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KO Propo Select Packs

KO Propo EX-2 Select Packs

Recently announced by KO Propo are two Select Packs for the EX-2 transmitter. The first Select Pack includes options like a wheel drop down extension unit and LCD Xpansion Unit. The second Select Pack also includes the wheel extension and LCD Xpansion Unit, but also adds the optional battery stand unit which allows the use of other rechargeable batteries. Want [...]


JConcepts Dirt-Tech Foam Grip

JConcepts Dirt-Tech Foam Steering Wheel Grip

Get a better handle on that steering wheel of yours with the new Dirt-Tech Steering Wheel Grip from JConcepts. The grip is made from the same foam used for closed cell tire inserts to give it a medium/firm feel. The outer diameter of the grip is said to be neutral (we guess that means a medium size) to fit a [...]


PPR Reptile Radio Wheel Grips – Lower Price

Remember a while back when we did a Product Spotlight on the PPR Reptile Radio Wheel Grips? If you don’t remember, or you missed it, you can check it out HERE. We just got word that they have lowered the price on them. You can head over to the official PPR Grips website to check them out. What’s great, is they [...]


Hiro Seiko Brake

Hiro Seiko Carbon Fiber Brake Disc Set

Some bashers could care less about their transmitters, while others run a high-end unit with all sorts of bling. If you are the bling type, Hiro Seiko has announced Carbon Fiber Brake Disc Sets to fit on their popular aluminum steering wheels. The brake disc set comes in 6 different colors and you can hit up the official Hiro Seiko [...]