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Duratrax TrakPower TK-955 Soldering Station

New Soldering Stations From Duratrax

After showing off some new Monster Truck Tires a couple of weeks ago, Duratrax has now dropped a pair of Soldering Stations. The higher-end unit is the Duratrax Trakpower TK-955, which is a digital unit at the $109 price point. The second unit is the Duratrax Trakpower TK-950 which is priced at just $79. Both units have more than enough [...]


Chi Town Shootout 2017

Chi-Town ShootOut Coming March 2-5

Coming up on March 2-5 is the 2017 Chi-Town ShootOut at Leisure Hours R/C Raceway in Joliet Illinois. The Chi-Town ShootOut has been an extremely popular race and takes place on one of the best indoor tracks in the entire country. The four day event is sponsored by companies like Futaba, TrakPower, and Duratrax, and some of the best racers [...]


Team O.S. and TrakPower Sign the Drakes

The Drakes Sign With Team O.S. And TrakPower

Hobbico has announced that they have signed Adam and Ronda Drake to their O.S. Engines and TrakPower factory teams. The Drakes are well known in racing circles not just for their speed, but also for being good ambassadors for the sport of rc racing. The next time you hit up a big nitro race, keep an eye out for the [...]


2016 Futaba Nitro Challenge

Event Coverage – 2016 Futaba Nitro Challenge

Like most bashers, even the BigSquidRC crew dabbles in racing from time to time. Over the weekend, one of the biggest nitro races in the Midwest took place, the 2016 Futaba Nitro Challenge. The Futaba Nitro Challenge was held at one of the best outdoor tracks in the country, St Louis Dirtburners, and had right around 250 entries. Racers from [...]


Hobbico Friends and Family

Hobbico Friends And Family RC Sale

Now through March 15th, save big cash during the Hobbico Friends And Family RC Sale. The savings can be found on a bunch of different Hobbico products available right now at your friendly local hobby shop. Here is the official press release from Hobbico- “Get ready for good times with your modeling buddies. During the Friends and Family sale, you’ll all enjoy [...]


TrakPower LiPo Batteries

New LiPo Batteries from TrakPower

Over the last couple of years we’ve used a lot of TrakPower LiPo Batteries around the office, typically with great results. TrakPower has just announced some new options in their battery line-up that feature new heat resistant materials to limit swelling in high temperature applications. Some of the new packs are rated for 50C discharge, others are listed at 100C, [...]


TrakPower TK955 Review

Product Spotlight - TrakPower TK955 Digital Soldering Statio…

To get a job done right it is always best to have the right tool. RC hobbyists sure do a lot of solder work so it only makes sense to invest in a good soldering station. One of the newest digital soldering stations on the market is the TrakPower TK955. We’ve spent a few weeks putting it through the ringer and [...]


TrakPower Digital Solder Station

TrakPower TK955 Digital Solder Station

The TrakPower crew has announced a new high-zoot Digital Solder Station. As you can see in the picture, the TK955 comes with an easy to read digital display which shows selected temperature, heating status and alerts. * 5 yr limited warranty on control unit, 1 yr on iron * Comes with iron stand & sponge * Power- 60 watts * Includes chisel and [...]


TrakPower LiPo 2S 7.4V 5800mAh 90C

TrakPower 7.4V 90C 5800mAh Square LiPo

Square LiPo Packs are becoming more common in the 10th scale buggy scene and TrakPower has a new pack for that application. You see, square packs are advantageous because they have less connections than saddle packs and because they help provide optimal weight distribution. For power, the new TrakPower square LiPo features a 90C discharge rate and is rated at [...]


TrakPower 90C LiPo Batteries

TrakPower 90C LiPo Batteries

TrakPower has announced new 90C discharge LiPo packs. The 90C discharge rate gives more power than previous TrakPower offerings and they come in a wide variety of sizes to fit your needs. All the packs come with a hardcase for more protection and are approved for ROAR sanctioned competition. The new 90C Trakpower packs include- TKPC0605 1S 3.7V 6500mAh 4mm TKPC0607 2S 7.4V [...]


TrakPower Lipo Review

Review – TrakPower 2S 70C 6800mAh Lipo Battery

THE TrakPower 7.4v 2S 70C 6800mAh Lipo Battery ReviewWhat makes for a good Lipo battery? That depends on what you are looking for, but most people look for excellent runtimes, lots of voltage, and a long cycle life. We’ve been using and abusing a TrakPower 2S 70C 6800 for a few months now. How does it stack up to the [...]


TrakPower MS Connect

TrakPower MS Connect ESC Programming Adapter

For all you TrakPower ESC owners, they have announced a new programming adapter called MS Connect. The MS Connect Adapter makes it easy to tap into all of your ESCs tuning options from your computer. * Plugs into your computers USB port * Allows you to load firmware updates to your TrakPower ESC * Allows you to set current limits and drag [...]


ElectriFly Triton Chargers

Special Offers on select ElectriFly, TrakPower, and O.S. pro…

The crew over at Hobbico have just announced a bunch of special offers on select products to save you some cash. The offers are good through December 31st. One of the offers is on TrakPower Brushless Systems and motors. When you buy a qualifying model of Trakpower brushless system you can then get a $50 merchandise certificate, and on qualifying models [...]


TrakPower TK60 Soldering Iron

TrakPower TK60 Soldering Iron and Accesories

TrakPower has an affordable new 60 watt iron called the TK60. The TK60 should have enough power for most of the soldering jobs you come across in the rc hobby and has a street price of only $15. The part number for the TK60 is #TKPR1000. To go with the TK60 soldering iron, TrakPower has announced a new deluxe iron holder [...]


TrakPower MS Series 8.5 Turn Racing Brushless Power System

Review- TrakPower MS Series 8.5 Turn Brushless Racing System

THE TrakPower MS Series 8.5 Turn Brushless Racing System ReviewWe reviewed the TrakPower 10.5 MS Series system a few weeks and found out it was indeed a high quality product. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the 8.5 turn version. Is it a lot faster than the 10.5? Is it the best sensored system money can buy? Hit [...]