor F150 Scale Crawler

Over at Traction Hobby they are now teasing new trucks for 2021. Their first teaser is for a fully licensed 1/8th scaled Ford Raptor F-150. With large scale crawlers so hot right now, we can’t wait to learn more about Traction Hobby’s upcoming 1/8 scaled Cragsman C Pro, as well as their upcoming Founder II Pro. The Ford Raptor comes [...]


Traction Hobby Founder II KM4 Video

Traction Hobby 1/8 KM4 Founder II Video

New from the folks at Traction Hobby is a video for their KM4 Founder II scale off-road truck. The Founder II is a large 1/8th scaled platform that is highly capable off-road. Watch the video below to see it driving through a stream and over large rocks. The video leaves no doubt to how incredibly scale the Founder II looks [...]


Traction Hobby 1/8 Mercedes G Series

Teaser – Traction Hobby 1/8 Mercedes G Series Scale Crawler

Now being teased by Traction Hobby is a 1/8 Mercedes G Series scale rock crawler. Based off their current 1/8th platform, their new G Series is said to be fully licensed by Mercedes and sports what appears to be a highly realistic body. Being a teaser, not much information is known at this point, but we will post more when it [...]


Traction Hobby Founder II Rubicon Crawler ARTR

Traction Hobby 1/8 Founder II Rubicon ARTR

Recently announced by Traction Hobby is a ARTR version of their 1/8th scaled Founder II Rubicon scale rock crawler. The large 1/8 Founder II is heavy on scale realism and features a heavy duty chassis for serious trail driving. * Founder I Rubicon body * Comes with a number of upgrades * All-new aluminum portal axles * Front & rear brass knuckle weights * Billet [...]


Traction Hobby Found II Scale Rock Crawler RC

Video – Traction Hobby Founder II 1/8 Scale Crawler

New from the folks at Traction Hobby is a teaser video for their upcoming Founder II 1/8 Scale Rock Crawler. The 1/8th scaled Founder II is expected to start shipping later this Spring and is loaded with scale features. Take a look at just some of the highlights- * 1.2mm steel C-channel chassis * Brass weighting at front (185 grams) & rear [...]


Traction Hobby Scale Crawler

Traction Hobby Teases New Scale Products

The folks over at Traction Hobby are teasing new products for 2019. 1/8th scaled rock crawlers are on the move and are expected to really take off this year, Traction Hobby is one of the companies at the front of that trend. Traction Hobby made waves in 2018 with their popular 1/8th scaled Cragsman rock crawlers and they intend on keeping [...]


Traction Hobby 1/6 KM Challenger Short Course Desert Truck

Teaser - Traction Hobby KM Challenger 1/6 Scale Off-Road Tru…

Being teased right now by Traction Hobby is the KM Challenger scale off-road race truck. Coming in at 1/6th in size, the KM Challenger is a large beast that was designed for incredible amounts of scale realism. Right now the Traction Hobby crew is not releasing details, so for now we’ll just have to drool over the pictures until pricing [...]


Traction Hobby Cragmans Scale Crawler

Traction Hobby 1/8 Cragman Scale Crawler

Coming soon from Traction Hobby is the 1/8th scale Cragsman Scale Crawler. The Cragsman comes with a newly developed chassis for better trail capability and licensed Pro Comp off-road tires. Some of its other highlights include- * Wheelbase- 374mm * Metal axles * 2.2″ wheels * 2 speed gearbox * Locked diffs * Stainless steel links * Steel driveshafts * Aluminum shocks * 45 degrees of steering angle * Chassis [...]