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RC4WD 2001 Toyota Tacoma 4 Door Body TF2 LWB

RC4WD Announces Toyota As New Licensing Partner

The crew over at RC4WD have just officially announced Toyota as their latest Licensing Pardner. What this means to you is that you’ll probably start seeing more Toyota scale products coming from RC4WD, we can’t wait! Along with the licensing announcement, RC4WD is releasing a 2001 Toyota Tacoma 4 Door Body to fit the Trail Finder 2 LWB. The Tacoma is [...]


RC4WD Low Profile Delrin Skid Plate TF2

RC4WD Low Profile Delrin Skid Plate For The TF2

Available now from the good folks over at RC4WD is a Low Profile Skid Plate for the Trail Finder 2. The skid plate is made from Delrin to help your truck slide over rocks and is a low profile design for more ground clearance. * CNC machined Delrin * Black in color for a scale appearance * Weight- 0.65oz * Height- 1.07″ * Width- 1.59″ * [...]


RC4WD Kober Rear Bed

Scale Realistic RC4WD Kober Rear Beds

New from RC4WD are a number of different Kober Rear Beds. These are designed to fit the TF2 LWB Toyota LC70 and are available in black, white, or silver. The beds can also be had with, or without, mud flaps. * Made from ABS plastic, stainless steel, and real wood * White, silver, or black powder coated finishes * Hand welded * Weight- 43.58oz * [...]


RC4WD Marlin Crawlers TF 2 RTR Mojave II Body Set

RC4WD Marlin Crawlers TF 2 RTR With Mojave II Body Set

Have you been wanting to pull the trigger on a new scale crawler? If so, have a look at this gem, the new Marlin Crawlers TF 2 RTR with Mojave II Body Set from RC4WD. This Marlin Crawlers edition truck is absolutely loaded with scale realism from bumper to bumper. Featuring a bobbed bed, custom bumpers, and a large MC [...]


RC4WD Roll Bar Install

Hopping Up The RC4WD TF2 LWB – PART 3

The next mod in our Hopping Up The RC4WD TF2 LWB series is great for new hobbyists. For this installment we decided to install a new Roll Bar to the bed of our test truck. Adding a roll bar can accomplish several things on a trail rig. It can help increase scale realism, it gives you a place to mount [...]


RC4WD Trail Finder 2 RTR Chevrolet Blazer Body

RC4WD Trail Finder 2 RTR With Chevrolet Blazer Body

Whoa, what’s this? Perhaps the trickest RTR scaler in the world? Have a look at the Limited Edition Trail Finder 2 RTR with Chevrolet Blazer body set from RC4WD. While most RTRs from RC4WD are loaded with massive amounts of scale detailing, the Limited Edition Blazer comes with even more cool upgrade parts than usual. Take a look at some [...]



Hopping Up The RC4WD TF2 LWB – Part 1

With more people jumping into the scale crawling world every day, we have decided to do a series of hop-up articles for new people to the genre. We are taking a very popular starter truck, an RC4WD Trail Finder 2 LWB RTR, and making some easy mods. These will be mods that are common for the scale scene and are [...]


RC4WD Wood Flatbed TF2 Mojave II LWB

RC4WD Wood Flatbed For The TF2 Mojave II Four Door

RC4WD is all about the ultimate in scale realism, as well as the ultimate in customization. To give your TF2 Mojave II Four Door a totally custom look, RC4WD has announced a new Wood Flatbed. Yes, it uses Real Wood along with ABS plastic and hand welded stainless steel parts to give you the intricate scale detailing that you crave. * [...]



RC4WD Trail Finder 2 LWB Mojave II RTR Review

Scale crawling gets bigger every day. What was once a small niche, is suddenly the hottest product segment in rc. And while hardcore scalers demand a kit to alter and modify as they build, a lot of the new people entering the scale movement come from the ready to run world, or simply don’t have the time to build a [...]


RC4WD Trail Finder 2 LWB Kit Review

It’s been a while since our original TF2 review, but this time we are checking out the Trail Finder 2 LWB Kit from RC4WD. If you have been itching for a new kit to build (And lets face it, not too many companies making true kits anymore) you should consider the latest one from RC4WD. How was the build? Hows [...]


RC4WD Tough Armor Steel Side Sliders for Trail Finder 2 LWB

RC4WD Tough Armor Steel Side Sliders For The TF2 LWB

Looking for a trick set of side sliders for your Trail Finder 2 LWB? If so, RC4WD has just announced a set for your rig. The Tough Armor Steel Side Sliders have a legit look and are made to stand the test of time. Constructed out of sturdy stainless steel, they feature a black powder coated finish that is corrosion [...]


RC4WD Tough Armor Front Winch Bumper TF2 Chevy Blazer

RC4WD Tough Armor Front Winch Bumper For The TF2/Chevy Blaze…

Add a snazzy piece of scale realism to your TF2/Chevy Blazer with a new Tough Armor Front Winch Bumper from RC4WD. Priced at $59, the Tough Armor bumper is high on scale realism and can give your truck a gnarly new look. The bumper is made from CNC machined aluminum, then finished with a black powder-coat. * Hand welded * Heavy duty [...]


RC4WD - TF2 Blazer Giveaway

RC4WD TF2 Blazer Giveaway

Want to win a new scaler? Better yet, an extremely trick, customized rig? The hard working guys over at RC4WD have announced that they are giving away a custom Trail Finder 2 with a Blazer body set. The TF2 comes with one of RC4WD’s scale realistic Chevy Blazer bodies, as well as one of their scale V8 engines. There is [...]


SSD Trail Finder 2 Winch Bumper

SSD Winch Bumper For The Trail Finder 2 Blazer

New from SSD is a Winch Front Bumper for the RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Blazer. The bumper has realistic styling to give your TF2 Blazer a tough new look. The bumper has been CNC machined from aluminum and is anodized in black for a proper scale appearance. * Direct fit on the Trail Finder 2 Chevy Blazer * Easily fits winch without [...]


Danny Huynh RC4WD Video

Video - Danny Huynh Custom RC4WD Trail Finder 2 W/ Beast II …

The world famous custom rc car guru Danny Huynh has released a new video featuring one of his latest builds. The new video showcases a custom RC4WD Trail Finder 2 with Predator Tracks and a Beast II body. When watching the video you’ll get to see the “beast” in action with all its unique features and twisted detailing. Danny’s imagination [...]